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CORROSION RESISTANCE – 1200 alloy is mostly used in the manufacturing of aluminium pots and pans and is highly resistant to most forms of corrosion. HIGH THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY – Aluminium’s thermal conductivity is four times that of steel and eight times that of cast iron and proves extremely useful where applications involving heating and cooling are concerned.
NON-TOXIC & IMPERVIOUS – These qualities have long established their importance in food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries. For the last twentyfive years, Spring’s anniversary linehas been as much a part of good cooking as salt and pepper.

This offers very good corrosion resistance and workability coupled with high ductility in its soft condition, making it the ideal alloy to service the cookware market. The metals natural coating of Aluminium Oxide provides a highly effective barrier to the ravages of air, temperature and moisture. With refreshingly clean and timeless forms, Cristal remains a masterpiece, even after decades of use in countless kitchens. With an extensive selection of professional-quality pots and pans to choose from, women working in the kitchen can be sure of always having the right cookware for the job.

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