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And now, almost 10 years and thousands of meals later, I’m just as happy with my decision to switch to cast iron as I was the day I purchased my pans from Ace Hardware. If you randomly look through my posts on Bay Area Bites, you’ll see my cast iron pans used over and over. One issue that seems to keep some people away from using cast iron pans is the fact that you have to season or cure them if they’re new.
Once a pan is initially seasoned, I like to cook something that requires a lot of oil to make sure it really gets thoroughly lubricated and heated. My tried and true method for cleaning my pans is to simply add some water to them after cooking my meals and then let them sit while we eat. Remember these pans are quite heavy, so if you’re unable to handle the heft, this may not be the pan for you. Hi Wendy — These pans last forever, so purchasing vintage cast iron is a great suggestion.
Hi Kristina — do you use only salt after making something with a lot of oil or grease (like fish and chips or bacon)?
One consideration before investing in a collection of cast iron ware is regarding stove-top-to-oven practicality. There are some documented concerns with cast iron wares than originate in developing countries because of possible high lead and other heavy metal content. Hi Rebecca — I doubt the skillet needs to be thrown out, but it sounds like you need to perform a little work on it.
I have two cast iron items that I love, a double-burner griddle and a 10″ skillet (both Lodge branded, purchased from a woman at the Ashby flea market who seems to specialize in cast iron).
Question: I recently went to a flea market and purchased a extremely rusted cast iron pan cake skillet.
I never knew that cast iron pan should be seasoned first before using not until i read your article. I remember seeing Julia Child telling her audience to use hot water and mild soap then put it on the stove to dry. About Bay Area BitesBay Area Bites (BAB), KQED's public media food blog, feeds you visually compelling food-related stories, news, recipes and reviews from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Free wireless controller with the purchase of set of two single element Bromic patio heaters. Natural Luxurious Enameled Cast Iron Kitchen Pan is one of inspiring ideas, right placement and right decor makes this Kitchen presents a comely design.
There's no need for a non-stick pan when you have a well-seasoned cast iron pan that's used and cared for properly.
To ensure a better experience on our site, we recommend using a recent version of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Cast iron’s ability to evenly radiate and distribute heat makes it the perfect tool for searing.
As anyone who has made eggs using an aluminum pan knows, they have a tendency to stick to the surface of the pan, which is messy and frustrating to clean.
From sauteing zucchini and broccoli on the stove top to roasting cauliflower, Brussells sprouts and root vegetables in the oven, my pans cook vegetables beautifully.
Cast iron is naturally porous so if it isn’t treated, moisture will settle into the metal and the pan will rust. As you’ll see, the only thing stopping you from using a new pan is a little vegetable oil and about 1 hour of baking time.

