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Do you use a dry microfiber cloth or do you dampen it with water first before you put the vinegar on? So you apply the vinegar and then dampen the cloth or do you apply the vinegar to a damp cloth? Actually vinegar works 2 ways in deodorizing the room too so the smell thing is actually a good thing. I tried it as soon as I saw your pist, however the stubborn ones on the kitchen faucet didn’t come off.
You might have to let the vinegar sit on the surface for a little bit first – saturate a cloth or paper towel with the vinegar.
Vinegar does so much we should have a third faucet installed in our kitchens–for vinegar on tap!

Q: I recently received a Cuisinart stainless steel roasting rack and after baking a chicken in it, I have been unable to get it clean.
Editor: Carolyn, we've had good luck cleaning stainless steel cookware with Bar Keepers Friend, an inexpensive cleaner that is mildly abrasive. Anjali is a former private chef who is currently a full-time nutrition student, with plans to become a registered dietitian. I put a bowl of vinegar in my son’s room because his clothes made the room smell like smoke. We just bought a house with stainless steal and my husband and I thought we were going to go crazy trying to keep them clean.
I have used paper towels with the stainless steel cleaner I have but I’d love to change to vinigar if possible.

NO odor, softest clothes and my laundry smells fresh and clean when I take them out of the washer.
I hesitate to use harsh cleaners or serious scrubbing because I don't want to scrape and damage it, but it's driving me crazy! I put a bowl of vinegar in my son’s room because his clothes smelled like smoke all the time.

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