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A potato-shaped toy, his patented design allows him to separate his detachable parts from his body by removing them from the holes on his body. Despite being antagonistic in Toy Story, Potato Head becomes much more amicable after the arrival of Mrs. In the original story pitch for Toy Story, he had largely the same personality as the final film, with his cynicism also being highlighted by his remarking, regarding Buzz potentially falling into the street (after Woody pushed Buzz out of the window, deliberately in this version) that "[Buzz] ain't going to Pizza [Planet] now!" He was also shown to be very defensive of his fellow toys, as evidenced by his telling Woody, after the latter viciously insulted Slinky Dog and threatened to throw him off the bed for not willing to obey him in throwing them off the bed, that he might as well throw him off as well, with Hamm and Rex joining in. When Woody holds a staff meeting, Potato Head asks if they have to hold hands when Woody tells everyone to get a moving buddy. During most of the first film, Potato Head is very rude, unfriendly and mean to Woody, mostly because he's jealous of Woody being Andy's favorite toy. Later the next day, Woody throws a string of Christmas lights from Sid's house to Andy's house; Slinky catches them, but Mr. On the night before the moving day, it was shown that Rex was his moving buddy, but only because everyone else was picked.
The next day, during the move to Andy's new house, Woody tosses RC out of the moving truck onto the street to rescue Buzz, and Mr.
While the toys search Al's Toy Barn, they encounter a Barbie aisle, where Tour Guide Barbie hops into the car, right next to Mr.
When the toys leave the apartment after Al leaves with Woody, Potato Head throws his hat like a frisbee to jam the apartment lobby's closing doors (similar to Oddjob in Goldfinger), letting the toys pass through. After Jessie, Bullseye, Hamm and Rex entrap Buzz in a storage bin, Jessie tosses a tortilla roll for Mr. While the toys are making their way to the garbage chute (the only escape route as the Chatter Telephone has told Woody about), Mrs. Break the eggs into a bowl, beat until foamy, mix the milk and salt and then pour in the hot buttered pan.
Fry at low temperature, and after the bottom has started to brown a little, turn onto the other side and let it brown too. Fryclops (Mou Takusan in Japan) is a chef from Nightmare Enterprises who was sent to help take care of King Dedede's problem involving the Waddle Dees revolting against their own king in the episode Hunger Struck. Chef Kawasaki (Sometimes called Cook Kawasaki or just Kawasaki) is a reccuring character that debuted as mini-boss in Kirby Super Star. When swallowed after being defeated, he grants the Cook ability, being the only source of it in this game outside of mixing. Like other one-use abilities like Crash and Paint, this ability takes out all enemies on screen; however, unlike Crash and Paint, Cook cannot harm undefeated mid-bosses.
When used, Kirby dons a chef's hat and summons a pot in which every regular enemy, enemy projectile, defeated mid-boss and star on-screen is pulled in.
Cook Kirby's frying pan is also seen in Bomb Rally, a sub-game in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. When Kirby uses the ability, all enemies on the screen are sucked into the pot, and Kirby bangs his utencils together (a frying pan and a spatula) twice, stirs the pot, and food pops out the top. All enemies and mid-bosses (that are defeated) on-screen are sucked into Kirby's pot, cooked, and then transformed into food Kirby can use to replenish his health (this move does not work on bosses). In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Cook is changed into a full-fledged ability with a variety of uses in this version. When Kirby needs an energy boost, cook up some "gourmet enemy soup." Cook is a one course meal.
