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I've been perusing the kitchen forum for months now getting ideas together for our new build this Spring. I'm not tall, so I wouldn't put vertical storage above the oven, but will that only work for lightweight metal pans, even for a tall person? I also will have a skinny lower cabinet next to the stove so maybe I can have vertical storage there, too. The space above the refrigerator and, to a lesser extent above the ovens, is storage that's more difficult to reach and pretty useless for small items. As for glass dishes, RHome410 is right, notice I don't store anything particularly heavy in the tray storage area, including my pizza stones. My pizza stones are under my corner prep sink, utilizing one of those deep corners (cutting boards in the other corner). Thanks for all your great info (& for letting me know about the email thing when you thought it wasn't turned on - appreciate it). I hear you on the stuff dropping on your head - I had that happen to me years ago & it wasn't a pretty sight! I'm tall so high up isnt an issue for me and I look to cook fast so convience and access are key.
The Tray dividers you show pictures of are great for those lighter things like cookie sheets etc.
The first picture is a good arrangement and I suggest that the divider unit be built seperate and removable in case your needs change. I mentioned the counter depth fridge because if the fridge was deeper and stuck out, I would have to reach over it, and I don't know if I could get to the pans easily.
When it came time to put away my stuff, I was not pleased that my cookie sheets, cast iron skillet, muffin tins etc did not fit. Second picture: Actually, it's not sagging, I thought so too at first when I saw the picture but when I went back and checked it, it doesn't look like that IRL. For me, the first picture would be a waste of valuable space while an over the ovens (or refrigerator) cabinet is made more useful when utilized this way (as I described in a previous post). I have a few of the same dividers mounted in the prep sink base for sink attachments and a couple of loose cutting boards and that works well.

Kitchens are the heart of any home, and sometimes they can get a bit disorganized, cluttered and untidy.
From where to store your pans to maximising space under the sink we ┬áhave a solution for you! All the below ideas and tips have a full tutorial on how to achieve them – simply click on the link below each image. I'd worry about the awkwardness and weight of having glass baking pans up there, so you might have to do something different for those anyway? I do have glass pie plates but I don't make pies anymore so they will go in the lesser-used storage.
There is the danger of dropping something and if it's from above, I didn't want to endanger anyone's head! I was a bit weary about the drawer--why couldn't it be a cabinet--but that was the only option. Saw something interesting the other day - can't remember where but I thought it was interesting. I wouldn't want to use a drawer for vertical storage, and I also wouldn't want ceramics and glass on their sides. We believe that any kitchen can be saved from this downwards spiral and become the efficient tidy space that it once was. If care is not taken, your pots, pans, dinnerware and more can easily overtake your kitchen, especially the ones that are rarely used and this could range from cooking items to mail.There are simple and creative ways through which you can organize your kitchen and one of them is by utilizing hanging storage in your kitchen. If I knew the stuff I wanted to put there was not going to fit, I would have just had our carpenter build dividers under our sink for trays, etc. With a few simple tips, and a determined mind anyone can transform their kitchen with these genius storage and organizing tips. One advantage I see with the drawers is you can store multiples items in the same space whereas the up-high I couldn't do that. I still put my dishes and glasses in upper wall cabinets as I feel they are easier to access with no bending and closer to eye level and fairly light.
In laying out my cabinets, there was a 9" space left over next to the fridge, no matter how we re-arranged.

While you store the items you want out of sight in the closed shelf, the glasses, dinnerware and utensils you want to display go into the open shelving section.
But, the area above the fridge is a great use of space & I can always store the small items elsewhere. I use those dish stacking removal racks for dishes I use for guest get togethers as I can take out the whole stack at once. We didn't necessarily design it so that it is removable, but it ended up that way, since I didn't plan it ahead and we added it later. I would never consider placing them flat in a drawer, and yes, drawer space is at a premium. Having an open shelf hanging from the ceiling and utilizing the island in your kitchen is an effective way of maximizing space in your kitchen. I suggest that these type drawers have min 150lb rated slides that are self soft closing so you can bump them closed, make sure the drawers have thick bottoms to prevent warping.Full extension slides is a must. Probably not a huge issue since only clean stuff goes in, but every once in awhile, it could be nice to have that option. Things like square bakers, my Emile Henry ceramic lasagna pan, muffin tins, pie plates and the like are stored horizontally in other cabinets and drawers. Not only is the wall and ceiling hanging pots rack functional in saving space for you, it is also decorative since one or more brightly colored utensils will bring in more brightness into your kitchen.
I would have had to re-arrange my entire layout if I couldn't have found a use for those 9", and it all worked out great.
Even with decorative hooks, you can have your best utensils out in the open without occupying space. Hanging storage is the “hidden” secret to adding more usable and beautiful storage in your kitchen!

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