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In a long green restaurant with a huge pizza oven, the Bone Daddies team have given this sad Soho joint a lick of Japanese cool – bare brick walls, green booths and a rock and roll sound track. The menu is short and sweet, the concept being to bring us a flavour of what’s hot in Japan right now, and that’s not sad sushi on a conveyer belt!
The USDA beef pincanha, which was cooked in the pizza oven, was sliced thinly and served with unctuous umami sauce. Fried potatoes (I know sounds dull, but think again) with a homemade Japanese curry sauce were killer.

Desserts, well there was only one; soft serve green tea ice cream that was bright green with just the right hint of bitterness.
The menu will change regularly, with talk of whole fish and suckling piggys going into that oven and getting the full Shackfuyu make over.
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Yellow tail sashimi tostadas were a little too lemony, but the red mullet nanban style was epic.

It came with French toast that had been sweetened with kinako, a sweet Japanese soybean flour that gave it a light crunchy texture.
It came as an okonomiyaki (pancake), with the prawny layer on top and some sauces zigzagged over everything.

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