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In the process of how to pack pots and pans there are a few easy steps to make it a fairly smooth project. Your pots, pans, and other heavy metal cooking gadgets should be wrapped in paper and loaded at the bottom of any box. Once you have a layer of stuff in the box, put some paper on top before you start packing other items.
Once your box is finished you should label it with the room, contents and any special notes.
Wondering how many boxes, rolls of tape, packing peanuts, another other packing materials you will need? The top and bottom racks move independently for easy access to both the top and bottom racks, just like a dishwasher.
I combined three cabinets worth of messy overflowing pots and pans into this one, organized, easily accessible space.
Depending on your cabinet layout, you can mount it on the bottom, back, side or all three for total stability.
They are very well made and you can tell the creators really put a lot of thought into the design and thought about everything. Rev-A-Shelf 2-Tier Pullout Cookware Organizer — We got ours from our local Lowes store.
I am currently having the plans drawn up to GUT my 70’s kitchen for new cabinets, and these ideas got PINNED!!!
Can I just respectfully ask ONE thing though…why do you feel the need to tweet about the blog post 5 times?? Hmm… Do you have it stacked vertically, like the one on the bottom left of this picture?
I just finished a mini makeover of my daughter’s condo galley kitchen and we really did find some better organization opened up a lot of space for her. Organizing your pots and pans can be a daunting task to tackle in your kitchen, because they are all so big and unwieldy.
It's simple, especially when I'm showing some of these other methods for storing and organizing pots and pans, but just placing them in your kitchen cabinets can work quite well.You can see that from the picture above, from a reader, Adamilka.
If you want to keep your pots and pans in a cabinet, instead of hanging up or on the wall another possibility is to use a roll out pots and pan drawer such as the one shown above.This alleviates one of the major problems with keeping these items in a low cabinet, reaching the stuff that gets stuck way back in the back. Catalina from At Home, At Work, At Play shared a picture of her decluttered kitchen.Notice on the side of the photo, on the wall though, how she stores her pots and pans, hanging directly on the wall.
Heidi also shared her picture on the Household Management 101 page, and it's great!She explained that she got this idea from Pinterest, and she converted a 6 drawer dresser to hold her cooking pots.

Adrienne says:When we downsized to a much smaller home my kitchen suddenly became cramped and I realized I had to get rid of some items that were not used often. Bry from Team Collard also took this week's challenge and really rocked it!I was so impressed with her before and after pictures, especially the one where her husband made her a homemade pot rack! You may want to double tape the bottom of the box as it will be heavier than your average box after loading it with pots and pans. As we discussed in our article on how to pack a kitchen, wrapping these heavy items will decrease the risk of damage to other items within the same box. An Oregon native, he enjoys finding new creative ways to move boxes, exploring new ways to enhance his team, along with playing piano and visiting Bend with his friends and dog Riley.
It comes with extra dividers so you can put in as many or as few as you want, making any sized slots you need for truly customized storage. They had everything I was looking for — easily accessible, adjustable, room for my biggest pots and pans, and even a place for the lids.
Pinning for when I get to re-do my kitchen…or just for when I get my act together to reorganize the one I have now. When we tackle the kitchen remodel in spring I’m gonna totally redo my kitchen organization! The reason is looks so great though is because it isn't too cluttered, and not too many are being shoved into this small space.
I use cup hooks to hang, and lids rest on a wire shelf."You can also use a pegboard for this same concept, like another reader, Chris, did. However, my cookbooks were something I was not willing to compromise on, and my pots and pans were a mess. You can pack other lighter items into the box to fill space without adding too much weight. If the box is heavier than ~35lbs you may want to label it heavy to prevent any injury during the moving process. Pots, pans, and lids have always been a never-ending battle in my kitchen cabinets, but NO MORE!!
It seems like you just have to take everything out of the cabinets, get the one pan you need, and then put everything back in again. Here's my article on how to declutter pots and pans, which lists 6 questions you should ask yourself when culling your cookware collection to make sure you're only keeping what is necessary.Below I've gathered a collection of hall of fame submissions from readers who've done this organizing mission as part of Kitchen Cabinet Organization Challenge. The thing to remember though is that these pots are then seen and on display, all the time. To fix this issue, she explained, "Extra are downstairs in basement storage but I don't have many."She did strategically also use some organizers in the cabinet though to keep things neater.

It's the same principle without having to have custom cabinetry work done.Here's another example from a reader, Jen. Dresser was a curbside freebie!" I keep saying if you're handy and crafty you can have such beautiful stuff in your home for cheap! For Christmas, my father-in-law and my husband created and built a beautiful cabinet to go in a small amount of wasted space in the kitchen to utilize it better and free up storage space over the stove for less used items.
The lids can be wrapped together but be careful if you have glass lids to protect them properly. If you want to make a very heavy box it will be important to use a dish pack box instead of a medium box to add structural integrity. But with mine being a lower cabinet, I’d still have to get down on my hands and knees and crane my neck to see under the cabinet any time I wanted to hook or unhook a pan. Now, do you have a Tupperware organizing idea that doesn’t involve nesting all of the bowls so that when my kids (and I) put the dishes away they (we) do it right?
As you'll see as you scroll down they've used a variety of method to get the job done, but if they work that's really all that matters!I will point out that with whatever method you choose you need to think about not only where you'll store the pans and pots, but also the lids. The pots and pans were more of a challenge, but they went to a home improvement store and purchased pull out shelving and installed it in two areas in my kitchen to make it easier to get to items, and to properly store my pots and pans and their matching lids.
Often times the lids are forgotten in the organizing rush, but being able to match them up quickly with the pot you choose is important for convenience while cooking.Remember too, that once you've become inspired and do this task yourself I'd also love for you to share your before and after pictures with me here and I might just add your accomplishments to the hall of fame as well! It has made my life so much easier already!Taylor says:Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures with me Adrienne. On the other hand some people have some very high quality pots and pans, such as copper ones or beautiful shiny stainless steel, or cast iron, etc.
You have a wonderful family to help your organize kitchen cabinets and make more storage space for everything to fit better.I was wondering what type of organizer you are using for your pot lids? She says:The lid storage system is one that stores the lids from smallest to largest starting in the front. These can be good for people who didn't have much cabinet space to begin with, since this storage is on the back of a door.Lee-Anne also put some pots and pans, and their lids, on a kitchen cart she purchased for the space, which added some much needed extra storage for her kitchen.Great job in your organizing Lee-Anne!

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