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If you’re planning on building a commercial kitchen for your restaurant, facility or institution in the Watertown, NY area there is only one name you need to know for the best commercial kitchen equipment and supplies.
Call us and we’ll walk with you hand and hand to help with everything you’ll need to get your kitchen up and running. Beautifully finished in stainless steel, the slim 50 cm Hotpoint HAE51X Electric Cooker is your home cooking solution! Already added to cart sorry,for a reason unknown,temporarily china_dhgating can't take your order(s). Returns & Refund Guarantee details Buyers can receive a refund and keep the item(s) once the item(s) are not as described or possess any quality issues by negotiating directly with the seller. Note: Due to possible delay of exchange rate update, price in various currencies is for reference only.
The Philips Energy Efficient HD4644-60 Cordless Jug Kettle can help you save up to 66% more energy than standard kettles thanks to its one cup indicator, which means you only use the water you need.
In a sleek black finish, the Frigidaire cordless kettle will add impact and style to any kitchen environment. This sleek looking white Beko DC5422AW Electric Cooker delivers a well-rounded cooker a 4-ring ceramic hob with hob warning light for each heating zone, oven and a separate grill to look after all your cooking needs. Flavel's white ML5CDW Electric Cooker consists of a four-ring ceramic hob, twin-cavity oven and a separate, variable grill. Finished in a modern and sophisticated stainless steel, the Smeg SER60SGH3 Built-in FSD Gas Hob provides an attractive addition to today's modern kitchen. Providing a stylish and easy to use system the Whirlpool 613IX built-in electric hob is ideal for any kitchen environment. Create clean lines in your kitchen when you add the LOGIK LCPCKX11 Built-In Electric Single Oven and Hob to your decor. The black Samsung C61R2AEE Built-in Ceramic Hob features 4 halogen rings which will let you know exactly when the hob is hot – so there's no need to worry about accidental burns. The Indesit KD3E1AIR twin cavity electric cooker has an anthracite finish and comes with a separate 28-litre variable grill in the top cavity, with the bottom cavity being the main 58-litre capacity conventional oven.
Elegantly finished in a clean white, the Zanussi ZCE560DW Electric Cooker is a 50cm-wide electric cooker that is compact yet highly functional and will become any cook's best friend!
The Logik LBPCKX10 Built-in Electric Single Oven and FSD Gas Hob is a stylish two-piece combo. Slim and stylish at 50 cm and finished in pristine white, the New World ET50W Electric Cooker is an A-rated oven with separate grill and a four solid-plate burner hob.
The Hotpoint CRM641DC ceramic electric hob features 4 cooking zones with 12 power levels and heat indicators. This sleek silver Beko D532AS Electric Cooker comes with a 4-ring hob as well as a separate variable grill to look after all your cooking requirements. The modern lines of the Belling CRS60 Built-in Ceramic Hob and its chic black casing make it an ideal choice for modern kitchens.
The stunning VRM640X Built-in Ceramic Hob boasts side-mounted electronic controls and a black ceramic glass surface with stainless steel surround.
Please contact us for more information about our food service equipment and services available in Watertown, NY. Then, open the DHgate APP, and click on "Shopping Cart" or "My favorites" to find the product(s) you added.
The tough smiths knife sharpeners and smiths sharpeners are made of rust-resistant material. As well as this, the Philips Energy Efficient HD4644-60 Cordless Jug Kettle is a user-friendly kettle with a 360-degree rotational base, making it easy to fill up at the tap and fill up your mugs. The rainbow spotted JK 36966 Cone Shaped Cordless Kettle has 3000W of power and a 1.7 litre capacity to get your morning of to a flying start and it will brighten up any kitchen. With a 360? swivel base you can place the kettle in any direction, suiting left and right-handed users while the powerful 3kW rapid boil and concealed heating element ensure a quick cup of tea or coffee every time. The Beko DC5422AW Electric Cooker includes double-glazed viewing windows in each oven, an interior light in the main oven making your cooking experience much simpler. Eye-catching cooking space This ceramic hob provides great heat that makes cooking meals easy, with plenty of space for your pots and pans!
