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The new cabinets, benchtops and gloss doors came from Kaboodle Kitchen, while the oven, cooktop, rangehood and dishwasher were from Everdure. Peter's tips will make sure you stay friends with the most-used appliance in your home: the fridge! Little Changes, Large Difference: How to Make your Kitchen or Bath More Appealing and Not have to Break your Bank or Back to Do So. In the upcoming year of 2015, kitchens will be getting a new makeover to go along with the new year. When it comes to cabinetry there will always be things you wish you could display for your guest to see, as well as items you feel would be better left hidden. One of the most Influential looks for 2015 kitchens will be the mixture between old and new.
Walls and furniture are not the only things getting a new twist to their designs, in 2015 we will see new kitchen trends take new heights…that is the kitchen ceilings.
One color that will be in a wide array of kitchens all around the world is the color black. While there are many trends and ideas about how to change  cabinet deigns or colors for 2015.
Repetitive patterns, whether they be tile, wallpaper, paint, etc, are a thing of the future. The last trend prediction in kitchen for 2015 is an oldie but a goody, this is the Shaker Style. Miguel makes a traditional Canadian dessert, Barry teaches some DIY tricks and Amanda visits her wax figure at Madame Tussauds Sydney. While this can be seen in some kitchens, kitchens all over will become more of a place to eat, talk, and cook and not just a work station. Say goodbye to boring plain white walls or standard paint jobs, and say hello to new creative designs for wallpapering your kitchen.

With people constantly wanting either more updated and modern kitchens for their apartments or people wanting traditional old fashioned like kitchen designs for their homes it was only a matter of time before these two design ideas came together.
Kitchen ceilings will no longer be something to ignore or look up at only to be talking to god about how well you hope your dinner turns out. Stone materials like granite and natural marble will be back again to give your counters and back splashes a shine and nice feel to them. Black is a very sleek color that Is going to be keeping your kitchen classy and is meant to make that kind of a statement. They may not be as important when thinking about the new open space trend that will be coming to a kitchen nearest you in the next upcoming year. Motifs that display elegance and repetitiveness in there patterns are predicted to be a part of trendy kitchen walls and ceilings all over. 2015 is predicted to be a year where one of the kitchen trends will be a kitchen diverse in not only nature, but culture as well. More furniture styles seating and dining areas as well as cabinetry will be introduced to kitchens.
Wood will also be in a nature form for finishes that help give table tops or cabinets a more natural look.
One way to incorporate black into your kitchen is to take a large part of the kitchen such as counter tops or cabinets and have them be the color black.
The patterns will be on everything from wall coverings to tiles to plywood panels to even door inserts.
Besides the more natural looks of the wooden table tops or dusty shades of mustard yellow and royal blue color schemes, cultures of Native Americans and bold Moroccan pallets will be placed in these natural kitchen designs as well.
Fit for mainly cabinets and ceilings this is one way to help make your kitchen not just interesting to cook in, but to just  be in as well. For 2015 though, it is suggested that people use this on their cupboard door’s  paneling.

This shelving choice will not just be for display purposes, but like traditional use for cabinets, it will still be for storage purposes. Old cabinets will be replaced with modern designs,but wooden kitchen furniture will still be a part of everything while being mixed with materials such as marble or stainless steel when it comes to the counter tops or cabinetry. If other aspects of your kitchen are white, this can create a very cool and stylish contrast in design. This all depends on your kitchen and what you specifically need, but when it comes to new trends and when wanting a more spacious kitchen, I would not dismiss this idea.
Kitchen back splashes are the most beneficial from this trend by the patterns helping to accent the back splash area. Even if you do not want as many cultural or natural elements in your kitchen, you can still add a natural element such as flooring or accent painting your wall a certain color to help bring that natural feel to your kitchen, just without all the decor. Open spacing makes the kitchen feel more friendly and welcoming, but also helps with having the kitchen still be functional and organized for the cooks benefit. You may find wallpapering not just on your kitchen walls, but cabinets and ceilings as well.
So whether it be adding  a few open windows for a modern twist, or just a classy chandelier and light displays for a more traditional feel, your ceiling may become a new part of your kitchen you will be proud to show off. Some motifs designs will probably be influenced by different cultures and countries like the Turkish and other Middle Eastern cultures. Open spacing can also be used for not just displaying want you want people to see, but be organized to hide ingredients or cooking instruments we do not want out in plain sight.
The mixture is a balance between the old and new, which could even symbolically, help to represent the new year.

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