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If you are planning to grow different types of plant in a single container, it would be ideal to use large pots. When using different pots, you would either use the same type of pots with various shapes and size. When using a single pot for your plants, you need to carefully arrange your plants in a way so that one will complement the other. For plants that are grown individually, you can arrange your pots to achieve the same effect that you get in a container garden with all three plant types.
French faux bois flower box, last quarter of 19th century, in good condition, 7 x 40 X 9 inches.

Large cement faux bois planter fashioned as a tree trunk, early 20th century, good condition, 27 x 14 inches. Two-part cast stone octagonal planter on a rising foot, styled as a font with a quatrefoil panel gothic motif, 20th century, in fine condition, 23 x 25 x 25 inches. French cast iron urns, circa 1875, in fine condition with traces of original paint, 12 inches high, 16 inches across. This will give more space for the plants to grow and will also help you to easily layout your container garden design.
As a rule of thumb, most container gardeners uses three types of plants: a thriller, a filler and a spiller.

When choosing your containers, it is important that you consider the size of your plant, its root systems and its growth rate.
You have your thriller as a focal point, you you’re your spiller to add in colour, and a spiller to soften the edges of your pot. When you have these three in the right proportions, you can surely create a great container garden.

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