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When cooking or baking, you might have wondered “what's the difference between glass and metal cookware?” Can the materials you cook in make that much of a difference to the final product?The answer is yes, and we have your definitive guide to glass, and metal cookware.Glass CookwareClear glass take a little longer than metal pans to heat up, but once they are heated, they are great heat conductors, and they can maintain a stable temperature.
Tip: Turn to insulated bakeware, which adds a layer of air in between two layers of metal, to slow metal’s heat-conducting a bit and avoid burnt cookies!
No wonder a well-stocked kitchen has both kinds of baking dishes— when you can’t use one, the other is absolutely perfect for the job!
Recreated here, a first, mostly harmless mistake from the kitchen: Two very different cake pans to cook a single Banana Cake yield to illustrate what differences exist in baking tools.
Worst Banana Cake failure was to add more banana than required by the ingredient list and put all the batter into just ONE pie pan. The yield for the Joy of Cooking recipe posted at this link is enough batter to fill both pans on baking – before baking, however, the batter barely covers the bottom to reach the sides; so pour smartly. What’s pictured below is about four minutes overdone due in part to a broken thermostat in the oven. The Pyrex pie pan kept the edges from receiving so much heat so quickly so the edges of the cake are higher; they had more time to rise. Both glass and steel food containers avoid a host of toxins, like BPA and phthalates, that can leech into food from conventional plastic containers. The Verdict:They're both champions in their respective realms, so whether one or the other is the right fit for you depends on your lifestyle. As for me, I'm a little bit homebody and with a dash of "on the go," so most of my food containers are glass, supplemented by a couple of steel containers for hikes or the playground.
Most of us gravitate towards metal baking sheets when we are baking a batch of cookies, but glass dishes for lasagnas and casseroles. Glass Bakeware YES: Casseroles and braised dishes that will be served directly to the table.
Metals, especially aluminum, are generally better at conducting heat: they pick up that heat but can lose it again quickly. Grab metal baking pans when you want foods to heat up quickly and if you want them to brown, like when you are roasting potato wedges.
And because metal baking pans are better heat conductors, they will also cool more quickly once retrieved from the oven.
Avoid using metal bakeware, especially iron and aluminum pans, with reactive foods (foods that are acidic or basic), because these foods will react with the metal, discoloring the pan, leaving a grayish tinge on the layer of food in contact with the surface of the pan, and often adding an unwanted metallic flavor to those foods.

Unfortunately, glass pans can be a little too good at conducting heat, and recipes that contain a lot of sugar (like brownies) can start to burn around the edges before being cooked through all the way.
No matter how much experience I get in the kitchen, there’s always a moment of self-doubt when I go to grab my bakeware.
Basically, it’ll take a long time for your glass dish to heat up, but once it does, it’ll stay warm for a long time— perfect for travel, potlucks, and long family dinners.
The downside to this power is that it will lose that heat pretty quickly, as well, but that can be a benefit if you’re looking to make things like cookies or cupcakes and need them to cool down for the next step in your recipe! The disastrously sunken center, mushy like baby food, was dessert at a 2010 potluck Christmas Dinner. That aside, we finally get to see the grand and pronounced differences between the Pyrex and Smart Living pans. Going plastic-free is not only healthier for you, it's greener too by reducing our planet's plastic burden. It’s almost instinctive, but there are reasons for choosing a metal pan over glass, or vice versa. What that means is that glass doesn't pick up heat quickly, but once a glass pan is hot, it will stay warm much longer outside of the oven. In fact, glass pans should never be used in direct high-heat cooking situations, like on the stovetop (unless otherwise specified from the manufacturer). If you are investing in aluminum baking sheets, opt for a thicker grade of aluminum so they can also serve for baking cookies without causing them to burn too quickly.
Examples of things not to bake in aluminum or cast iron pans are fruit crumbles and savory cobblers.
Air conducts heat poorly and therefore acts as an insulator to significantly slow down the transfer of heat and help even out the heat on the surface of the sheet.
To get around this, you can cook your sweet baked goods at a lower temperature (about 25 degrees less) than you would with a metal pan.One disadvantage glass cookware has is its intolerance to quick temperature changes. Graduating from a kitchen of hand-me-downs and cooking with whatever we had on hand to a “real adult” one stocked with wedding gifts has only made it more complicated. It’s also safe to use metal with direct heat, perfect for trying your grandmother’s pan gravy recipe.
Has anybody else always wondered about this topic, or did I just miss that day in Cooking and Baking 101?

Both are about 9.5 inches and for cake bakers just starting out, why not trust one to the do the job any better than the other? Both produce the same flavor, but the Pyrex produces a taller edge with less burn or crust. Their lightweight portability making them convenient to take to work, the park, or on a hike.
This can be a great feature if you are serving casseroles or braises that you would like to stay warm for as long as possible once out of the oven and set on the table.
So if you are roasting a meat and want to make a pan gravy on the stove after, stick to a metal roasting pan, not a glass pan, or else you will have to transfer everything to a pot first before making your sauce.
I learned this lesson the hard way when I discovered my strawberry-rhubarb crumble literally cleaned the surface of an old baking tin (presumably aluminum) from my grandmother but also made the fruit taste metallic and look grayish.
When glass cookware experiences extreme temperature shifts, it can break – and not just break, but shatter violently! If you do, the dish will shatter, and I don’t know anybody who wants to spend dinner picking glass shards out of their food.
When you are choosing a pan to bake or roast your food, the pan you reach for shouldn’t just be the first one you can grab, regardless of the material, because some materials great for certain situations and terrible for others.
Check out this definitive guide from the kitchn with me, and let’s put this debate to rest once and for all!
The picture shows the grade from both cakes’ edges leading to the domes at the middles.
Metal is a great material for baking things like cookies and biscuits – foods that bake at a relatively high temperature for a short period of time. Shiny metal will help your food brown evenly, because it doesn't absorb heat as well as dull, darker metal. However, if you want a good, brown crust on a homemade loaf of bread, dark metal is a great material to use.One downside to using aluminum pans is that aluminum can react with certain kinds of food like tomatoes, lemons, eggs, and acidic vegetables. Even if you aren't cooking these foods, be sure to store your food in a non-reactive container, rather than a metal one.Metal pans are best for roasting, broiling, and cooking baked goods like breads, muffins, cakes, and cookies.

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