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I come from a long line of gardeners and have always love to experiment with food and recipes.
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You’ve passed by the refrigerated case of fresh pastas a hundred times in the grocery store.
Put the lid back on that sauce because I’ve got a list full of delicious, creative recipes to make with store-bought tortellini.

This Tortellini, Asparagus, & Roasted Eggplant Soup is a simple, comforting dinner that will stick to your ribs. Posted in Uncategorized and tagged appetizer, bake, casserole, cheese, cook, dinner, food, Pasta, Recipe, tortellini, vegetarian. There is no point in spending the time to make an enormous gingerbread village if all you have room for is a tiny 9″ sized cottage. If you make the seams first and let the icing harden in place before you start on the other decorations, it will be much more sturdy.

Maybe you got home and wondered what the heck to do with it besides pour a jar of store-bought sauce on top.

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