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This The Dazzling With Kitchenware S Iron Chair be included on Kitchen Interior category, with original resolution 800 x 795 pixel. If your gift giving strategy includes finding the hottest new kitchenware gadgets and gizmos that won’t break the bank, this list is for you. Whether cooking pizzeria-style pizzas on your back patio or whipping them up while camping or tailgating, this portable pizza party from renowned culinary tool company, Sur La Table, will duly impress with flawless pizzas in as little as five minutes. The Pizzeria Pronto portable pizza oven runs on propane, is easy to assemble and disassemble, and preheats in just ten minutes. Stay on the cutting edge of everything that needs to be sliced and diced by adding the AnySharp Plus knife sharpener to the gift list this year—even if the gift recipient is you. The Savora Oil Mister is a great help for healthy non-stick cooking, baking, grilling, roasting and basting, and for dressing salads, vegetables, and more. Not only is it a practical addition to the kitchen, it has a striking design that is made with a reservoir that has been engineered using BPA-free Eastman Tritant, which is more impact-resistant than glass. Merilee Kern, Executive Editor of “The Luxe List” International News Syndicate, is a lifestyle, leisure and consumer goods expert who reports on exemplary travel experiences, extraordinary events and noteworthy products and services at all price points – from the highly affordable to the luxury extreme. Founded in 2007, STRATEGY Magazine, LLC, a media firm based in Atlanta, has grown to become the go-to resource for total life strategies.
This is one of the best examples of upcycling that I’ve come across! Japanese designers Kurasuhito Kurasutokoro and Yusuke Komatsu turn leftover scraps of veggies and fruits into functional kitchenware, ranging from cookbook placeholders to chopstick rests. Custom PublicationWomen Making a MarkSpotlighting twelve exceptional women who have left—and continue to leave—their mark on so many. Style & SubstanceThe spring issue of Atlanta Magazine's HOME shows off fresh takes on traditional decor. Custom PublicationSouthbound magazine, the newest ancillary title from the publishers of Atlanta magazine, showcases the top travel destinations in the Southeast. Georgia offers diverse places to see and things to do, from the mountains in North Georgia to the coasts of Savannah and The Golden Isles. 50 Best RestaurantsHere we rank the city’s best—power players who define our dining culture, impress us consistently, and leave us hungry for more long after we pay the check.
Let the feast begin!Ponce City Market GuideFood hall favorites, shopping tips, and sneak peeks into the upper floors of the development transforming Atlanta’s east side. Seal of ApprovalOur annual guide to the best restaurants, shops, services, and entertainment our city has to offer.

Antique Appliances is one of the only companies in the country that refurbishes refrigerators and gas and electric stoves produced before 1960. The products are retrofitted to be code compliant for safety but otherwise stay true to their periods in the way they function, with no modern bells and whistles. Prices vary depending on wear and tear, with finished pieces falling between $3,800 and $50,000, he says. Antique Appliances, which uses white-glove service Vintage Transport for door-to-door domestic pickups and deliveries, typically has about 20 projects in the works at any given time, staying booked at least a year in advance.
This incredible outdoor oven includes many innovative features, including dual cordierite stones, a reflective heat shield, and a moisture vent that delivers mouth-watering pizzas every time.
And, once one pizza is done, the oven is immediately ready for another; so you can churn out pizza pies for the whole group lickety split.
The item, perfect for patio grilling in apartments and condos where propane or charcoal are not allowed, cooks up fast and easy meals in under 20 minutes.
After all, a sharp knife not only makes slicing, dicing, cutting, julienning, and chopping easier, but it is also safer as the knife is less likely to slip while in use. Cooks can easily control the amount of oil used with the non-aerosol, non-chemical, and propellant-free mister. She keeps her finger on the pulse of what’s trending across all leisure and lifestyle-related product, service and travel categories to inform, enlighten and entertain. Connecting readers with the experts, products, services, and success stories they need to live life with purpose is that for which the firm and its publications have become best known. They use a traditional copper distressing technique, so these pieces will continue to evolve the longer they are used. The end result is both beautiful and useful. Plus, Eddie Ross does Scott Antique Market, and a look inside author James Farmer's Perry home. We visit idyllic small towns and exciting cities in search of outstanding vacation opportunities. Jowers got into the antique appliance repair in the 1990s.Photograph by Gregory MillerThey don’t make them like they used to, but some guys in North Georgia can restore them to their former glory. If the kitchen is the heart of a home, with its remembered aromas and apron-ties to the past, imagine the nostalgic appeal of reinstating your grandmother’s fixtures or lending authentic period details to an old fixer-upper without sacrificing function. Customers become familiar with forgotten skills like defrosting a freezer or lighting gas burners with a match.Photograph by Gregory MillerPhotograph by Gregory MillerJowers’s father founded the company in 1948 as a mom-and-pop radio shop, eventually expanding as a vendor of General Electric products until the 1990s, when Jowers began to think retro.

Antique Appliances works with an international clientele—including customers in Singapore and Dubai. The company’s handiwork can be seen at the Swan House at the Atlanta History Center, and it furnished the 1896 oak icebox used in the Hunger Games series.
It features the proprietary George Touch Nonstick Coating so no butter or oil is necessary. The quick and easy AnySharp Plus, which uses tungsten carbide sharpening technology, will hone virtually any knife, whether it has a hard anodized or serrated blade.
It comes with a 10-year guarantee and is an eco-friendly product available in kitchen decor-friendly casings of grey or carbon fiber. Also owner of a thriving communications agency, Merilee is the very definition of a renaissance woman: a savvy entrepreneur, media personality, radio talk show host, author, journalist, publicist, health advocate and proud mother of two. The barbecue has disappeared from its foil pans, and PBR empties crowd the barrel-mounted octagonal tabletops. The company, based in Clayton, has restored ovens from the 1800s, so conceivably you could cook on the range your ancestor used.Photograph by Gregory Miller“A lot of our business comes from people who inherit a home and find some ancient appliance stashed in the basement,” says owner John Jowers, estimating that 85 percent of his projects involve commissioned restoration. Some of the company’s most popular items are the GE Monitor Top refrigerators, which were mass-produced from 1927 to 1937. Variable temperature control helps to cook foods with just the right amount of heat for precise results every time. It is the world’s only knife sharpener with a patented PowerGrip suction cup, which attaches securely to any smooth surface, eliminating slipping and jamming. Featuring the Micromist insert, which is engineered to optimize airflow and liquid mixture for a finer mist, the Savora Oil Mister has a no-clog filtering system. But Eddie Tigner, four hours into his birthday show, has no plans to wind down for the night. Up until 1960, the components of appliances were designed to be maintained and repaired, so we work with the existing parts that are already in the appliances—scrubbing, refinishing, rewiring, replating the chrome, rebuilding the thermostat.

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