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These are all personal choices and there are no wrong ones.  Are you petite?  Is the rest of your cookware stainless?  Are you willing to properly care for seasoned cast iron?  If you still can’t make up your mind I have a little more in-depth information about aluminum, seasoned cast iron and enameled cast iron in some other posts. Here is another resource I put together to show you how to select and use a Weber Rotisserie. Indoor grilling on a grill pan can be easier and more practical at times than starting up the ol' fire pit or grill. You can find a bigger stove top grill which covers two burners, giving you more working space if you have a big family, or a hearty appetite!

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You can flip it to use the other side as a griddle to fry eggs, make bacon or make pancakes.When you are done cooking, simply rinse it, scrape off any food sticking to it and thats it! Easy and quick!Most grilling recipes you make on an outdoor barbeque, fire pit or grill can be made indoors on a grill pan.
For recipes that require more indirect heat, for roasting over a long time, such as grilled whole chicken or ribs, the stovetop grill is not suitable.

They last a long time, conduct heat perfectly, and result in perfectly grilled, stewed, or sauteed dishes. Rather, you should substitute a grill, the oven or a rotisserie cooker for slow roasting bigger cuts of meat.

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