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Product DescriptionThe WLS-1 features stainless steel welded construction and an easy to clean ABS plastic top. Product Description705-DS side mount stainless steel ice cream cone dispenser is for use with flat bottom cake cones and many sugar cones. View our door styles, kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well as our closet organizers and all our accessories. Inspiration is easier when you can see what finished kitchen or bathroom renovations look like.
Drywalling an archway could be a daunting task if you are unfamiliar with the process, but if you have the knowledge of the professionals and the tools, drywalling an arch kit has never been easier.
Remember, if you have any questions or need a more detailed explanation do not hesitate to ask. First step: Frame your opening to your desired dimensions and then order your prefabricated archway to give you the best quality radius to apply your stone too. We all should know to leave the hard work and precise jobs to the professionals, but where we can accomplish the same task with little effort and for very little cost, we should hop on the opportunity to do it ourselves. Simply Measure the Width of your opening to figure which arch you will need to order from Arch-Rite.
So next time a professional stops by your house you can let them know you put that arch up in 5 minutes. Arched doorways are very common in new home construction and we see various types of these archways being used.
The eyebrow arch is the most popular of the 3 different archways and may be found in many new and existing homes.

Whether you’re adding an arched doorway to a new home or an existing home, Arch-Rite has the right Arched Doorway Kit for you!
The following is a customer testimonial about his experience working with us and our product line. Thanks, Arch-Rite for a great product that made my job easier.  My only problem now is that my wife wants me to put one of your dome kits in!
Adding archways to your homes is now a DIY project!  It is a great way to modernize your home and eliminate those hard lines created by standard doorways.  Now that Archways made easy! The Arch Kit from Arch-Rite allows DIYer’s (Do it yourself) the chance to add this flare to their home. Learn how to cut drywall to a radius, learn how to get drywall to bend, and learn the important tip to always use screws. Well, the Arch-Rite Arch kit will help you achieve this beautiful feature for any interior application.
If your joints are tight enough, sometimes grout will give a better finish without the mess.
Then measure and mark down from the header along the stud the appropriate rise as indicated on the Arch-Rite Archway.
Remember, you can use the arch as a template for cutting your drywall after it is installed.
One example of a job that most people can achieve is putting in a simple archway into their home. One piece should run flush with the front of your opening and the second should run flush with the back of your opening.

Archways in between doorways are usually Half-Rounds (half of a circle), Ellipticals (comprised of 2 different radii) or Eyebrows (segment of a circle).
Ideal for merchandising single-serve coffee, tea and hot chocolate packets or simply organizing lids, straws, stir sticks and condiments. Remember, it is always easier to drywall an archway when you are using the flexible line of drywall. The Arch-Rite Arch Kit ships directly to your house and is ready for installation as soon as it is delivered.
2nd aspect of their popularity is that it matches many of the more popular arched top windows. The reason homes are constructed using wood and not metal or plastic is due to the ease and cost.  Because we our the only manufacturer of wood framing archways due to our patent, we are the easiest and most affordable solution for your archways. If you do not have access to flexible drywall, simple wet the back of your drywall before using. Keeping a theme through out a home is very important, and matching your arched doorways to your windows is one great way to do that. Lastly, eyebrow archways are easily added to any doorway and are not constrained by the arch’s rise. For example, if I have want an arched doorway and my header for that doorway is 8’-0” but I only want my archway to drop 12” to keep at 7’-0” off the floor then an eyebrow arch is the perfect choice.

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