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Some surprising good news today about the growth of chain stores in the Village, East Village, and NoHo. Like many, GVSHP has been working to try to discourage the proliferation of chain stores in our neighborhoods, while encouraging the retention of small, independent businesses.
Of course the picture is not all rosy; the number of chain stores is still frustratingly high, the decline is slight after years of increase, and in the Far East Village, which had been largely free of chain stores, the trend is upward, albeit only slightly, from 23 to 25. It’s definitely high time to limit chain stores and encourage independent businesses.
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Luxury home design that existence is very important for the design of home furniture, in addition to a great design, design that is also the position of the furniture, the House looks much better, the best design furniture design are designed for. This entry was posted in Furniture, Home Interior on October 18, 2014 by Johanna Norberta Harvester. Talking about this kind of furniture design, here we have a collection of images that are very inspiring, and they have adapted very well, applied in a modern living design.
NYC should do this as the independent businesses are one aspect of what gives a city its character and sense of community.
As what you see in the first picture, there are a sitting room design, which features some amazing furniture design ideas for the home.

Over the entrance of the bedroom is a double door unit, very inspiring to be applied in a modern house design.
In addition, the home office furniture design ideas effect in this home as well as elegant.

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