Cook is the second most commonly seen Copy Ability in the Anime, with seven appearances in total. Cook, because it is a one-use ability, is one of the few Copy Abilities in Kirby Super Star, besides the abilities Crash, Paint, Sleep and Mike that can only be obtained through inhaling in the Milky Way Wishes sub-game. BasicAnimal • Archer • Backdrop • Ball • Balloon • Beam • Beetle • Bell • Bomb • Bubble • Burning • Circus • Clean • Cook • Copy • Crash • Cupid • Cutter • Doctor • Fighter • Fire • Freeze • Ghost • Hammer • Hi-Jump • Ice • Jet • Laser • Leaf • Light • Magic • Metal • Mike • Mini • Mirror • Missile • Needle • Ninja • Paint • Parasol • Plasma • Sleep • Smash Bros. Potato Head at Andy's new house (Toy Story)Brings Woody back to Andy's house and becomes the adoptive father of the Aliens (Toy Story 2)Gets given away to Bonnie along with Andy's other toys. Potato Head points out that Woody is, of course, not worried when he tells everyone not to panic when Andy's birthday has been moved to that day, only for Slinky to speak up to Potato Head when he has complained about that. For example, when he becomes fascinated with all the features of the Buzz Lightyear action figure that Andy has received for his birthday, Mr.
Potato Head is quick to accuse Woody of being a jealous "toy killer", and interrogates him if he will do the same to Mr. Potato Head, along with Hamm, is feeling somewhat content when he learns about Woody's disappearance, as he has continued to admit Woody's guilt in the window incident. Potato Head, thinking that Woody is trying to kill another toy, rallies the other toys to ambush Woody and toss him overboard.
Potato Head goes on a mission with Buzz, Hamm, Rex and Slinky to rescue Woody, showing him in a much more positive light and suggesting that his relationship with Woody has greatly improved. Potato Head, who remarks that he is a married spud, prompting Hamm to switch seats with him.
Outside, he is the first to spot an idling Pizza Planet delivery truck nearby, and is assigned by Buzz to operate the levers and knobs with Hamm.
Potato Head, upon hearing that her husband has saved the aliens, decides to adopt them as their children, much to his dismay. Potato Head is still annoyed when the Aliens continue to express their gratefulness toward him. Potato Head, covered with sand, describes his night in the sandbox after rejoining with the other toys.
Potato Head warns Jessie and Buzz, the latter being reset to Spanish mode by accident, about someone approaching them from behind. Potato Head and the others make their way out of Sunnyside through the garbage chute, only to be confronted by Lotso again.

Potato Head's attitude toward the Aliens changes for the better as he expresses his gratefulness toward them by using the second half of their repeated grateful message, "And we are eternally grateful.
His special ability is cooking Chinese food that, like that of Monsieur Goan, is just too good to resist. He is well-dressed in a red Chinese chef's outfit with black linings and yellow Chinese writing.
He has an orange body with a slight backwards lean with arms emerging from his sides that taper to simple hands.
He can extend his frying pan forward to catch Kirby, which drags him back and lets the chef fry him up.
He then cooks them all, and then magically turns them all into delicious food which Kirby can eat for replenishing health. It's typically acquired from inhaling Kawasaki's frying pan, though other kitchen utensils have often been substituted in lieu of the frying pan not being available for some reason or another. Brawl, where its function is largely unchanged from the games, with the exception that everything nearby (items and players, including characters that come out of Assist Trophies and Pokeballs) is sucked into the pot and cooked. Andy often casts him as a villain in his games, which seems to be the reason he can be so cynical and irritable, being cast as the bad guy so often. After Andy leaves his room, Potato Head wakes up to find a number of his parts scattered to the floor (Molly has earlier drooled on him, and also smashed him apart), also expressing irritation that Andy has had to place him in Molly's crib during their "playtime," as he is supposed to be only playable for children of ages three and up. And when Slinky is not looking, Potato Head takes off his mouth and "kisses" his butt, while Slinky keeps talking. Potato Head also makes fun of Woody by accusing him of not having a laser like Buzz, describing Woody's sampled voice "like a car ran over it," and suggesting an attic as a special place Andy will have for Woody.
Potato Head if Andy started playing with him more, and leads a mutiny with the other toys to attack Woody.
Woody then tries to convince the toys to let him get back by pretending that Buzz is with him (using Buzz's severed left arm), but Mr. He seems to be the most suspicious of a cocky attitude of the newer Buzz Lightyear action figure that the toys take with them from Al's Toy Barn. To make the truck accelerate, Potato Head shifts the lever of the truck while Slinky presses down the pedals. After his hand grabs hold of the tortilla, he sticks his parts into it, turning himself into "Mr. The confrontation eventually results in Lotso's henchmen turning on their leader upon being convinced of his deception, and Lotso being thrown into a dumpster by Big Baby. My boys!" (following his wife's "You saved our lives.") and hugs the aliens, finally accepting them as his children.
