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Keeping that in mind it may come as no surprise that I was told it wasn’t going to work out at Scullery Made – after my first day!
He is concerned because about 2 years ago I started collecting red antique kitchen utensils to hang on our kitchen wall. Being Christmas we have been in the East and West of Victoria, and all the antique shops in all the towns we have passed through. Just pop your email address here to receive notifications from Bernice when she posts something new! Last-minute bookings, rushed catering jobs, custom cocktail menus, and, oh yes, a never ending array of seasonal sweets in all shapes and sizes. If you want the multi-purpose convenience of both steam and heat in an oven this year, move Baxter’s Hybrid Convection to the top of your holiday wish list. Blacksmith, conceptual artist, jewelry-maker, sculptor: Martin Kastner is obviously a man of multi-disciplinary talent, a fact Grant Achatz tapped into when he coupled up with Kastner to design for Alinea.
Their Protein Processing System might have taken away the gold—or one of the golds—at the ICC 2011 Innovator Awards, but that doesn’t mean chefs shouldn’t get giddy over the Unified Brands Sous Vide Table. Waste management systems might not be the sexiest items on the professional kitchen wish list, but they’re easily among the most important. With temperature stability guaranteed within hundredths of a degree Fahrenheit and pre-programmable settings for meat, fish, and poultry, the FusionChef Immersion Circulator by Julabo is like a marriage of accuracy and accessibility—exactly the kind of tool you’ll want to have in a busy professional kitchen.
Waring Commercial’s new WFP14SC Combination Food Processor is the culinary equivalent of a fish flopping its fins out on land—and not just in the liquid-meets-dry sense.
Even the mere words “sewer blockage” could scare your diners (and employees) away for months.
There are a lot of benefits to installing a Berkel 330M Heritage Prosciutto Slicer, but we’re fans of one of the less obvious ones—it’s like vintage and top-of-the-line, all in one. From the reigning kings of professional restaurant blending comes BarBoss Advance, which, as per its name, is a combination of Vitamix’s macho blending technology and the all the requirements of the of the savvy mixologist. If you’re going for the multi-purpose impact of a combi oven this year, Blodgett’s BCP series could easily win your holiday heart. Our dream kitchen would have all of the tools we’ve highlighted and more—but tight budgets and close quarters make it tough for even the luckiest on Santa’s list to fill up their kitchens with the best goods.
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See his business planning and layout recommendations in a past story called “Should you build a commercial kitchen?” Be sure your business plan included the cost of operational labor. Great Commercial Kitchen Equipment – This Spring we complete a Target P-Fresh remodel in Florence, KY. Pictures of Bruce Hall remodel of Kitchen and Dining Hall on Commercial Kitchen Equipment Pictures. Scullery Made sold top shelf cooking utensils imported from Europe, and stocks close to 4000 different items. My husband could give you a detailed description of how much fun he has had while I search these stores for red cooking utensils – thank god for the cricket test match broadcast on the radio, it makes staying in the car and waiting for me enjoyable bearable for him!

I am yet to hang these new items on the wall, and find a name and purpose for some of them – if only Scullery Made produced a Kitchen Utensil Dictionary with images. Jade Custom Islands are exactly what they sound like—multi-purpose kitchen islands custom-designed by the good people at Jade in close coordination with the chef. Baxter has taken the hard core power of their original convection oven and added an advanced airflow system (guaranteeing even cooking) and a patent pending steam system (for balanced moisture), creating a powerful, versatile tool primed to stand up to the toughest of tasks. And with their XP Series, they’ve put together one of the most “all-bases-covered” tabletop vacuum chambers out there.
To date, Czech-born, Chicago native Kastner has produced over 40 designs for the restaurant, ranging from the website to the wine list to the service ware, creating a pervasive aesthetic that goes to the very heart of Alinea’s inimitable brand.
Three timers can be started separately from each other, so if and when things inevitably become hectic, you’ll still have control over what’s been cooking, and for how long. It’s a step in the evolution of kitchen equipment, largely thanks to the LiquiLock™ Sealed System—a fully sealed batch bowl and blade that allow for processing large amounts of liquids while you (separately, and simultaneously) process dry ingredients.
And yet both high and low-volume restaurants produce enough oil, grease, and particulate waste to do some serious damage to their drainage systems.
A 120-year-later recreation of Wilhelm Van Berkel’s original efficiency-slicing revelation, the Italian-made Heritage Prosciutto Slicer brings Berkel’s fundamental commitment to quality front and center. I chose red because I have a fondness for a splash of red in my decor at home, and if I only collected one colour it made the hunt more challenging.
The steam system cuts out the pain of system-flushing—giving interns a break from cleaning and freeing them up for some garlic peeling, perhaps—while the “Quick Set” control offers four baking settings and conveniently holds up to 90 recipes, letting you fine-tune every step of the cooking process. Customizable chamber and lid height anticipate the inevitable variety of products coming through your kitchen (hot, cold, and liquid), which it vacuums—courtesy of a Busch or DVP vacuum pump—at a pace of 2 to 3 cycles per minute. And now Steelite International has partnered with Kastner to bring the uniquely designed plates and glasses ware to the market. And a core temperature sensor and alarm pays attention to your product even when you can’t. Fortunately, the team at Goslyn created a grease management system that not only has no moving parts (i.e. NSF-certified and equipped with Berkel’s patented friction-reducing, chromium-plated concave knife edge and low-resistance flywheel, the slicer allows for quick and easy production of consistently thin slices.
Six program buttons make it easier to ensure consistent, efficient blending, and a powerful ≈2 peak HP output motor can tackle the thickest of concoctions, without worry of overheating. Customize it even further with 15 recipes catalogues (not to mention a USB connection to back up them up) that can be organized into categories. Be sure you have The demand for commercial kitchen appliances has shot up significantly, with rising number of restaurants and banquets, traders have said.
Item descriptions and a bid form may be found on the Office of Facilities The folks over at Food Service Warehouse are celebrating the announcement of their Certified Green Commercial Kitchens program by announcing a green commercial kitchen contest, with $40,000 worth of kitchen equipment and supplies going to the winner.
And its sleek 34-inch tall design makes it an oven that can fit into the smallest of kitchens, guaranteeing success even when you’re short on space.
An electronic millibar sensor measures the precise vacuum level, 100 customizable programs work with your kitchen, and a built-in labeling system means you won’t ever forget what you’ve vacuumed in the rush of prep.