With stainless steel frame and cast-iron pan supports, this hob is both durable and will be easy to clean when the sauce or casseroles bubble over.
With 4 quick light zones the hob allows you to cook with different heat options simultaneously, perfect for boiling and frying your favourite foods.

The conventional oven has 4 functions to help you cook to perfection, and two shelves so you have plenty of room to cook. This single stainless steel multifunction electric oven has a generous capacity of 56 litres, meaning it can easily handle large meals.
Benefit from intuitive touch controls and 4 variously-sized cooking zones for added flexibility. The main oven of the KD3E1AIR includes 2 shelves, an internal light and has an energy rating of B. This double cavity cooker has a 48 litre capacity main oven and a 26 litre capacity separate grill. Sturdy and reliable, the ET50W offers 48 litres of capacity in its conventional main oven, along with wipe-clean enamel interiors for easy day-to-day maintenance. The sleek Ceramic Hob comes with 4-zones and 9 temperature stages, making heating food safe and simple, while operation couldn't be easier thanks to the electronic touch control. The Beko D532AS Electric Cooker contains easy-clean enamel interiors that will result in much less cleaning time being spent in the kitchen. Everyone who has a kitchen in Watertown, NY knows our name and if they have worked with us they’ll be able to tell you that we focus on making sure our customers are getting the right equipment for their needs. We have the best kitchen equipment available and custom kitchen construction abilities to help your dreams come to reality.
The spyderco knife sharpeners is perfect for sharpening up dull knives and polishes the edge. The rapid-boil function means you don't have to wait long for that perfect cuppa and also helps you to save energy as it uses less electricity. It includes an anti-limescale filter, automatic switch off and a 360 degree pivotal base to make pouring easier.
The kettle bell?s interchangeable weights screw securely into place, leaving you to focus 100% on your exercise regime without the worry of the weights slipping. The A-rated main oven energy efficiency of the Beko DC-5422AW means that it will be less harmful to the environment, as well as reducing running costs. With precise, even heat distribution and, for efficiency, minimal pre-heating, you'll be sure to cook successful meals and delicious baked and roasted dishes! With dial controls, 4 burners and an ultra-rapid wok burner the Smeg SER60SGH3 permits both the variety and secure controlling that you expect from a modern day gas appliance. The 3 differet sized zones enable you to cook with different pan sizes, while the smooth ceramic surface ensures easy cleaning and great cooking control. There are 4 sealed plate hobs for your pots and pans, providing you with plenty of room to boil and fry.
Additionally the oven comes with an easy-clean enamel lining and an A rating for energy efficiency. Induction hobs are the fastest and most efficient way to cook, combining the responsiveness of a gas hob with the modern looks of ceramic.
Complete with flat ceramic surface, the Samsung C61R2AEE Built-in Ceramic Hob is easy to clean and would look good in almost any kitchen. Accompanied by a 4 solid hot plates in two different sizes, it can handle the family reunion cookouts as easily as a two person dinner.
It's perfect for those with restricted kitchen space, ready for anything from a full course meal to a quick grilled cheese sandwich! Treat your kitchen to the Hotpoint CRA641DC Built-in Ceramic Hob and you'll be ready to start cooking in style. With a roomy cooking capacity of 53 litres and interior windows, the Beko D532AS Electric Cooker means you can check your food without letting out heat from the oven.
For your safety, the Indesit VRM-640X Built-in Ceramic Hob features a residual heat indicator in each of its zones and the child-proof lock gives you complete peace of mind.
