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A pantry is a great thing to have for kitchen storage, but many people do not make the most of it. First of all, do not forget it’s a room — albeit a very small room — and like any other room in the house you should really think about the way you decorate and organize the space. So let’s look at some kitchen pantry ideas that will help you use the space to it’s full potential.
Painting the walls white and using white shelving (or a bright wood) will help the light travel around the pantry better and bring light to an otherwise darkened space. You should also avoid the use of an energy saving lightbulb as they are far too dim for confined spaces. A typical layout would be to have herbs and spices on one wall, canned goods and sauces on another, snacks and cereal on the last wall. This DIY kitchen pantry is absolutely amazing!  Maya Braaten Vardeberg is so proud of her husband who made this pantry by old recycled materials. Gorgeous Pantry with beautiful built-in cabinetry and cool ladder for easy access to everything! Eleven Magnolia Lane used chalkboard paint, polka dot scrapbook paper, and ribbon. A blackboard behind the doors is a handy place to scribble the shopping list.
33 Cool Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
With the right kitchen cabinets, you can easily make up for not having a large walk-in pantry. Building or remodeling a walk-in pantry with the latest designs and materials is a great option for your kitchen.
Other style is wooden kitchen pantry which is designed as like wardrobe complete with doors. This kitchen pantry is very simple and creative to benefit a small empty space behind the door. Kitchen pantry design ideas can be created as creative as possible to benefit the free space in your house, as alternative you can use freestanding pantry cabinet. Changing shower stall doors could be the best and cheap way to refresh your bathroom in an efficient way. Laundry hamper sorter is one of important thing that should be presented in the laundry room. I would be remiss if I did not begin our pantry tour with The House of Smiths pantry makeover. Look familiar? PB&J Stories definitely took notes from The House of Smiths and created this gorgeous pantry. Faith, Trust, and a little Pixie Dust created this beauty after also being inspired by Shelley. Eleven Magnolia Lane used chalkboard paint, polka dot scrapbook paper, and ribbon to help this organized pantry go from blah to ooh-la-la.
Decor Chick Emily and her dad designed this ingenious shelf carousel which takes full advantage of corner pantries.
I like it, I love it added a few decorative elements to the top shelf of her pantry which makes it stand out.
If you are planning to build a pantry this year, you should definitely read In My Own Style’s detailed post on pantry planning. Sand and Sisal used plastic containers from Costco and chalkboard labels to give her pantry the organization it needed. Re-doing our pantry is on my list for this year, so I will be pinning this for future reference.
I don’t have a pantry per se- we use the sauna in our master bath to store our American goods or the balcony off the kitchen when the weather is cold (like now!).
I am totally inspired and now want to rip everything out of all my cabinets and have at it! Margie Potts has the DIY Basics for organizing and stocking a kitchen pantry with items that will make dinner decisions much easier. Organize items according to function; for example, store baking products all together with some sweet spices, and keep the savory spices and herbs with similar marinades and sauces. Specialty items that add that special touch can be grouped together, or place them with items they're used with.

