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The Complete Kitchen Garden is an inspired collection of garden designs for cooks who love to garden. Sign up for my e-newsletter, and you'll find savory recipes, inspiring kitchen garden designs and artsy ideas for growing an elegant edible garden. Guaranteed to put a smile on any Coronation Street fan's face, this hillarious apron is inspired by street stalwart, Hilda Ogden. Packaged in a snazzy Coronation St branded gift box, this wipe clean PVC apron would make an ideal gift for any fan of the legendary Corrie character. ELLEN ECKER OGDEN brings 25+ years of experience to edible landscape designs for clients and communities.
My mother taught me how to make a basic vinaigrette.  But perhaps it was easier back in the sixties, when the choice of either iceberg or Boston butterhead lettuce narrowed the options for dressing. One summer, my grandmother taught me another dressing, made with a light, fruity green-olive oil and lemon juice, mixed in the same 3-to-1 proportions, then blended with a spoonful each of honey and tahini. Here is a robust dressing that is both sweet and savory, yet allows the flavors of greens to shine through—it will quickly become a favorite for all your mesclun salads.
In a small bowl or a blender, combine the mustard, garlic, maple syrup, lemon juice, vinegar, and basil.
With over 100 seasonal recipes to match each theme design, 300 color photographs and 30 illustrations that will show you how to simplify your vegetable garden and transform your backyard into a European inspired potager. Complete with her trademark curlers and headscarf, it's topped off with a print of her name and a few pigeon prints for good measure. Her kitchen garden designs reflect a simple elegance that draw inspiration from from nature, and from a foundation of classic design techniques.

Her expertise as a kitchen garden designer reflects a simple elegance that draws inspiration from nature, and is based on a foundation of classic design techniques. Together, we will look at your site, discuss your goals, and develop a series of ideas until we find the perfect one that works for you.
I serve a green salad for dinner every night, tossed in a wooden salad bowl with light vinaigrette. Growing my own allows me to play with a variety of dressing, to match the unique flavor of each green. The greens were ordinary Bibb lettuce, yet the salad sang of summer, with a tart balance of sweet and sour. Earlier in the day, I had immersed the fresh greens in a basin of cool water, spun them dry, and then wrapped the leaves in absorbent towels before placing them in the refrigerator. True balsamic vinegar has an intense flavor, and is only available in specialty food stores.  If possible, sample a variety of balsamic vinegars until you find one that you like. Discover how to have more fun growing food, and how to design your garden with personality, and simplify for efficiency and elegance. Over 300 full color photographs and illustrations provide step-by-step instructions for how to grow the ultimate kitchen garden.
Discover how to have more fun growing food, and how to design your garden with personality, and simplify for efficiency and elegance. Autographed by the author. The result is a kitchen garden that is both practical and productive, and connects the gardener to the landscape in a way that goes beyond simply growing food.
I often work with other craftspeople and landscape architects to make sure you get the best design and installation possible.

My recipe follows the classic proportions I learned from my mother: 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar. Rather than adding garlic directly to the dressing, she would make a paste by crushing a garlic clove into a small bit of cream or milk to extract its essence. My grandmother lived well into her nineties, and I like to think it was because she ate so well.
I watch as my daughter Molly whisks together the oil and vinegar; I suggest a dash of Dijon mustard and a scant teaspoon of maple syrup. If you can keep the stems and leaves full of moisture, then quickly cooled, they will stay crisp and hardy. Even better, whisk the dressing in the bowl, then dash to the garden to harvest the tender fresh leaves with only minutes between garden and salad bowl. She squints, she gently smacks her lips, and for a moment her eyes get that faraway look that says, “Don’t disturb me, I’m thinking.” Teaching my daughter how to make salad dressing is like teaching someone creative writing. It was the health properties she was after; the cold pressing of the olives offered benefits beyond mere flavor. I am sharing my understanding of the basics, but ultimately she needs to decide how to express her own taste. I like to think that families who make homemade dressings will always make homemade dressings, and that our recipes will be handed down through the generations, keeping bottled dressing at bay.

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