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The shop is pretty basic in it's design and feels cozy just like the other Pan Mee shops around. Fish Head Noodle Pan Mee- Similar to that of Fish Head Noodle the soup is very clear tasting and there is a fresh fish sweetness in the taste which many fish head lovers would know. Lor Pan Mee- Perhaps a more common choice, the broth is not as thick as the original Lor Mee mainly because the thickness will affect the way the noodle turns out and could generally make the whole meal soggy.*thumbs up* for the chef for noticing this.

To add to the already fine tasting Pan Mee, this greenish grounded chili makes the meal even more appetizing.
The Variety of Pan Mee bases are the main attraction so you can be sure there is something for everyone! The special thing about this restaurant as to other Pan Mee places that are all over the place now is the variety it brings.

You get at least ten types of different soup based and ways to eat with Pan Mee, from Herbal Soup, to Fish Head Soup.

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