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My worm system consists of making worm towers out of 5 gallon buckets (free buckets from restaurants or purchased for a little over 2 dollars at big box stores)These are placed at least 10 inches deep in my Garden beds plus my in-ground beds. Hello Again Kim, I'm reaching out to you to ask if you would like to be in the Worm Farming Revolution eBook. Why Donate?Buy our products if you enjoy all of this free info or simply Donate.Keep this Site going. I watched both videos and just about when I thought you may have left something out, you when on and said it. Thanks for sharing and also showing us your garden. I'm not sure if we can make that deadline but The eBook is definitely doable. Please let me know by contacting me.

Remove the 5 gallon lid and place some type of netting, like an onion sack, and fill the sack with fresh worm food. Wait a week. The worms go in and out the tower eating what I have fed them each week; usually a kitchen scrap smoothie along with shredded paper and cardboard, also once in a while, composted horse or chicken manure. This will attract the worms into the netting and then you can remove the netting with the fresh food and now the worms in it as well. You can then begin to remove the bucket of castings and harvest it. I really like your YouTube Channel and thanks again.
I usually stop feeding them so they will leave the tower before harvesting the compost as I don't want to harvest worms.

The additional benefit is them fertilizing the garden boxes where my vegetables love the soil! I had several worm totes in my house but wanted them outside so the worms went from the totes to the towers, these were Red wigglers and ordinary earth worms. I don't think I would change a thing, it is working out very well.It takes very little time for each tower, approx.

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