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When husband and wife David and Barbara Freeman discovered they were going to be a part of corporate reorganizations, they looked for a business opportunity that would allow them to remain in Savannah. At Barbara’s behest, David got a job at Home Depot to see if retail would be a good fit, and they began to work on their business plan. Kitchenware Outfitters opened in March 2004, about six months after the Freemans began exploring their venture. Located in the Twelve Oaks Shopping Center in midtown Savannah, the store sees a wide range of local customers.
The Freemans looked at larger national kitchenware retailers like Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table for inspiration, taking away from Williams-Sonoma the need for high-end products. Another important step along the way to establishing Kitchenware Outfitters was a trip to Dallas for the Total Home & Gift Market in January, just before the store was to open. When envisioning the store, Barbara also took away expert advice from her days at Le Creuset. Cooking classes aren’t the only way Kitchenware Outfitters is allowing customers to see products in action. Because Savannah weather is suitable for nearly year-round barbecues, cookouts are regularly held at Kitchenware Outfitters, prominently featuring the Big Green Egg.
The heart of the Kitchenware Outfitters philosophy is having quality products that truly work and leave the customer satisfied, along with providing customer service that ensures satisfaction. Driving this point home are the quarterly knife sharpening events held at the store from which the proceeds are donated to charity. This story was originally published in the February 2015 issue of Kitchenware News, a publication of Oser Communications Group.

For Kitchenware Outfitters in Savannah, Georgia, it involves a decade-long presence of quality products, with the exceptional customer service to back it up. David hoped for an ice cream shop, but Barbara thought about her waistline and thought it might be better to use her experience as the chief financial officer for Le Creuset.
Barbara took care of the financial portion, and David used his degree in public relations and advertising to work on the marketing. From the very beginning, Barbara and David sought to achieve a welcoming atmosphere where any customer could shop and find quality products – no matter their budget.
From Sur La Table they adopted the “everyone-is-welcome” environment, along with a variety of price points. It was there that David met the late Joel McLendon through their Gourmet Catalog membership.
She recalled that the president of the company at the time had advised her that in his experience working with retailers, those who offered in-store cooking classes tended to have better business, because the classes are an excellent way to showcase products. The store offers complimentary Soup Wednesdays, held during the first three weeks of December. David typically takes the helm at these free events, spotlighting the barbecue tools and accessories which make up about 20 percent of Kitchenware Outfitters’ sales. In addition to six employees, Barbara and David work full time at the store, taking a very hands-on approach to their mission. Along with that knife, the customer needs to know how to properly clean it, how to store it and what surfaces to use it on in order to achieve a lifetime of use. In the past, charities such as Meals On Wheels and Ronald McDonald House have been recipients.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to offer cooking classes, in-store food demos, free soup, charity knife sharpening events, cookouts, a quarterly newsletter and an active social media presence.
David came from the world of corporate sales, but a retail kitchenware store was a definite transition for both of them. Three years after opening, the store had doubled in size, expanding from 2,000 square feet to 4,000 in 2007.
As the founder of The McLendon Company, Joel helped more than 500 people open their own retail businesses since the 1950s. What began as a way to make customers feel good about being in the store during the busy holiday season has also become an opportunity to showcase a variety of products. The Kitchenware Outfitters approach is closer to neighborly advice than high-pressure sales.
Local restaurant chefs, caterers, cookbook authors and professional cooking instructors teach the classes on a variety of subjects, from specific skills like braising to general topics like making an Italian dinner. Soup is made in stockpots, which are sold in the store: possibly All-Clad, Le Creuset or Swiss Diamond. Customers are offered sparkling water made with a SodaStream or regular tap water filtered with a Mavea water filter. Bread is made from scratch with an Emile Henry bread cloche and a Zojirushi bread machine, and butter is provided in a Butter Bell Crock.

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