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Glass bakeware, cookware and food storage containers like these Pyrex bowls is something commonly found kitchens across America.
Believe it or not, glass cookware from Anchor Hocking and Pyrex has been classified as a potential household hazard. It’s said that exploding glass cookware can send razor-sharp shards of glass flying in all directions, creating the possibility of serious (and permanent) injury to anyone within a few feet of the explosion.
Indeed, glass can shatter when it strikes (or is struck) by something, or if there is a defect in the glass such as a chip or crack.
With regard to the exploding Pyrex phenomenon, many have pointed the finger at the fact that Pyrex has altered its recipe for making glass cookware.
Understanding the physical properties of various types of glass is a bit much to expect from the average consumer. If glass bakeware is chipped, cracked, or scratched, it’s time for it to be retired from service. Don’t put hot glassware on the stove, on cold or wet surfaces, on the counter, or in the sink. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations by not using glass cookware on the stovetop, under the broiler, or in a toaster oven. Many consumers can confirm the fact that glass bakeware, including Pyrex and Anchor Hocking, does break, or shatter, on occasion.
Pyrex indicates that the safety of its products is demonstrated by the fact that there’s never been a Pyrex recall. With proper use and care, Pyrex stands by the statement that Pyrex cookware and bakeware has a reputation of being a quality and safe product.
Anchor Hocking attempts to dispel the myths associated with exploding glass cookware with these Anchor Hocking bakeware facts, which include the company’s overall safety record.
Shopsmart Magazine (a division of Consumer Reports) updated their original story about glass bakeware unexpectedly shattering. Since then [1 year earlier], we’ve analyzed reports of 145 new incidents, most of which were sent to us by readers. Though the cases we reviewed represent a tiny fraction of the hundreds of millions of pieces of glass bakeware in use, we still believe further investigation is needed. Curtis CarperI’ve been involved in RVing for over 40 yrs -- including camping, building, repairing, and even selling RVs.
When I was doing consumer research, I ran across an article on exploding Pyrex cookware.Since I recently received a Pyrex casserole dish for a gift, I was concerned.
My Pyrex baking dish was room temp when it exploded at around 10pm one night while my family was watchng TV. Needless to say, until I figure out how and why this happened, ALL of my Pyrex is staying put in the cabinets. There were a lot of little kids running around, and we were just very lucky that they were not in the kitchen at the time or this could have been tragic.

My day job is a consultant for heavy industry, and I've seen corners being cut routinely. Ok my mom picked up our glass dish 10 minutes ago with a pair of oven mits and it exploded in her hands before it was even out of the oven!
My mom grabed the dish in the oven with oven mitts on as she pulled it out of the oven and went to go set it on top of the stove it exploded before she could set it down.
The agency is aware these complaints are occurring, but it hasn't taken any action yet.
Last night I took my Pyrex out of the oven and placed it down on teh stovetop(which was warm, not hot or cold) and it blew up like a grenade!
I had this experience the other night, it exploded twice and we were lucky not to be injured. Consumers Union, the advocacy arm of Consumer Reports, has asked the commission to look into this continuing problem. Consumers have been complaining for several years about exploding Pyrex, so many that the company has put a statement on its website that tells consumers the products are safe. I just baked German Pancakes in my pyrex glass dish sat it on top of the stove which was off and two seconds after I sat it down, it blew up all over my kitchen. If you put your Pyrex measuring cup on the stove burner to melt the butter, that may have caused it to explode. As you can see, I've had a lot of readers tell me about incidents with exploding Pyrex baking dishes. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. If you place a glass cooking container right out of the oven onto something much cooler (such as a damp or wet countertop), the glass container could shatter.
But now, as a cost savings measure, it’s made from heat-strengthened soda lime glass. While thermal expansion may be greater with soda lime glass, its mechanical strength when heat treated is more than double that of borosilicate glass. For our previous story, we examined 152 reports to the Consumer Product Safety Commission [CPSC] about baking dishes from leading brands Pyrex and Anchor Hocking.
I had gotten a new pyrex glass pan for Christmas and did not think twice about using it to cook the loaf. Some older and some newer but until yesterday I had never had the experience of one of them exploding in the oven. Not even quite an explosion just a burst of weird noise and then the aftermath of the shards flying all over the kitchen. We could hear it crackling still(and it actually moved on the counter) while we swept and cleaned it up.
With thermal tension being the cause, it could easily be seen as an explosion — because glass will definitely be flying about.

Include just the slightest chip on the edge and bingo, the next time in the oven may be the last.
Soda lime glass experiences 3 times more thermal expansion than borosilicate glass, meaning the potential for shattering is 3 times higher. What this means is soda lime glass bakeware is much less likely to break when dropped or hit against something. Now that I look online, YouTube, and Google I see nothing but other examples of people who have had the same experience. I was baking banana bread (Two loaves) and about 15 minutes before it was done one of the pans exploded in the oven and scared me and my dogs to death. It had been left sitting out on the counter top, off to the side and out of the way for those couple of days, just because I needed to rearrange the cabinet and had procrastinated in putting it where it belonged.
They refered me to World Kitchens who sent me a standard reply and stated that it was a rare occurence. I was cooking french fries in the bakeware in the oven and it shattered with about 5 minutes left for it to cook.
I took the top off the pot and let the food cool for about 20 minutes before placing it in my 9x13 Pyrex dish. My other interests include cooking at home, living with an aging dog, and dealing with diabetic issues.
I am now rather afraid to use any of my dishes, I have a large oval deep pyrex dish I only use for Macaroni and cheese and have for years.
I salled pyrex and sent them the glass and of course they said they found no fault in the glass. Some could be attributed to consumer misuse, such as one consumer broiled in a glass dish and others set theirs on the stovetop where a glass surface unit could have still been too hot. However, some people used ingredients at room temperature and from the refrigerator, and their measuring cup exploded. Should all those consumers file complaints with you?I looked on the Pyrex Web site where this problem is addressed. I lost the food and the dish, but the worst part is I got a whole set of Pyrex for the shower that I'm now afraid to use.
I received this reply in the acknowledgment of my FOIA request:Due to certain procedural steps we are required to take under our statute, there may be delays in providing the records. Please be assured that every effort is being made to process each request as equitably as possible, and that the records or information that you have requested will be made available to you at the earliest possible date.So now I’m waiting for more information.

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