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The owner of Charleston Cooks, Dick Elliott, has made the decision to retire from business and we are closing our store on Sunday, May 29 at 6pm. Customers holding Charleston Cooks gift certificates should redeem them for merchandise in Greenville by Sunday, May 29. Imagine a day spent at a bustling Arabian market where the foods and spices burst with color and the aromas leave you longing for a taste. One of the most interesting food countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnam, has been strongly influenced by French techniques blended with Asian ingredients. Dave McCormick is one of those food enthusiasts with whom you can get lost in an hour-long conversation about everything from the proper sweetness-to-acidity ratio of balsamic vinegar to his personal love of cookware. Like most creative entrepreneurs, Dave is a natural-born dreamer and PKG was borne out of a love for food that he could no longer suppress.
Though the store gets its fair share of the ‘ladies who lunch’ crowd, you’re more likely to run into serious home cooks scouring the store for high-quality cookware. Owner Liz Minetta Bardsley carefully curates the collection of items at her Kitchen Arts & Pottery storefront, selecting keepsakes that customers will want to pass down to other family members. A visit to the store often evolves into a conversation with its owner over a cup of tea or coffee, which she always has on-hand to offer to customers. From there, Bardsley opened her own place off Wade Hampton Boulevard, a bistro named La Bohème. Count on finding gourmet ingredients at her newest spot Kitchen Arts & Pottery, on shelves stocked with imported pastas, olive oils, vinegars and sweets.

Over the holidays, international specialties pop up, such as Italian panettone (a traditional holiday bread), French marrons glacés (candied chestnuts) and a host of seasonal bonbons. A supporter of Slow Food, Bardsley also carries a cornucopia of local products, including Bean-to-bar Night Owl Chocolates and rare, regional Sourwood honey from Carolina Honeybees.
A Greenville-based freelance food and travel writer, Linda loves to spend time browsing for gourmet gifts at Kitchen Arts & Pottery. Watch Channel 7 WSPA Wednesday, July 17th between 10-11 am as we demonstrate an amazing dessert for Kimberly Kelly.
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This site contains a number of keyboard shortcuts, called "accesskeys," to assist in navigating. In an effort to serve our customers at the high standard they are accustomed to, we have canceled and refunded deposits for private events beyond April as staffing could become limited. Have the chance to talk about easy substitutes that will make your gluten free home cooking easy and delicious. His store, Pro Kitchen Gear, is located in Greenville—just minutes from Wilmington and is equivalent to foodie nirvana.
With an equal mix of big ideas and determination, he left a lucrative career in the corporate technology world and set out to make his dream a reality. Pro Kitchen Gear definitely makes outfitting your home kitchen like a pro easier than, say, whipping up the perfect souffle.

Bardsley can also point you to the right ingredients or equipment, and she loves to chat about food. Come here for the best selection of cocktail bitters in town, from Aztec chocolate to bourbon-barrel aged. Looking for duck fat in which to fry potatoes? Despite the shop's small size, you can easily while away the time here discovering the plethora of culinary treasures artfully arrayed on shelves and displays. Apple users with Spaces enabled may need to use the accesskey for Skip to the main navigation (A); then, TAB through the navigation and press "enter" to activate a link. Geared toward the discerning home cook, the store’s carefully curated shelves are stocked with renowned brands like Emile Henry and Mauviel—brands that send any gastronome’s heart into overdrive. She started her chef career in Greenvilleat stately Seven Oaks (long closed) in the Pettigru Street Historic District adjoining downtown Greenville, once the city’s go-to restaurant for fine dining.
After eight years at Northampton, Bardsley decided to strike out in a different direction, folding her love of good food and her affinity for setting a proper table into her own kitchen shop. Home cooks with an affinity for high-end cookware will delight in the store’s offerings while those looking to sharpen their culinary skills or learn new techniques (can you say sous vide, anyone?) will love the regularly scheduled cooking classes. A little nook in the back corner of the store houses some interesting food-focused tomes; there is also a unique array of smaller kitchen gadgets and tools that are perfect for gift-giving.

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