Designs are inspired by a combination of nature (think rolling hills, wide open pastures, and the subtle nuance of grooves and shadows) and an attentive, playful nod to functionality and the unique requirements of modern cuisine.
A refrigerated tabletop has room for several packets at a time, and a built in vacuum chamber makes for quick and easy processing. But with this collision of centrifuge technology and the golden-brown goodness of deep frying (or boiling, if you prefer), the problem of over-fried, oil-saturated product may very well be a thing of the past.
A locked blade (for safer pouring) and three cutting-edge patented accessory discs—a sealed whipping disc to create homemade whipped creams and butters in seconds, an adjustable slicing disc with 16 thicknesses that can be switched on the fly, and a reversible shredding disc with two shredding sizes in one—make this a utilitarian dream.
Its efficiency might make it seem like it belongs in the back of the house, but a deep red finish makes the slicer ideal for front of house installation.
The bow on top of the whole thing is a self-cleaning system that uses a minimal amount of water and chemicals, and an accurate semi-automatic de-liming system (it pumps in the precise amount of solution necessary), keeping your maintenance costs nice and low.
Controls are simple—and the digital display is water resistant—so you can focus your attention on the important part: transforming your perfectly vacuumed, safely sealed, properly labeled product into great cuisine. Dual Polyscience circulation baths allow for simultaneous temperature-controlled chilling and cooking (or cooking and cooking, depending on demand). The beauty of the SPIN FRESH technology is that it’s simple and adjustable to all variety of products.
The process centers around an immiscible liquid separator operating under hydro-static pressure that removes both the grease and oil as well as any solid debris that gets past drain baskets. Karlsson also believes that having a smaller kitchen as well as it being his own restaurant made him pay extra For over 30 years, Comcater has been behind the inspiring stories of Australian foodservice businesses, helping them achieve their catering vision and bringing great menus to life. And in the (inevitable) event you need to cook a lot at once, sub-heaters will act as temperature back-up, preventing any influx of chilled product from swaying the bath temperature. After giving your product a conventional deep fry or boil, the basket raises it out of the liquid and spins according to your programmed speed and time, removing all excess liquid. All brands Comcater represent incorporate cutting-edge technology, quality Evaluate energy efficiency for both equipment and staff.
A built in four-in-one FX Series refrigerator allows for rapid chilling, rapid thawing, refrigeration, and freezing—all of it oh-so-conveniently ice-free. The result is a consistent product that completely sidesteps the oily, burnt, and otherwise devastating mishaps of the conventional deep fry station. Custom colors and a generally attractive design (okay, you’re gonna want to show it off) give it as much fashion as function.
A four-year warranty (compared to the standard one or two) lowers cost of ownership and maintenance, and a decade-long (at least) shelf life means once you’ve designed your custom island, you can sit back and relax. Strategically placing cooking equipment so that The decades-old ProProcess, recently rechristened ProLuxe, manufactures Commercial Kitchen Equipment for a a Steve is an equipment genius.
He understands the new formula for custom pizza and built the prototypes and had the equipment ready.

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