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Good Grips Individual Utensils have a large soft, cushion grip that keeps the utensil in the handa€“even when wet!
Good Grips Utensils have a soft, cushion grip that keeps the utensil in the handa€“even when wet!
These large, easy-to-hold handles are made of a rubber-like material, with flexible ribbing thata€™s comfortable to hold and adapts to any grip. This is particularly true in the kitchen, where many appliances and accessories are available in materials such as stainless steel and chrome. Some kitchens bathe themselves in metal, while others stick with a few key accents to make a shiny statement. Today we explore the many ways that metal can enhance your culinary space.As you browse the pictures below, check out the details.
Sometimes a small accessory on the counter or a kitchen island canister can enhance a room in the largest of ways. That’s why our first batch of images features an array of metallic surfaces, from cabinetry to drawers.

The space below keeps things modern with glass and stainless steel lining the sides of the room. Note how the gleaming metallic surfaces in this kitchen are a striking contrast to stone walls with a weathered look. Once again, we see metal and glass cabinets overhead, which are a nice contrast to the room’s solid metal drawers.
It’s unexpected, and it creates a clean, shiny surface, especially when juxtaposed with white cabinetry.
Note how the metal countertops in the next image blend seamlessly with the room’s stainless steel oven.
We begin with a stainless steel kitchen island in a room created by Eminent Interior Design.
Not only does a Parsons-style construction give this piece a clean-lined modern look, the shiny surface is a wonderful contrast to the wooden features of the room.Kitchen island in custom wrapped stainless steelBelow we see a stainless steel kitchen island, as well as a modern table with a stainless steel base. These pieces are the shiny focal points in a room featuring an abundance of wooden surfaces, from flooring to cabinetry. [from Eminent Interior Design] Metallic decor in a contemporary kitchenYes, even stainless steel chairs get the job done.

Striking, shiny and modern, don’t you think?!Sink with a chrome kitchen faucetMetallic lighting is a great way to make a reflective statement. The brushed finish on the industrial lighting below is perfect for this small earthy space. Also note how the pendant lighting elevates the style of this abode, proving that a couple of powerful accents can make all the difference. In addition, the curved domes of the lighting add a charming element to the space, keeping the look from seeming too mechanical.
For example, the kitchen below from Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design features a shiny accent in the form of a tea kettle that rests on the stove. We hope these homeowners kept the kettle out on that stove well after the last cup of tea was served.Chrome teapot as a decorative accent Have you added metallic style to your culinary space?

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