The well-designed steel knife sharpeners has many advantages and it can be used on nearly any type of blade. If you want to make more than one hot drink, the Philips Energy Efficient HD4644-60 Cordless Jug Kettle has an overall capacity of 1.7 litres – ideal for when you have company. Bring some style and innovation to your kitchen with the Kalorik JK 36966 Cone Shaped Cordless Kettle . This Kelly Holmes accessory even comes with a guide offering you handy tips and advice to optimize your workout regime. As well as this the Beko DC5422AW Electric Cooker has easy-clean enamel interiors making it an excellent product for those who want to cook but do not want to spend much time cleaning!

Additionally, the Flavel ML5CDW Electric Cooker has an enamel interior, which together with the smooth surface of the ceramic hob makes keeping your oven in tip-top condition an exceptionally easy task! Cooking made easy with 4 hobs The 4 ceramic hobs provide impressive heat, letting you cook quickly and easy, helping to save both time and energy!
With the facility to convert to LPG, the Smeg SER60SGH3 hob also has the potential to be environmentally friendly. Complete with a hot hob indicator feature for added safety, the Whirlpool ceramic hob is suitable for cooking beginners and experts alike. In addition to this, the Indesit IT50EW Electric Cooker has a separate full width variable grill, so you can grill at the same time as using the oven or hobs. The beauty of induction is that it heats up and cools down in no time, reducing cooking times and allowing you greater control. This Indesit cooker has 4 solid plate electric hobs with 2 different sizes for various pots and pan sizes and a hot hob indicator to indicate when a hob is on. The conventional fan oven works with Thermaflow technology that cooks with even temperature throughout and reduces pre-heating and cooking times.
A mechanical timer helps you follow recipes with precision, and the fan-assisted heating system guarantees an even heat distribution for perfectly cooked roasts and meats. Reliable, efficient and stylish, the New World ET50W Electric Cooker will deliver fantastic home-cooked food, time after time! The Beko D532AS Electric Cooker is also environmentally friendly with its A-rated main oven energy and will fit in well in any home! If you worry about the sharpener may cut your finger, this safe survival knife sharpeners is your best option.
Versatile enough to be used for resistance training and cardio fat burning, this kettle bell is a great addition to any healthy lifestyle.
You won't have to worry about cleaning as ceramic hobs usually only need a wipe to clear off dirt! Safety features are also abundant with this hob as it comes with a flame supervision device and safety cut-off feature and electric ignition so you can enjoy the pleasure of cooking with minimal worry. Easy-clean enamel lining inside the oven gives added convenience, helping you to refresh your cooker quickly and easily, saving you time and energy. A variable grill with pan and handle is also included, meaning this sleek oven has all the functions you need. Putting your family's safety first, the Whirlpool ACM-702NE Built-in Induction Hob comes equipped with safety lock to prevent the hob being switched on accidentally. It has an A energy rating making it very energy efficient, while the variable grill can cook different dishes at the same time with its variable temperature feature. In addition, the compact the best knife sharpeners helps you to restore a dull knife to sharpness.
There's also a useful LED display and smart rotary controls to control the temperature of the hobs. For a hob which combines both form and function, opt for the Smeg SER60SGH3 Built-in FSD Gas Hob. The LOGIK LCPCKX11 Built-In Electric Single Oven and Hob incorporates a complementary black ceramic hob with 4 elements. With its large viewing window, classic white style, together with its dynamic features and functionality, the Zanussi ZCE560DW Electric Cooker will help you transform even your everyday meals into a moment of pleasure! The gas hob has its controls on the side, and the four burners are sure to be handy when you are having people over.
It doesn't get much easier than this with the 4-element hob and its smooth ceramic surface really simple to clean. The hob has side-positioned dial controls for ease of use and hot hob indicators for safety. If you have decided to opt for an integrated kitchen, the Logik LBPCKX10 Built-in Electric Single Oven and FSD Gas Hob bundles a comprehensive solution for your cooking - and with great looks!
Thanks to these features and handy safety considerations with the Belling CRS-60 Built-in Ceramic Hob you'll really be cooking on gas. Create the kitchen you want, just the way you want it with the LOGIK LCPCKX11 Built-In Electric Single Oven and Hob .

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