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The shape and size of kitchen knives vary depending on their use and the type of food for which they are intended. Knife with a wide range of uses, from cutting large pieces of meat to chopping fresh herbs. Baking: refers to the production of cakes, cookies and other usually sweet comestibles made from cooked dough, pastry or batter. Utensil made of several curved and intersecting steel wires used to blend, beat or whip liquid and semiliquid ingredients. Mechanical device with two whisks activated by a crank handle; it is used to beat liquid and semiliquid ingredients.
Device with silk or nylon bristles at one end, used to coat, brush or glaze pastries, or to grease baking pans. Fitted with interchangeable nozzles that are filled with icing, it is used to decorate baked goods and molded desserts.

Hemispheric receptacle made of marble, porcelain or hardwood in which certain foods can be ground with a pestle. Usually heavy instrument whose short handle extends into a head; it is used mainly to grind seeds, dry ingredients and garlic. Rectangular pan with low sides, usually made of aluminum, used for baking cookies, cakes and other pastries that do not require molding.
Metal baking pan whose bottom, and sometimes its side, come apart so the contents can be removed more easily. Peep into any kitchen in India, and you will see an array of utensils used to prepare various dishes. Instrument comprising interchangeable cutting blades inserted in a frame; it slices vegetables in different ways, depending on the blade used. Instrument that can roll out and cut pasta dough into different shapes with its removable blades.

Instrument with a knife and interchangeable disks used to grind meat; the perforations in the disks determine the size of the grind. Whether to roll a simple Roti or cook an elaborate cuisine, Kitchens of India bring to light how Indian utensils have evolved over the years not forgetting their essential purpose.
They are used in prayer services and also make excellent gifting solutions for Indian marriages - it's one way to helping someone set up their home.

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