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Scanpan is the first to market manufacturer of nonstick cookware certified PFOA free, so it’s safe for you and your environment. The 5-layer clad-aluminum construction means heat is distributed evenly and efficiently without creating hotspots.
All Scanpan cookware is oven safe to 500°F and has a lifetime factory warranty to not peel, blister or warp. The superbly engineered Scanpan Classic Frying Pan Non-Stick cookware Ceramic Titanium 26cm has excellent Greentek non-stick technology and guaranteed even heat distribution. Scanpan cookware uses patented ceramic titanium technology, combined with unique GreenTek coating resulting in an innovative, yet highly effective, non-stick coating.
Promising successful cooking along with even heat distribution and rapid heating, resulting in less oil being required during cooking.

Made in Denmark from 100% recycled pressure cast aluminium which is hard wearing and will not warp or buckle. Scanpan titanium and GreenTek non-stick coating is 100% PFOA and PFOS free and extremely hard wearing, meaning that metal utensils can be used. This coating also provides maximum sustainability and perfect heat distribution as well as heating up rapidly.
The Scanpan Frying Pan?s aluminium body is superb at retaining heat, so cooking on a high heat is unnecessary with Scanpan. Due to the unique non-stick coating layers, heat is distributed evenly, meaning that very little oil is required during cooking.
Also, the non-stick coating creates very easy cleaning, so use of a dishwasher isn?t required; we recommend washing with warm, soapy water whilst the pan is still warm for best results.

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