On a nearby shelf, place items used to cook those basics: extra-virgin olive oil and canola oil are a couple of good examples.
Designate a section that's filled with items that are inspirational and add zing to recipes. Watch one family's pantry go from messy to organized in five easy steps that are simple enough to apply to your own kitchen space.
The most difficult items to keep organized are usually the ones that are smallest and most plentiful. Learn the four basic steps to making laundry easier, plus the secrets to help make your clothes last longer and look better. A trio of experts weighs in on the steps you need to take to create a structured, stress-free kitchen. The key to working efficiently in a workshop is having a good system of organization for tools and materials.
It’s often a neglected area of the kitchen with no thought put into its organization whatsoever.
It’s also a problem having a light dangling from the ceiling in what may already be a very limited space.
If you’re capable of a little woodwork, you can get your shelving to join together around the corners by cutting it diagonally. Pantry organization is entirely up to you and where you feel certain items should be kept, but it’s important to have it organized in a way where different ingredients and different food types are kept together, otherwise it can get messy rather quickly. You could make something like it from a TV armoire , or other wood cabinet you no longer use.
Small, skinny spot, but look at all of the fabulous storage with small pantry items that take forever to find – a great idea by Lucianna Samu. Besides the living room and master bedroom, there arena€™t many other places you will spend a great deal of your time. In fact, custom pantries combined with well-designed kitchen cabinets usually look much better in a kitchen than in a walk-in area off to the side. Some of the options for interiors of these pantry-sized kitchen cabinets include roll out shelves, shelving for canned goods that swing out for easy access, and metal shelving that pulls out with the pantry door for extra storage. Pantries should help you get work done in the kitchen more easily, and they should not be, on the other hand, an eye sore and an unorganized storage area.
It usually used to store various kitchen stuffs such as pans, pots, eating stuffs, even ingredients and spices.
A cool sample of kitchen pantry design ideas is a stylish kitchen pantry that use old sliding barn door to hide it. It is not only in the kitchen, you can make a pantry in any room near the kitchen for easy connection. To get you in the mood to tackle your cluttered pantry, here are fourteen kitchen pantry makeovers!
As I’ve said in previous posts, it is the pantry makeover that launched a thousand pantry makeovers! If your pantry needs to do double duty and store non-food items, take a tip from PB&J and designate a separate shelf with clearly labeled storage containers.
Using storage containers you have on hand to hide pantry necessities is a fantastic way to achieve pretty, organized, and thrifty! I just redid our TINY can’t even call it a pantry and I might borrow a few of these ideas for finishing touches.
To see everything at a glance, use risers on pantry shelves, or stack cans of the same items on top of each other to avoid moving cans to see what's underneath. Keep a variety of vinegars, soy sauce and flavor ingredients like mustards, ketchup, sauces and mayonnaise. Nuts (they're great toasted and tossed on salads or ground into coatings for poultry or fish), pesto (can be used to top pasta or to dress up a traditional sauce) and cans of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (inexpensive, and they add a fabulous heat to any dish) are all good examples. To get around both of these problems, you may want to consider making a false ceiling with plasterboard over a small wooden frame and installing halogen spot lights.
This is only an option if your walls are perfectly symmetrical and you’re confident and capable of measuring and cutting wood.
Whatever you want: jams, pickles, pastas, sauces, cookbooks, wines, and all other kinds of food that can be stored without a fridge and household supplies.

The style and design can be custom fit to match any home and improve its aesthetic appearance. Oftentimes, well-designed closet-pantries come equipped with adjustable shelving to provide a variety of options while organizing your goods.
Well-designed walk-in pantries can be fitted with kitchen cabinets and other storage areas to make the pantry easy to physically access, as well as easy to visually assess its contents.
If youa€™re looking for kitchen remodeling in the Chicago area, our experts can help you get the pantry youa€™ve always dreamed of and much more! Kitchen pantry design ideas are made in various styles and models to suit your kitchen space and decorating concept.
Antique accent created on grey scratches of this old barn door and some creative notes written on the kitchen wall. To get maximum storage, some wire racks are arranged vertically on the internal side of door. Burlap and Lace shows us how to makeover a pantry just by using cute baskets, chalkboard labels, and chic containers!
I asked her what she did with any extra food that didn’t fit in the storage containers. Margie Potts has the DIY Basics so you can organize and stock your pantry with items that will help make your dinner decisions much easier. Look for the basics: the canned broth, tomatoes, beans, dried pasta and rice used for dinner. Try keeping a four-pack of wine in the pantry; it adds better flavor to foods than cooking wines, which can be bitter. These are small, energy efficient, long lasting and are much brighter than the normal lightbulbs or energy saving bulbs that are traditionally used in pantries. Where the shelves intersect, it’s a good idea to use 4 inch long brackets underneath (secured by short screws) to pull the shelves together, and provide extra strength. A good way to do this is to place newer items at one end of a shelf, and the older items at another end.
Decorative closet doors (as opposed to a plain, boring door) can be fitted with glass inserts or have intricate panel styles to match an equally impressive kitchen area. Possibilities include adjustable shelving, pullouts, drawers, and specially designed spaces for brooms and other tall items like appliances. Some kitchen pantries are designed with large storage space and some unique innovation such as hidden storage and so on. This modern kitchen pantry contains of simple wine racks, several spices shelves, and small counter to store other kitchen stuffs.
She said that she typically only buys the amount that she needs (and that will fit) and any extra is stored in the sisal baskets. The pantry is still functional but keeping the red interior was a mistake that I hope to remedy. Remember: a well-stocked and better-organized pantry will enable you to cook more spontaneously. To get the most taste out the dried herbs, crush them in your hand before adding them to a dish. Checking out the labels on cans of soup will be very difficult, it can make it hard to organize and it may even make going in the pantry a slightly unpleasant experience. For example if it is a separate room it can have doors that make it looks like built-in cabinet or it is simply separated by curtains. Pantries are one of the many aspects to take into consideration when planning the layout of your new kitchen. Shelley gives great tips on pantry organization and practical ways to achieve a beautiful and organized food storage area.

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