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Wingreat Cutlery Co.,Ltd is a China knife manufacturer which specializing in kitchen knife for home and for chefs and butchers use in restaurant.
XO Project : Extraordinary Kitchenware by Fatih Aslantas XO Project is basically an innovative and extraordinary kitchen set to ease everyone’s life in the kitchen. To debut the new 2016 products, World Kitchen took over a New York City townhouse and transformed it into a unique showcase of the latest and greatest kitchen product innovations, then brought more than 200 people to the house for a preview before March’s International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago. PRIME by Chicago Cutlery™: Launching in September 2016, these exceptional knives feature patented Responsive Touch Technology™ which responds to the contour and grip of your hand. Pyrex Gadgets: Coming this spring, Pyrex Gadgets help write the next chapter for an iconic kitchen brand. REVOL, the French serve-ware company founded in 1768 by Pierre and Madeleine Revol, opened the Georgia-based US distribution branch in 2005 offering high-end porcelain to the American market. REVOL’s first notable digital marketing event motivated customers to post pictures of themselves cooking with their REVOL products at #REVOLUSA10YEARS. The Arborescence Collection is the new table top line that is inspired by nature, with a range of dinner ware that is made out of porcelain, but maintains a natural, organic wood-grain finish. Another addition to REVOL’s offerings is the extension of its bakery line, Les Naturels Collection, with a new pie dish, square dish and Madeline mold. Early next year, REVOL is releasing the Color Lab Collection, a line of espresso and tea cups, snack boards, gourmet boards and board trivet kits. The high-end, porcelain line is not only being revealed to retailers, but to the food service industry as well, continuing the company’s expansion into the restaurant industry with celebrity chef-inspired ranges that complement REVOL serve-ware with gourmet food options and chef-inspired ideas that customers can try out at home.
REVOL is focused on the future with plans to grow on the success it has seen in the last year.
Minnesota Business Magazine collected nominations over a two-month period, and all nominations were reviewed by an external judging panel that consisted of industry experts across all professional platforms. Since 1946, Nordic Ware has steadily built its reputation as the world’s leading provider and innovator of cast aluminum products for your kitchen.
Nordic Ware believes aluminum is a superior alternative to all other cooking materials because of its excellent heat conduction properties.
For holiday and seasonal baking there are many bakeware options for customers to choose from, but not every customer will want to, or have the means to, invest in a piece of bakeware they will only use one month out of the year.
The newest introductions from Fat Daddio’s play to the layering trend in baking and also lend well to customization for the holiday season.
From Cake Boss, the 12-Cup Star Molded Cookie Pan and 6-Cup Mini Fluted Mold Pan are both everyday bakeware pieces that are also suitable for holiday baking. The Kosher Cook has bakeware that is suitable for the holidays and other celebrations throughout the year. Mastrad’s Gingerbread Silicone Pan may just be relegated to the holidays, but with a suggested retail price of $20, it’s affordable enough to add to an existing bakeware collection as a specialty pan. Finally, The Holiday Cookie Cutter Kit from Lekue gets bakers on the easy path to holiday cookies.
Adding up some music and dance with feasts is a traditional matter since music eases the tensions, sets the mood and ignites the spirit.
Made of platinum silicone, the perforated technology allows air to circulate under and around four mini-baguettes, which bake to a golden brown in the conventional oven. A rich history combined with its focus on global innovation ensures that World Kitchen’s newest products will meet consumer demands in the ever-changing home and kitchen space.
Featuring a striking, serve-ready design, this lightweight bakeware is an alternative to traditional ceramic, with oven-to-table functionality and superior non-stick performance for easy cleaning. Building on 100+ years of trust and innovation, this line was designed to simplify cooking tasks, by saving prep time and valuable drawer space.