However, the food he creates is sometimes filled with Pufferzine chemicals that were previously used in the NME chips that neither King Dedede nor Kirby could resist eating way back - which means the food cooked by Fryclops can sometimes make anyone who eats it grow huge from eating too much of it.
He wears an apron and orange shoes and wears a red-and-green-striped hat with a black lining and a yellow pompom.
He also reaches into his pocket and tosses out dishes, either one or three, at a spread of upward angles.
For example, he can still see if his detachable eyes are removed (through the eyes, of course), as well as being able to move his hands and legs if they are detached. Although he's sarcastic, cynical, and rude, deep down he has a heart of gold, he loves his wife and is prepared to go to limitless lengths to save his friends.
He then shows Hamm his messed-up face (with all his facial pieces (except the mustache) in wrong slots), pretending to be Picasso, but Hamm has no idea, and Potato Head berates Hamm for being uncultured. Potato Head with RC's remote, causing his left ear and entire face parts to fall off, and his mouth yells, "Toss him overboard!" However, when Bo Peep reveals that Woody was "telling the truth," Mr.
The toys return home, wash themselves off with a garden hose, and climb back to Andy's room.
After being delivered to Dedede, he cooks up some Chinese food that the Waddle Dees love so much, and Waddle Doo likes them a lot, too.
He has a single eye on his face, as well as a brown moustache and a single tooth in his mouth, and he has swirly cheeks. He has simple red shoes that stick out from the bottom of his form with no legs between them and his body.
In Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, he can obtain the ability from either Cookin' or, on rare occasions, Prank.
While powerful (about 24% damage), it has the potential drawback of allowing those hit by the attack to use the items that come out with them.
Players using the Final Smash often find it useful to jump high into the air, then clang the utensils to pull in opponents in a much wider area around them.
In the second movie, when Woody was kidnapped, he showed some shock and later he showed some sadness when Woody refused to go back with Andy's Toys. Potato Head tries to scare Jessie by reaching into his back compartment for his angry eyes, but attaches his spare pair of shoes by mistake (especially after Mrs. While Buzz ventures out of the room to go find Lotso so he could ask him to transfer them to the Butterfly Room, Mrs. He climbs up onto a trike, and uses a mirror attached to it to direct the moonlight into the Caterpillar Room to signal Mrs. Potato Head and the others jump onto the dumpster, only to fall into a garbage truck that has just arrived. Just so the Dees can repay him, Fryclops orders for the Dees to attack Kirby, and the pink spud and his friends eventually find many angry Waddle Dees within the dining hall, as well as Fryclops.
He wears a toque (chef's hat) and a full body apron with a blue striped pocket on the front. Other times, Kawasaki either jumps up and down in a fit of rage or walks to the other side of the screen.

Head appears to be partners with Hamm as they are seen high-fiving each other whenever something exciting or victorious happens. Potato Head quietly gets Woody's attention and has Etch draw a hangman noose, threatening to hang Woody. Potato Head snaps at Woody, calls him a "murdering dog," and tells him he hopes Sid will break his voice box, as the toys back away from the window, leaving Woody depressed and stranded in Sid's house. He attempts to compensate by holding onto Slinky's tail so Slinky can help Woody, Buzz and RC back into the truck. Potato Head, along with the other toys, witnesses Woody going down to the yard sale with Buster to rescue Wheezy from being sold, and is shocked when Woody gets stolen by Al. At one point, when the toys are reprimanded by Buzz for requesting a rest, Buzz mentions the time when Potato Head had Woody thrown "out of the back of that moving van," and Mr. He becomes increasingly annoyed at the aliens' repeated expression of their gratefulness towards him. Potato Head, through her other eye that has been left behind in Andy's room, notices that Andy is searching for them, making Mr.
