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Dawsonrentals recently completed one of its biggest projects to date, 4 interlinked and ramp accessible temporary kitchen units with 3 cold and 2 freeze stores.
Due to the project's size the planning process was intricate, and 2 days after initial contact our Sales Manager met with the company's directors on site to get a clear outline of their vision and requirements, and to discuss the different layout options available to them. Each kitchen unit was used for different stages of the catering process and were seamlessly connected thanks to a custom built platform.  4 Commander units were installed and used as production, assembly, pot wash and preparation kitchens.
The chill and freeze rooms were provided by Dawsonrentals portable cold rooms ltd, and were made bespoke to the clients requirements. Being able to source individual items of equipment for clients is part of our comprehensive, bespoke service.
The successful installation of the complex relied on the skills and expertise of our installations staff, who were able to complete all work to a very high standard. Patriots QB Tom Brady recently went into a Whole Foods Market incognito to leave a “surprise” in UnReal's 3-D Halloween buckets.
This catering complex was built for a professional nutrition company based in the North West of England.
The scalability of our facilities were defining factors in their decision to proceed with this type of project.

By assigning each kitchen a specific function, the client was able to plan their food manufacturing process in the most efficient way possible. Being able to store ingredients nearby was imperative for the client, and the internal temperature stores provided the perfect solution. For this project we sourced 4 additional pieces of equipment, including some of the very latest in catering technology. They contacted us earlier in the year about the possibility of a catering complex for an initial 52 week period. Being able to expand within their current premises ensured that as their business grew, they could rely on Dawsonrentals to adapt their current set up to meet immediate and future demands. The chill store temperatures varied to accommodate meat and veg, and the entire complex complies with food health and safety regulations. We acquired a Vario Cooking Centre 112+, able to boil, fry, and even deep fry simultaneously all in one unit, saving time and up to 40% less power consumption.  Along with the 112+ we sourced a Rational SSE Whitefficiency 20-Grid Combi Oven, Henkelman Jumbo 42 Vacuum Packaging Machine with sous-vide capability and a Robot Coupe vegetable preparation machine with a choice of cutting discs. The pair measures approximately 5.25 inches tall and is in wonderful, all original condition!
The project was on a short deadline due to increased business and the current premises not able to cope with demand.

A final layout was agreed, optimising production flow and complying with all Food Environment Health regulations. From initial contact, all plans were completed and equipment delivered ready for installation in just 6 weeks. The client asked our Sales Manager to project manage this install, which included the co-ordination of various sub-contractors. A week prior to install, a complete walkthrough was carried out with our installations team and sub-contractors to ensure a smooth process. Uncle Mose is missing a portion of his original cork neck stopper - a very minor inconvenience!

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