Turn off the oven and then either let the pan cool down inside or, with an oven mitt, remove the pan and set on the stovetop to cool. Fish and chips or fried chicken is a great choice as you need to heat your pan thoroughly with oil for an extended period of time.
By the time I’m ready to clean up, everything has loosened up and the pans are easy to clean.
If you want to make sure it’s completely dry, you can also heat it on the stove for a bit to help evaporate any leftover moisture. And, because the entire pan is made of cast iron, everything (including the handle) becomes quite hot when the pan is heated, so be careful not to burn yourself. When I was at Sutter’s Fort last week for a school field trip with my daughters I was eyeing the old cast iron in the historic kitchen and wishing I could take one of the pots or dutch ovens home with me as they looked perfectly seasoned.
It’s a semi-durable coating that comes between the air that would rust the iron and food that would otherwise stick to and possibly react with the iron.
If you have a smallish oven, a convection oven, or one that has a moving turn table, the long handles like those on fry pans can interfere with the fit in the oven. Thanks for mentioning the long handles on other stove-to-oven pans as this has always been an issue for me with my large Calphalon pan (and my oven is not necessarily small). I *think* it occurs when the oil doesn’t get hot enough during cooking (but am not sure about this).
Here's how to do it.My favourite kitchen tool is an old cast iron frying pan that my dad gave me years ago.
From chicken to steaks, zucchini to eggplant, and biscuits to corn bread, my mom’s cast iron pans were in continual use.
Seasoning the pan seals the iron, creating a blackish patina that is perfect for heating and is also non-stick. For ten years I have cleaned my cast iron pans with mild dishwashing detergent and then scrubbed lightly with a kitchen sponge. Just remember not to let the pans sit with water in them for more than a half hour or they may start to rust.
From Williams-Sonoma and Sur la Table to Target, Amazon, and your local hardware store, these pans are available pretty much any place selling kitchen equipment.
If you prepare strongly acidic foods like tomato sauces or sauces with vinegar, wine, lemon and other citrus juices, chances are fairly high that the seasoning will get stripped off right down to bare iron again. Many cast iron wares can be found with round shapes, short and modified handles better fitted to a small oven. Buying cast iron wares that have some warranty of food safety might be a reasonable consideration. Concerning cooking acidic foods, however, I have to say that I regularly make tomato-based sauces (such as marinara) in my cast iron and the seasoning has never worn off.
In the past, I have just scrubbed it off using kosher salt and the scouring side of my regular kitchen sponge (which isn’t very harsh) and then oiled the area afterward. The designer has put together this Trendy interpretation of Natural Luxurious Enameled Cast Iron Kitchen Pan inspired by contemporary Kitchen design and beautiful Kitchen Islands, representing a Trendy concept. Yet when I grew up, moved out, and started my own kitchen, I somehow forgot about my cast-iron roots. From scrambled to sunny side up, cast iron cooks my eggs perfectly every time and requires very little clean up. If something really gets stuck in there, I set the pan on the stove, add a bit of water, and heat until the water starts to boil.

Acidic liquids can take on a distinctly metallic taste and might be better cooked in something other than cast iron.
As I’m a bit sentimental, I think taking the steps to remove the rust and re-season is worth your time. After purchasing and then cooking with some thinly constructed aluminum pans, I felt the need to register for fancy pans when I got married. I then gently scrape the bottom of the pan with a wooden spatula until the remnants release. I like to keep mine in the oven or even on top of the stove, but any place that avoids moisture is fine. Iron is also highly reactive to the sulfur compounds in garlic, onions and in various detergents.
As for the lead concern, I think this has mostly been an issue with cast iron made in other countries. Natural Luxurious Enameled Cast Iron Kitchen Pan has decorate with inspiring feeling, merge the fresh and striking style can be makes inspiring Kitchen though on a cramped scale. After a few smoky hours of rubbing the hot iron with lard and baking it on, the pan was finally ready. My sister generously gave us an enormous set of Calphalon, but after a year or two of fretting about cleaning them properly and making sure they never went in the dishwasher or got scratched, I finally remembered there was a much simpler alternative. These items will react differently in cast iron than with less reactive materials unless there is a very solid seasoning coating. From what I can tell, Lodge (the only US manufacturer of cast iron pans) makes cookware that is very safe to use so I would recommend sticking with that brand.
And, if for some reason you do need to thoroughly scour your pan, you can always just re-season it again. I’ve experienced that rinsing cast iron with hot water before food residue can dry and crust over is all that is needed. Long gone is the Teflon pan I used to have, with its sketchy-looking scrapes and missing chunks of non-stick coating. For accidents, a good soak with hot water inside the pan and plastic scrappers will get them clean.
I don’t miss it at all because the cast iron pan, if used properly, works just as well as a non-stick one. If you have some stubborn food, add a bit of water and heat until it softens, then use a stiff plastic brush to rub it, since that won’t destroy the seasoned surface.2.
The acidity eats away the seasoning and leaves you with a brand new-looking pan, which is pretty but not the look you want. Always dry it over a low burner, then re-season with a quick wipe of shortening or vegetable oil on a cloth or paper towel before storing.All of this may sound like a lot of extra work, but the result is worthwhile.
You’ll have an amazingly flexible pan that can sear, saute, simmer, bake, and broil, and you’ll feel better knowing that your family is eating food prepared in an all-natural, non-toxic way.

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