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Kitchenware Records are Newcastle’s finest record company with a fantastic roster of artists from Editors to Prefab Sprout. Orillia Ontario is a few hours north of Toronto and the drive is pretty easy (and scenic) along the highways. As far as stock was concerned, the Orillia show had a fair selection of large furniture, primitives and art, with more selection in vintage collectibles, antique smalls, and textiles. The Midsummer show was a success for me as a buyer, and for me as a Canadian looking to spend a precious summer day outside. It didn’t help matters that this was also shaping up to be one of the hottest days of the year!
The few storage booths that were open had a decent assortment of stuff, as long as you weren’t looking for very old antiques. I originally intended to write this post with an Easter theme, and I think this adorable duck would have fit the bill perfectly (Oh that’s right.
I must mention that I had every intention of photographing my McCoy pottery out in the garden for a seasonal motif, but apparently Toronto weather did not get the memo about Spring. I thought I might dip my toe back into blog writing by introducing yet another of my collections – vintage McCoy pottery. As you can see, I haven’t actually planted anything in my planters, but rest assured these vintage beauties are fully functional.
Even if you’re not at the point of renovating the windows, McCoy pottery is still a very approachable and affordable brand to collect.
Don’t let the fear of knock-offs stop you from picking up one of these delightful pieces if you find one at an antique show or in your local SallyAnne.
The lovely Sirens return next week with the release of Stilettos – the first single from their 3rd album on Kitchenware Records. The first single STILETTOS was recorded in Copenhagen earlier this Summer with producers DeeKay (P Diddy, Lil Wayne, JLS, Sugababes). The fiery synth-charged number oozes with confidence and comes with remixes courtesy of Almighty, Jerome Isma-Ae, Ad Brown, DJQ and Chocolate Doll.
With a video directed by RAGE (most famous for his work with Diddy Dirty Money) and a campaign shoot by legendary rock photographer Kevin Westenberg, SIRENS are back and ready to roll. Sirens signed to Kitchenware records (Editors, Prefab Sprout, Karima Francis) in 2003 after selling their cars in Newcastle and sleeping rough in London to get demo time together for their first songs.
Tea & coffee 7.5" tall, pierced plates 8" diameter, salt, pepper, three lidded canisters [two with spoons] two jampts.
ARNEST was established on May 25 1981 by Kunio Suzuki to plan, manufacture and sell unique household items.We bring out 3 to 5 items every month and total number of our original items is over 1,000 by now.
Lots of people walking the aisles and having those intense, quiet conversations about potential purchases. You can’t beat looking at interesting items under sunny skies (bring a hat though, that sun is hot). This well established picking destination is composed of multiple group shops, storage unit stalls, and a sprawling flea market every Sunday year round.
We woke up a little late, but we only stopped at the border and for the obligatory road trip Egg McMuffin, and arrived around 11:00am.
The buildings at Antique World are probably where you will find the higher end stock, and the quality (and price) varies for each building.
3 Dogs had good quality primitive furniture, antique train sets, folk art and some nicely framed artwork and advertising. The flea market operates every Sunday year round, with extra large (and popular) flea markets the 1st Sunday of the month from May to October. I love this time of year so I thought I’d share some of my cheerful Spring coloured vintage McCoy pottery. It was made in pink, white and mint green with hand painted dogwood flower motif and a satin glaze.

