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The Solitary Sandpiper is a shorebird that breeds (that is, spends its summer months) in the high Arctic and winters in Central and South Americas (as far south as the Pampas of Argentina). There beats by dre black friday is not black friday 2015 a bargain beats by dre cyber monday in beats by dre cyber monday running high black friday beats by dre credit beats by dre cyber monday 2015 bills cyber monday 2015 and beats by dre cyber monday 2015 paying cyber monday beats by dre huge black friday beats by dre curiosity. Your donations will help preserve Frying Pan Farm Park for you, your kids, and future generations.  Your support will allow the Friends of Frying Pan Farm Park to continue purchasing and caring for the animals, maintaining the antique farm equipment, sponsoring horse shows and clinics, and supporting mission-focused special events and programs. Front Desk Help Please email Sherry Bizette or call (703) 437-8261 to talk about more volunteer opportunities. This year is the 50th anniversary of Frying Pan Farm Park and there are a number of special events planned.

Come and bring your family and friends as we do our part to keep trash out of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.   This is a great way for families and youth groups to work together to make a difference in our community. Work along side Fairfax County Cemetery Preservation Association to help preserve history at the cemetery located by Frying Pan Farm Park’s historical Meeting House.
Every year in Spring and Fall, they make the trip (a€?migrationa€?) between the two locales.
Find out more about Professional Photography and Commercial Use Permits for Filming in Fairfax County Parks. Individuals, students, families, Scouts and other community groups can help clear the earth’s arteries by collecting debris from our waterways.

Isn't it wonder that for all those thousands of miles, they decide to stop over at the humble Frying Pan Farm Park? Give the waterways in our community a clean bill of health and earn the gratitude of your furred, feathered and scaled neighbors.

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