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The Kitchen Store features a wide selection of stylish, functional top quality kitchen wear, from the brand names you know and love.
Based on the south coast, the award-winning Kitchen Store’s new Hove outlet is located around the corner from designLSM’s studio and we were delighted to work on a retail interior design project so close to home!
We used DesignLSM for all three of our London Goodman Steakhouse schemes, so I had no hesitation in approaching them to work on our Burger & Lobster concept. DesignLSM, the genius team of architects behind the jaw-droppingly beautiful and award-winning Galvin la Chapelle restaurant in Shoreditch, have worked wonders on a hotel that had many redeeming features but desperately needed some style.
Lacoste Knightsbridge was an incredibly exciting project for Lacoste UK and having worked with DesignLSM on previous concepts we didn’t hesitate in using them to implement this large-scale scheme.
DesignLSM’s creative flair and subtle attention to detail is second to none and I’m delighted with their vision for the restaurant’s new look.
DesignLSM have designed every one of our sites over the last seven years, consistently delivering on time and on budget, they completely fulfil all of our interior design requirements.
We wanted to know which kitchen store had you drooling over pots and pans, mixers and measuring cups, and one store clearly came out on top.
The store showcases Stonewall Kitchen’s core products and features select housewares, kitchen gadgets and accessories. One of our favorite places to browse and shop in the Hudson Valley is bluecashew Kitchen Pharmacy, the creation of Gregory Triana and Sean Nutley. On one of our first visits, we also noticed a dedication to offering sustainable and “green” merchandise – and the store design reflected this as well. We recently had the chance to check in with Sean Nutley about what’s new in the kitchen these days, especially in the area of sustainable goods. Broadly speaking, we like to try to find sustainable ways of meeting of our needs today – this means without compromising the future, and using more of what the earth has to offer. Chilewich recycled vinyl products are beautiful and a smart use of recycling.  The company offers its own take-back program, so customers can turn their used products back in to the company for reuse. We’re also fond of govino recycled plastic beverage glasses, which are made from a food-safe, BPA-free polymer.
USA Pan recycled stainless steel produces bakeware for the home, patterned after its commercial products. Green products aside, what’s the one surprising thing you think cooks might add to their kitchens that they might not have thought about?

And we invite our readers to let us know if you have a store in your area specializing in green kitchen goods, in a comment below.  We might even ask you to do a guest post for us. This entry was posted in In the kitchen, Natural health, Sustainability and tagged bluecashew, chef, cookbook, cooking, food, natural living, Sustainability by Cayenne Room. Both the at-home gourmet and the professional will appreciate the fine selection of goods such as gadgets, utensils, small appliances, cookware, and tabletop. Working within a tight budget, we opted for an open warehouse feel, with kitchen displays chosen and styled by our team. Every time I walk into the bar, I have to pinch myself to realise that it actually belongs to the hotel.
They have a natural understanding of a brief, are budget conscious and have real design flair.
They creatively fulfilled our brief, resulting in a professional, contemporary finish we are delighted with.
They have captured the essence of Quilon, whilst at the same time giving it a contemporary, fresh look. The designers creatively built upon our ideas whilst providing exemplary project management skills. 21, is located on the upper level in the Pheasant Lane Mall next to Swarovski and Coach and across from White House Black Market.
Get your local business license from the governing authority, this means you have to register your store and confirm where the store is physically located.
The store carries a beautiful selection of both unique and classic cutlery, baking and cookware, barware, stemware, and small appliances, at all price levels. We try to do more creative synchronizing with resources available, reusing and reinventing uses for items we already have.
This material reflects a wine’s color and aromatics like crystal does, but it’s recyclable (#1), and reusable. We used recycled mushroom wood, and we refitted all the fixtures from our High Falls store when we relocated in Rhinebeck.
Customers always come back and say, “Wow, everything is so much easier now that I have…” Knives are often a big change in customers’ kitchens. Again Phaidon cooking titles like Balthazar, Mark Bittman titles, and Deborah Madison titles are all very popular.

Thanks so much for this peek into what you and your customers are up to right now in the world of cooking and cooking supplies. Browse a variety of products from Henckels, Cuisinart, Keurig, Emile Henry, Good Grips and many more.
They understood the importance of adhering to budgets whilst not compromising on the quality and finish of the design. In addition to carrying food prep supplies and edible offerings, the chain provides us with seasonal recipes like lamb chops with mint-pistachio pesto and happy hour cocktails like this gin and lemon concoction. Guided by our knowledgeable staff, you'll find everything - from cookware and cookbooks to baking and bar essentials - to cook up your most memorable, delicious moments. Find a business partner that allows you to get a loan, ask your friends or relatives to join, it means you can raise start-up funds together. This will be hard to do by yourself, hire a commercial real estate agent to assist find a strategic and good location. A carefully selected and thoughtfully displayed cookbook section complements the merchandise.
There are many times when glass stemware just isn’t an option, so this is a great solution. It’s manufactured in Pittsburgh, so it’s great to know it comes from an area that relies on steel production to fuel its economy.
They can’t believe how sharp the Messsermeister knives are, and how they make cooking easier.
In order to gain success, avoid selling stuff that available at grocery stores and big-box retailers! Get a loan from a bank or credit union representative, but it requires credit report and score. The company has employed many generations of local people in their area, and does beautiful work. How much money do you need to run the store within a month, including profit, expenses and losses?

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