There is a slight indentation from when the pottery was made on the upper right corner of the design. Check out the McCoy Pottery Collectors Society for great info including production dates and photographs of popular lines.
I hope to install narrow glass shelves on our dining room window and display some of my McCoy collection with plants.
McCoy started back in 1910 in as a sanitary and stoneware company in clay rich Zanesville, Ohio. Well, that’s actually a very old Scottish saying and nothing to do with pottery at all, but it does serve as a memorable warning about McCoy knock offs.
Great photos of her vast collection, as well as collecting tips and historical information.
Inspired by Northern Soul patches of the 1970’s but hand drawn, stencilled and sprayed, each release carries a different logo.We have designed identities and packaging for many bands on the label, perhaps most famously we worked with Editors to design artwork for their breakthrough first singles and platinum-selling debut album. Clarence is a short drive over the US border (crossing at Niagara Falls), so we figured it would be a great destination on a beautiful summer weekend. We found what was left of the flea market pretty uninteresting but there were enough almost promising things that I think you could find some treasures if you came early. There was furniture in every style from Victorian, to turn of the century farmhouse, to 1980s bamboo. I love these planters not only because they are attractive, but because they have attached bottoms for easy use (I promise I’ll put plants in them one day).
I love the idea of having partial privacy from the planters, while at the same time allowing light to filter into the room. The wares first made by the company were more utilitarian in nature, but then in the 1930s they began to market more decorative pieces for the home.
Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to The New Collector with specific direction to the original content.
They’ve now sold millions of records all over the world and they still use the aesthetic we developed with them.
There weren’t many places to sit, but the building and tents did offer a reprieve from the sun. I remember driving out with my parents while the sun was still down, arriving at a field still damp with dew, setting up, and starting a long and often very hot day. Some dealers were very specialized so you could find, say, a booth full of pressed glass or postcards, but most dealers had mixed offerings in their particular style.
I have a soft spot for vintage McCoy planters and I found multiple dealers with McCoy I just had to bring home. Many of the tables were packing up, and empty spots were evidence that some had already left.
I did see a fair selection of toys, housewares, old postcards, jewellery, and collectibles like baseball cards. The downside is that if it’s a ridiculously hot day you are confined inside a small, airless tomb. One large area is set up in traditional booths, and the other large area has rows of display cases. One is two thirds the size of the other and I really like how the different sizes display as well. To sweeten my deal, the price also included a smaller rectangular planter from the same line. The plants should do well in the light and the shelves will be in a corner so they won’t be in the way.
Much like the Shiny Brite company, McCoy pottery became very popular with middle class families in the 1950s due to their quality workmanship and mass-produced price. Collectors who buy pieces worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars must carefully inspect the mark and the quality of the clay before purchase.

I wasn’t buying or selling in those days, of course, but I know from experience that these shows are hard work. If you were looking for something to catch your eye, you could probably find it on that field.
There were also a few antique smalls (including a set of lawn bowling bowls for Anson), but our most exciting purchase was a metal table with four chairs. I spoke to a dealer who told me that in the summer the action starts at 7am if not before, and that the first few hours are swarmed with buyers. Thankfully, within five minutes of looking I saw something – Vernonware in Tam O’Shanter pattern! I saw vintage Halloween and Christmas decorations (picked up some Shiny Brites for $2 – $3 each), old Barbie dolls, lamps and even large pieces of furniture. This large shop had chandeliers, fine furniture, and display cases with delicate porcelain – everything you think of when you think classic antique shop.
Between the deals at the flea market, to the mid range booths and high-end shops, there’s something for everyone. Many of the varieties had painted details on the face and ribbon, but I think my version was always just in one solid paint. There are so many types of McCoy pottery planters, and at so many prices, that they really are a fantastic way to bring vintage cheer into any home. I know this type of window shelving was more popular in the 1950s but there’s no reason not to revive the trend today if it fits your space! McCoy branched out from mugs and kitchen ware to include planters, cookie jars, jardines, wall pockets and vases. The marks varied throughout the years, and some items were never marked in the first place. If you are in doubt about making a substantial purchase, you can use the links below to help guide your decision. It’s always gratifying to see crowds and know the sellers have a good chance at sales. In one booth that had largely automotive items I found a set of 1970s glasses featuring Archie comics characters. I saw great vintage Sci-fi paperback novels, sports cards, kitchenware, small furniture, and comic books. I found a few items, including a vintage tea towel featuring a Caribbean theme with original tags. Marks can be convincingly replicated on reproductions, but what is harder to replicate is the heavy clay used in real vintage McCoy. I love Archie comics as much as Jughead loves hamburgers so the glasses were the next things to come home with me.
If there is one thing I love, it’s a tea towel that brings the fiesta to the kitchen. I collect pretty much exclusively the planters, but even in this one area I can easily find shapes ranging from flowers to animals, birds, fish and even boots. I was immediately drawn to curved legs, and I liked that the metal would be easy to maintain and store over the winter. The glazing might not be as expertly applied, or cover the proper amount of the surface as well. I’m also very happy that the show organizers provided someone to move the table and load it into our Nissan Versa.
Try to get your hands on some real ones and inspect them carefully to know what feels right.

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