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Often when you eat a€?fish and chipsa€™ you might add tartare sauce which adds more fat to your food.
Enjoy!**TIP- when you eat this meal the ginger and shallots easily take you to next level and taste light and fresh. Find our most popular healthy Japanese meal ideas and enjoy creating your own Japanese food today! This month in our feature healthy cooking class chef Eiko Takahashi will be teaching us healthy Japanese dishes made from scratch. Beside quenching thirst, water has remedial effect, purifies organism and removes negative energy. Japanese traditional medicine recommends to drink water just after awakening because its natural health benefits. According to the Japanese water therapy, treatment with water needs to be conducted on regular basis: in the morning, before brushing teeth, it is recommended to drink 4 glasses of water (4x160ml) what means 640ml of it.

Japanese water therapy do not have any negative effects and it is good to take it during the whole life because of condition and overall good state of organism. Eiko is originally from Japan but is a certified Thai Chef from Wandee Culinary School in Bangkok. Japanese water therapy is well-known from old times that drinking water is generally very good for health. Frequent showering, especially swimming remove stress, relay the muscles and nerves and removes negative energy. They will be surprised at the high quality of the food and flavours and that it tastes just like restaurant food. Since 2009 she has been teaching Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese home cooking groups and giving private classes in Shanghai.
Japanese treating with water gives good results in treating many illnesses and it is officially approved as natural remedy in cases of meningitis, diabetes, gastritis, headache, asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, epilepsy, other pains in the body, heart problems, fat in the blood, kidney diseases and urinary pathways, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation bowel, hemorrhoids, eye disease, ears, nose and throat, uterus, cancer and menstrual disorder.

After this period, it is recommended to eat breakfast normally and than to stop with eating for the next 2 hours. I have plenty more quick easy healthy meals to share with you that have delicious Japanese flavours.There are many quick easy healthy meals at your finger tip, you just need to try them!
Her passion is introducing new authentic Asian flavours, fresh herbs and spices into home cooking to make everyone’s daily life richer, healthier and much more enjoyable. Without water is impossible to imagine bloodstream to work sufficiently or to have healthy kidnies, brain, muscles, nervous system, metabolism, regulation of body temperature, proper functioning of joints, skeletal system or successful elimination of harmful substances.

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