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Hopefully it'll look like the mock-up pictures, the blue 3 door version is a good looking car. We've already tried the all-new, second-generation Tiguan on snow, but how does it fare on the road? Porsche's mid-engined roadster gets a new four-cylinder turbo engine, a new name and a host of other changes, but does it still feel as special?
A honlap tovabbi bongeszesevel elfogadod, hogy az sutiket hasznal a szolgaltatas biztositasahoz. Kedden nyilik meg hivatalosan a Genfi Autoszalon, de mar hetfon minden az autokrol szolt a svajci varosban.
The sporty trim is earmarked to run a powered-up version of the company’s turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine.

Also, great to see you'll be able to buy performance versions that don't look like halfords specials. Az Astra K, amely tenyleg fantasztikusan sokat fejlodott, es igy minden idok messze legjobb kompakt Opel modellje lett, ketsegtelenul megerdemli a COTY zsurije altal kiosztott elismerest.
Nemcsak az Ev Autoja dijat osztottak ki, de az Opel vadiuj tanulmanyautojat is megnezhettuk.
The GTC VXR was launched after the previous-generation Astra, in 2012, and is set to continue for the time being.??A GSi trim would offer a more sporty look and set-up than that of the standard Astra but stop short of the full-on appearance and mechanicals of the VXR. Items such as sports suspension, upgraded brakes and more supportive seats are likely, but it will not offer a full limited-slip differential.The new Astra will be available to order from September this year, with the first cars due for delivery by the end of 2015. The GSi version will not be available at launch but it is most likely that it will ?go on sale within the first year of Astra sales.Plus a new Astra VXR plannedA replacement for the Astra VXR is still on the drawing board although it is yet to receive a definitive production go-ahead.

Idealis mereteivel, divatos fellepesevel es kenyelmesen magas ulespoziciojaval jol illik a trendekhez a szubkompakt crossover. Ezt igazolja a tobb mint felmillio megrendeles, amely Europa-szerte a kategoria egyik kedvenceve teszi. E sikertortenetet hivatott folytatni az Opel Mokka X, amely vilagpremierjet epp most, a Genfi Autoszalonon unnepli.

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