Da Silva admits that while three or four years ago the company had some slight difficulties, that changed as the company has moved into big channel stores, as well as staying supportive of smaller retailers, while dedicating more time to growing its e-commerce business.
This line is both rustic and elegant, and nothing similar to this line has ever been created so far, explains Da Silva. Influenced by the company’s mantra of “bake differently” these new baking dishes are nonporous—preventing them from absorbing fats, odor or bacteria. This hand-glazed line of serve-ware sports a selection of colors created in the company’s color-laboratory. According to Da Silva, food service providers are using Arborescence when presenting stylized dishes, along with other lines the company offers. While the company relied heavily on word-of-mouth advertising last year, this year will see more online and offline events with a focus on local, not global. According to the Department of Employment and Economic Development, manufacturing provides more than 292,000 jobs and contributes $37 billion to the state’s economy.  Minnesota Business Magazine reports that is why they went in search of the best and brightest manufacturers for their 2015 Manufacturing Awards. The company believes in producing sturdy, no-nonsense heirloom-quality pieces at a great value to customers. Luckily, many everyday baking pans and molds can also be used for special holiday celebrations by simply sprucing up the results with festive decorations. The Wild Inside Baking Set gives bakers the tools to easily create layer cakes or cakes with a surprise in the center. The nine-piece set includes an 8-by-12-inch sheet pan that is 1.5 inches deep, along with eight removable dividers. The pans are heavy-duty carbon steel designed with rolled edges to provide added strength and resist warping.
Anderson’s Baking® Steamed Pudding Mold will create a traditional steamed Christmas pudding, or any other type of steamed pudding year-round. The flexible pan is made from non-stick silicone for easy release and makes four gingerbread men and four candy canes at a time.
The kit includes five different cookie cutters, a shaker of golden Christmas sanding sugar, a booklet of recipes and decorating tips, 20 printed holiday themed papers and stickers, and a holiday tin. On the other hand, dance and movement helps your appetite up, thus food tastes more appetizing than ever. Lebedev Studio is a private design firm, which provides advanced engineering, graphic, and web and interface drawings.
With a selection of dinner, dessert and bread plates, cups, bowls and mugs, along with coupe and rectangular plates, they each come in Ivory (off-white), Licorice (black) and Pepper (black and white). Coming in colors such as Creme and Sesame Grey, the baking dishes are an elegant oven-to-table solution for home bakers wanting to impress guests. Color options include Citrus Yellow, Capucine Orange, Amaranth Red, Fjord Blue, Stratus Grey and Celadon Green.
According to REVOL, this has magnified the culinary creations of independent chefs and stars of the industry.
This is intentional since the company wants to maintain healthy growth and not balloon too quickly. Nordic Ware remains loyal to the American workforce that is still making its products in Nordic Ware’s Minneapolis factory just as they have been doing for nearly 70 years. Complementing existing bakeware collections with an inexpensive seasonal item is another option that will help customers get the most out of holiday baking. The set consists of one 10-inch round outside layer pan and three 7-inch inside layer pans. They also feature long-lasting nonstick that resists wear, offers superb release of baked goods and makes cleanup after baking quick and easy.

The professional-quality aluminum pan has a large 1.6-liter capacity and a lid that seals in moisture. The metal pan is about 11 inches in diameter with a recessed impression of the star on the bottom to give the resulting creations detail and provide a guide for decorating. A recipe is included and the shapes can be decorated in a holiday theme for a winter project that will keep the whole family busy.
Orchestra Kitchenware will provide you a brilliant harmony like an orchestra by featuring the required hidden communications and understanding among musicians that goes beyond exchanging words.
They provide most easy, elegant and suitable solution to any […]12M Houseboat Features Excellent Living Environment on the Sea The 12M houseboat concept has been innovatively designed with the logic of a catamaran, aiming to give the usual houseboat a non-conventional look with great functionalities. Tenaya Da Silva, National Sales and Marketing Manager of REVOL, attests to the company’s success and notes that 2015 has been one of the best years in retail and growth for the company – something the company intends on continuing. This high-end line is microwave safe, dishwasher safe and can be used as a placement or serving piece.
The round outside layer pan has a depression in the middle so that after baking the 7-inch layers can be placed in that space or it can be left hollow. The Stax Pan allows bakers to create checkerboard and Battenberg style cakes with less waste and cutting. The Star Molded Cookie Pan has deep cavities and a ridge in the middle so that the baked results have height and look layered. The non-stick pan is oven and freezer safe so users can create everything from a cake, jello mold, ice cream cake, rice crispy treat, to a casserole.
The printed papers can be folded up like envelopes and sealed with a sticker and cookie inside.
This kitchenware will surely renovate your meals into an engaging and enjoyable experience. With the set, the user can make cakes filled with treats, like a pinata, or ice cream cakes and Maryann style cakes.
Give the cakes custom holiday flavors, like eggnog or gingerbread, or simply decorate to match a special New Year’s party theme. The tin could also be filled with freshly baked cookies and gifted, or used to store the cookie cutters throughout the year. Decorate with powdered sugar for a winter effect that is holiday appropriate, or go all out and add colored icing and frosting. Holiday hosts can impress guests with their old school knowledge of the traditional dessert that is presented topped with flaming brandy for a memorable meal.
Two of the muffins could be attached together back-to-back with frosting to create a three-dimensional Star of David. The holiday shapes include a Christmas tree, gingerbread man, ornament, snowflake and snowman.
The layers could be colored red and green for holiday flare, or the cake could simply be decorated in a holiday theme for an impressive cake that can be modified to celebrate different occasions year-round. The Mini Fluted Mold Pan creates individual cakes that bakers could decorate and give for the holidays or even try using as an alternative to the traditional fruit cake mold.
Single-serving Bundt cakes look especially festive when topped with a simple glaze drizzled over the top.

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