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The Beginning: Early 20th CenturyAlberta Dairy Supplies was founded in 1916 by Robert Morris, who came to Edmonton from the US as an engineer to work on the construction of the High Level Bridge. To start a business required funds beyond those of an out-of-work construction engineer, so Alberta Dairy Supplies recruited prominent Edmonton businessmen to invest in return for shares. The need for a business such as Alberta Dairy Supplies was due to the way the dairy market worked in the first half of the 20th century.
Dairy production was very localized with each small town having their own independent dairy shop where shoppers would buy their milk and dairy products. The Great Depression and WWIIDespite the Great Depression of the late 1920s and the 1930s, Alberta Dairy Supplies expanded East across the Prairies into both Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
Once Alberta Dairy Supplies expanded into British Columbia in the 1930s, they changed their name to Dairy Supplies Limited, as they felt customers in these provinces might not like doing business with an Alberta based company. The dairy industry remained strong throughout the 1930s and 40s, with independent dairies and creameries growing and using Dairy Supplies Limited as their primary supplier. After WWIIAfter the post-war boom, General Manager George Ross realized he needed help running the business, and brought aboard Pete Rice in the mid 1950s.
In 1957, George and Pete were approached by John Kappus to become a dealer for Taylor Soft Serve Freezers manufactured in Rockton, Illinois. 1960's: Everything ChangesThen in the 1960s, the dairy industry began to change quickly and dramatically. Suddenly dairy was produced in one center and transported to each town and city, as opposed to produced in each town and city.
While all this was happening, a new restaurant chain in California called McDonalds was beginning to revolutionize the way prepared food was sold, and they were expanding rapidly.
Dairy Supplies Limited had a difficult decision to make: either stay the course in the shrinking dairy industry or chart a new path serving restaurants and convenience stores. Near the same time, George Ross had taken ill and had begun to be succeeded by his son Jim. 1980's, 90's and now: Where DSL is TodayThe 1980s were both a challenging and exciting time for DSL.
Having experienced tremendous growth in the food service industry, the 1990s were a time for DSL to focus of strengthening as a distributor. All this hard work seemed to pay off, as DSL was the number one distributor for Henny Penny in 1990, 91, and 93. Moving into the new millennium and beyond, DSL has continued to focus on developing the service component of the business. As DSL grew, the office spaces that the company had called home for a number of years became too small.

The rate of technological change during the past 10 years has been astounding, and has revolutionized the way that companies do business.
When Alberta Dairy Supplies was founded in 1916, milk was delivered by farmers and poured into glass jars from big canisters on the back of horse drawn wagons. Pete was an Edmonton accountant with an eye on the numbers and no allegiance to the dairy industry, which would soon prove important. Due to the size of these new mega-producers, they were able to buy supplies cheaper than Dairy Supplies Limited was.
Jim and Pete saw the writing on the wall: the dairy industry was shrinking, and food equipment supply was the way of the future. Jim and Pete concocted a plan to leverage everything they had and secure a bank loan to buy out the disgruntled shareholders, including George. At this time, Pete Rice was the company President, and along with Jim Ross further guided it down the path of becoming a leading food service equipment distributor.
After several moves throughout the decades, the Dairy Supplies headquarters in Edmonton moved to 14520 128 Avenue. Prior to this time, each branch had operated as a completely separate business, including having inventory, a financial department and separate management. DSL went from having no service to having service trucks and vans covering the entire Western part of Canada. In order to continue to provide service excellence, the number of PM and Service Technicians has increased. To allow DSL to continue to grow, the DSL Calgary and Winnipeg offices both changed locations in the early 2010’s. Taking advantage of these modernizations, DSL has implemented a number of technologies that will improve customer interactions with the company. As the foodservice industry has evolved, DSL has developed flagship programs to help our customers be more competitive. While building a packing plant, he suffered an injury that prohibited him from doing physical labor. Norman Terwillegar, after whom Terwillegar Park, Drive and Towne are named, and Senator James McKinnon, after whom the McKinnon ravine is named. These were Alberta Dairy Supplies’ customers, and as the dairy industry evolved to include vat pasteurizers, surface coolers, milk bottles, barn paint, milk strainers, coveralls, boots, barn fittings, testing equipment, chemicals and more. Taylor sold machines that allowed dairy shops to turn their milk into soft or hard ice cream. Dairy Supplies’ new partner Taylor was manufacturing products that were ideally targeted towards this new market.

At the time, these new restaurants and convenience stores seemed unlikely to grow and succeed. After the bank said yes, Jim and Pete took control of the business and began developing their food service equipment supply department.
Many of these functions were then centralized to the Edmonton office, with the other offices remaining as sales and service offices.
As with all aspects of DSL’s business, the service department was expected to be the best, including the best training, fastest response times, and the best geographical coverage.
There are now 70 personnel alert and ready to maintain and service equipment throughout Western Canada. Resources, essential documents and multimedia are all at the fingertips of technicians performing service. Programs such as Rainbow Slush and Ice Twister provide an excellent way for customers to add a unique food experience to their locations. He had noticed that there were dairies in Alberta in need of an equipment supplier, which led him to incorporate Alberta Dairy Supplies Limited. Because Dairy Supplies Limited was the dominant dairy supplier in Western Canada, Taylor asked them to become their Western Canadian distributor.
Not ones to fret over the potential disaster, Jim and Pete were back in business in a temporary office by noon the following day. This represents a nearly two fold increase in the number of technicians since the early 2000’s. DSL Calgary’s test kitchen is an incredible space dedicated to ensuring a positive, modern and professional experience for customers.
Alberta Dairy Supplies’ original office was located across from the historic Hotel MacDonald in downtown Edmonton in a lean-to wooden shack.
We have done this as we strive to continually improve response times and the availability of service. The Winnipeg office is the next test kitchen to be completed, and will feature the same excellence customers have come to expect from our current kitchens.
Within 6 months they had a brand new head office built, which is the head office of DSL to this day.

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