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Assorted vintage copper pots and pans with brass handles, different sizes and makers, an estate lot of miscellaneous pieces. We recently came into the possession of two lovely hand-hammered frying pans, which both bore a stamp that isn’t seen that often these days. It’s hard to say without examining the pieces in person, as the quality of the copper and age of the pan have a large impact on the final price.
Do you know if they ever stamped the hotel name on the pieces that were made for or sold to certain French hotels? While I don’t know if Jacquotot offered this as a service for copper products bought from their store, I have come across plenty of copperware with hotel and sometimes restaurant names stamped into the pans.
We will use this space in the future to give you more in-depth information on the history of antique French kitchenware, some of the stories behind famed manufacturers and of course updates about new antiques that we’ve added to our shop. Jacquotot was a company that specialized in supplying the grand hotels, the restaurants and the kitchens of the great mansions of Paris from the turn of the last century.

Jacquotot company, which carried the entire range of products available for purchase at that time. On page 8 we discovered the pans we had procured, listed as a sauteuse evasee  and a plat a sauter respectively, available in sizes ranging from 16 to 40 centimeters. In the first decades of the 1900s they grew into one of the country’s leading suppliers of culinary equipment. We managed to procure a copy and it’s great to go through it and look at the enormous variety of items available. You can find them at these two links provided, historic reminders of the esteemed company created by J.
I’m glad you like the site and adding a manufacturers-tab is definitely something to consider once we get more content in the blog.
We’d heard of it before, but wanted to know more about its history so we set out to do some research.

Their original store premises were located at 128-130 Rue de Grenelle, in the fashionable 7th arrondissement, which was the address engraved on the pans we had found.
From dog-shaped ice cream molds to large ice boxes and even an almost six-feet high machine that could be used for beating 90 – 100 egg whites. At a later date (we weren’t able to establish exactly when this happened), the company moved further away from the center, to 77 Rue Damesme, at the southern edge of Paris.

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