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We carry a wide selection of Merit Metal hinges for furniture, cabinets, doors and anything else you can think of. The homeowners wanted a classic white kitchen but didn’t want the ubiquitous stark white and polished nickel elements.
If you’re looking for classic kitchen design ideas, this kitchen should get you very inspired.
Stunning custom hood and a durable range brings character and beauty to this off-white kitchen.
Range base drawers have pull-outs left and right, one for oils and cooking and the other for cookie sheets and trays. Blue Palisdro marble was chosen to complement the earthy blue tones in the adjacent family room. We will cut negative sources and we will not allow others to bring negativity into our lives. I thank you for this year we spent together and I pray that we can share another year full of inspiration, dreams and realizations.

What an amazing kitchen – love the stools and great desk area – Thank you for all of the beautiful inspiration this year, sweet friend and wishing you and your precious family a healthy, happy and prosperous new year!! Your posts have been so inspiring in helping to make those many decisions while building my new home! I love the eating nook it so inviting to relax with coffee and catch up with great blogs like yours!!! All Merit hinges are made in the USA from the finest quality brass in a variety of finishes. Interior designer, Heidi Piron,┬ákept everything fresh and new by incorporating several shades of white into the design.
Microwave & TV are placed behind retractable doors in a wall cabinets to the right of range.
My advice if that you keep the finishes consistent and don’t mix more than three kind of metals. And we will forgive ourselves and others, because we will know that we’re all here to learn.

Keep in mind that it’s very trendy right now to mix finishes and they can look great, just like see in the picture above. I lost one of the most important person in my life this year (my grandmother) and somehow I feel ready to move into 2015. The All-Refrigerator and All-Freezer on opposite sides of range virtually disappear behind the door panels. It’s a white that works beautifully in almost every light condition and complements other colors easily.

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