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The restaurant supply store contains aisles of pots and pans, knives and ladles, soup kettles and popcorn poppers.
Love the restaurant supply stores … have not needed to search out our local here near DC. Like with everything else, you need to know what you need, how it is going to be used, and how long you want it to last … then, make an informed decision.
My mom would drag us kids to Upick farms and we would spend all morning picking and then all afternoon making jam. Man, I can already imagine how beat up aluminum pans would be after a few days, let alone a few months. However I definitely agree that if the choice is between commercial and low-end home cookware, for utility, the commercial cookware is a much better bet since a thick aluminum pan conducts heat much better than the flimsy materials they use on cheap cookware. Actually, come to think of it, we haven’t been in Sur la Table since we discovered Surfas.
I get some of my kitchen supplies from Big Lots actually, which is the same price or cheaper than a restaurant supply store. Also, the average cook isn’t doing a whole lot with their knives that NEED an insane edge.
I myself have one expensive knife for myself, and another cheaper knife that I have set out for others. My husband and I own a restaurant (he’s the chef) and you really need to shop prices, like anything else. I would say that buying a stack of hotel pans and a half dozen stainless steel bowls would work for any cook. We have our knives sharpened professionally but also use bulk knives for day to day chores. I fear that going to a store like that might be even more tempting than going to a Williams-Sonoma or similar store. It’s also worth noting that Sur la Table is not the only nor the best source of supplies for the home cook.

Mark Bittman had an article in the New York Times a few years back about how to outfit your kitchen for $200-300 at a restaurant supply store. I buy quite a bit at the restaurant supply store in Boston (Eastern Bakers Supply in the North End). If you were comparing to Walmart supplies, then yes, you’re getting about the same quality stuff. The reason you don’t find that stuff in real kitchens is the amount of use and abuse restaurant equipment goes through. Step inside a kitchen at a restaurant like TGI Fridays, and you’ll see the stuff from the restaurant supply store.
While he’s living the high life in Equatorial Guinea, his wife Jolie (the artist behind my Kermit painting) is left to entertain herself here in Portland. It has bulk toothpicks and cases of coffee mugs, 55-cup rice cookers and 15-cup rice cookers, and…well, just about anything you might use in a restaurant. In fact, although I don’t have the stats to verify this, I suspect you can buy commercial-grade equipment at the restaurant supply store for the same price you could pick up the consumer stuff at your local kitchen cabana.
Well, since we were killing an afternoon, we decided to swing by the nearby Sur la Table to see what some of these things usually go for. Savings interest rates may be low, but that is all the more reason to shop for the best rate. That what I use to take apart birds and remove the back bone, the extra weight makes going through joints and cartilage easier. If they’re going to break down anyways, why pay the premium to last only a little longer? A couple of the items are identical between the stores, and several others are probably indistinguishable – like the citrus zester.
Like this line where he compares something made of steel to plastic “Not everything was cheaper at the restaurant supply store, however. Honing prior to use is more than enough for the average cook as their knife skills are high enough to notice a difference.

I typically notice a decline in performance in about 3 months and sharpen them at that time myself. You can get every gadget you need, even very good quality, if you keep checking and don’t have to have it right away. The average home cook would sharpen their knives every 6 months to a year, where as restaurants should be sharpening them in a couple weeks and maybe a month tops.
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Adding all that storage to my apartment kitchen has enabled me to buy a lot more kitchen stuff (only some of which is Stuff).
In the home kitchen, aesthetics is more important because most people don’t want to keep rusted stuff around, so you need higher grade material to resist corrosion more to prevent rusting. The additional cost of higher quality raw material wouldn’t end up saving the restaurant any money, unless you go to the very high end stuff. The gadgets at the restaurant supply store are the sorts of things that real-life food professionals might find handy. I do buy all my non-stick cookware at the restaurant supply since the non-stick surface doesn’t last forever no matter how much you pay. And if the cute plastic avocado slicer is the only one available at a high-end kitchen store, then it is fair to note that they don’t carry less-expensive alternatives. My other favorite thing from the restaurant supply store is the huge selection of Cambro containers.
I used to love my tray when I worked as a busboy, and I’ve often wished we had one for dinner parties and summer barbeques.
The two and four quart rectangular containers are really durable and useful, though probably not as cheap as rubbermaid.

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