Potato Head supports Jessie's statement about being wrong about Andy, and Woody apologizes to the toys for leaving them behind. The truck takes them to the Tri-County Landfill, where the toys escape the shredders, but are dumped into a furnace after Lotso leaves them to die in an incinerator. Fryclops is very skilled in cuisine and can conjure giant-sized meals, although they cause the consumer to bloat up.
In order to counter this the user's best bet is to Inhale as many items as quickly as possible in order to prevent opponents from using them. It fails however, but Woody and Buzz use Sid's rocket and toss RC back to the van; the toys move out of the way as RC crashes into Mr. Potato Head is still shown to be regretting this greatly, even though Woody has long since forgiven him. At Tri-County International Airport, he, Hamm, Rex and the Aliens aim for a luggage, only to find a flash camera instead, but they use that camera to stun Stinky Pete the Prospector before he can finish Woody off with his pick axe. Potato Head (as well as the other toys) shocked to realize that Woody has been right about Andy's intention to store the toys into the attic. While walking on a windowsill, he is confronted by a pigeon (who is called Feathers by Tortilla Head), who pecks at his tortilla body repeatedly until he finally shoos the pigeon away.
He remarks to her that he is feeling fresh and healthy but terrible in that body, but is relieved when Bullseye gives him back his plastic potato body. However, sucking up a tied-up Chef Kawasaki's frying pan allows Kirby to transform into Cook Kirby, and he and Fryclops compete to see who can make better food than one another.
Kirby's Final Smash can be dodged by using timed movements with invincibility, such as sidesteps and rolls. Potato Head operates Exhibit F, in which he details the kidnapper's escape route, although he later snaps at Rex after the latter, when asking for the phone number for the FBI, inadvertently destroys his crime scene. When the toys cross the street to Al's Toy Barn, they indirectly cause a semi tractor trailer to jackknife, and the chains securing a large pipe on the semi break, freeing the pipe. Potato Head was partly responsible for saving the toys from death when he pointed out what's the point to get out if Andy doesn't want them, making Buzz see Rex's pointy tail.
Potato Head joins hands with his wife and Rex; when taking Rex's hand, he seems to make amends with Rex by nodding solemnly after years of dismissing him. At one point, Fryclops makes a giant peking duck, which causes the Waddle Dees to grow huge upon eating just about enough of it. Fryclops is also one of the few monsters who can talk - most notably, the last monster able to speak without possessing people. He indirectly, and inadvertently, helps Buzz come up with the answer to LZTYBRN (the license plate on the car of the man who has stolen Woody) when he sarcastically tells the others to "leave Buzz to play with his toys". The pipe subsequently rolls down the street, during which Potato Head gets one of his feet stuck on a piece of chewing gum on the pavement, and has to pull his foot off the gum before the pipe can squish him. However, just then, Lotso and his henchmen, now with a reset Buzz, lock up all the toys, and when Lotso removes Mrs. He stands up to himself and kicks Ken, who then orders Big Baby to put him back in the sandbox. Cucumber Head then transfers all his parts back onto his plastic potato body, changing himself back into Mr. Just as the toys are about to face their fiery death, they are saved by a giant claw crane that the Aliens are commandeering. But Cook Kirby wins the competition in the end, making several foods for the Waddle Dees, which they begin to enjoy even more than Fryclops' own food. As Buzz orders Etch to "draw that man in a chicken suit," Potato Head, along with the other toys, is horrified to learn that the man who has kidnapped Woody is the "chicken man", Al McWhiggin, who also happens to be the owner of Al's Toy Barn.
Upon making it to the other side of the road, he commented on how well that went, just as the pipe rolls into and causes a lamppost to fall down onto the street. Woody tries to clear up the misunderstanding, but the toys do not believe him and go to the daycare, where they are greeted by Lotso, who assigns them to the Caterpillar Room. Immediately thereafter, he pushes his parts out through a hole in the bottom and demonstrates the ability of his parts as they are capable of hopping around on their own. Afterwards, Fryclops begins to attack Kirby, but Kirby gets the upper hand and fries him with a few smacks from his frying pan, destroying him.

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