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Arklight Design est fier de vous présenter la gamme de produits Evernew dont il est le distributeur exclusif pour la France.
Avec sa contenance de 1,3 litre, cette popote est idéal pour partir a plusieurs ou meme seul quand il faut faire fondre de la neige en hiver.
So, the first thing I decided to do with this cook pot was to drop the heavy lid, which accounted for a whopping 1.1 oz of the total weight. Believe it or not, I managed to drop 0.8 oz from the weight of the lid simply by doing this! The next thing I did to drop some weight was to change out the stuff sack that was supplied with the cook pot.
Once I had made these simple, easy changes, I decided to worry about the rest of the cook kit. I also happened to have a roll of hardware cloth, as well as some more of the tooling (aluminum) foil on hand, so I made a pot stand from the hardware cloth and a windscreen from the foil. Next I dug through the overflowing box of stoves in my gear closet and tried a few of them. Since then, I have used it about 6 times (in the yard obviously), and each time it has worked beautifully. For me, my blog is a journal, but for others, I hope that it is an interactive learning tool to aid them in their own progression towards lightweight backpacking. Do you have a link to the specific thread about elevating the Starlyte stove up just a bit?
However, I do bring the cook pot all the way down in the cone when using it with this stove. Also, my boil times are a bit slower than with other stoves, which also tells me that the distance between the pot and stove must be pretty close already.
The next time I order some more of the ti foil, I also plan to replace the aluminum ground protector with one made from the ti.
What are your thoughts between the Sidewinder (looking at the 600ml pot) and the Lite Trails 550ml? My thoughts on them both are that they are both great kits, and it just depends on what you want in specific. Do you think you could use this setup with Epicurien stove and Fat Dadios aluminum pan and bake with it the way Jon is always doing over at Flat Cat? I have a number of cook pots in my arsenal, ranging from as little as 475 ml to 1.8L, made from titanium to hard anodized aluminum, and of course, a number of beer can cook pots.
Being that it is short and squat (larger diameter), this cook pot does a great job at maximizing fuel efficiency. To be fair, I cannot remember the exact weight of the stuff sack, but it was at least 0.7 oz, or maybe more. The combined weight of both items (including a tyvek sleeve which I wrap the pot stand in) came to a total of 1.2 oz.
Of course they all worked, but to be honest, I had grown interested in the Starlyte alcohol stove which Zelph sells, and so I ordered one. So, I started playing around with different amounts of water, as well as with different amounts of fuel.
I filled up my Nalgene, grabbed the cook kit and my new cone, some fuel and took off outside!

I am very happy with this set-up, and it will definitely be going with me later this month on my Foothills Trail thru hike. And I gotta say, I also have the 600 ml “UL” Evernew cook pot, and can you guess what will very, very likely be in its future??? I know that I will be using this thing more and more in the next few weeks, and then as I said, on my next hike. Through it, I, and others, can see how I have evolved from a heavy weight backpacker, to a smarter, more efficient, lightweight backpacker. I imagine that if I rolled the cone up super, super tight, I could make it fit but then the lid very likely wouldn’t sit down all the way. Can you pour left over fuel conveniently back into the fuel bottle with that stove and does it come with a snuffing cap?
He uses some sort of filler inside the stove that actually absorbs the fuel, similar to carbon felt but I believe it is another material. They are ok bottles, but in my experience, the little o ring is a bit tedious to deal with. I have read a lot of info on this stove with a cone on BPL, which is actually what made me finally get this little stove.
I don’t use the stakes so the pot sits farther down in the cone, closing in the stove to pot distance.
Nothing to do with weight, but more so for durability, and the fact that it would stand up to a wood fire better than the aluminum. However, being that these pots are so close in size, it really does narrow them down a bit… I think the biggest thing to consider concerning the size is do you plan to use the pot as both pot and mug?
Then I simply cut it out (slowly) with a pair of household scissors, trying my best to keep a circle… Once I cut the lid out, I grabbed a hole punch and punched a single hole (for pressure relief) and then used a short strip of aluminum tape to make a pull tab on top. So, I decided to use my ZPacks cuben fiber stuff sack that is made specifically for the 0.9L Evernew cook pot. And of course, I was sure to make these items so that they could all pack inside the cook pot.
For example, I have an entire cook kit (counting spoon and cup) that comes in at only 2.9 oz, however, when comparing them, this cook kit is much more durable. I am not affiliated with any of the companies represented in this write-up, and am under no obligation to write about any of their products. Through the use of video, still photos, and of course writing, one can see my progression, as well as check out some of the places I hike, and not to mention some cool, lightweight gear options. However, with a good hard POOF the stove can be blown out, then once it cools, the lid can be put back on.
It seems to fall out rather easy and on occasion it also seems to twist up in the lid when tightening the lid down. However, most all that I read dealt with the kegs rather than the short, wide Evernew pots. However, I am having a hard time figuring out how it would pack inside the cook pot if it is the same diameter as the base of the cone (not the pot). Last, but definitely not least, it has a large enough capacity so that I can boil all the water I need for both a meal and a hot drink at the same time!

Luckily, I already had this on hand since I also have the same cook pot, but the lined version. However, this stove also offered a few other interesting features, namely that it came with a lid which can help contain any unused fuel (although, I am still leery about that) and that it is so compact. They block wind better than any other windscreen I have made, functions as both the windscreen and the pot stand, and are simple to use.
Supposedly, between the lid and the material inside the stove, the remaining fuel will not leak out. I get 2 cup boils off of 15 ml of fuel (if one can believe the graduated marks on the measuring cups) and 3 cups to boil with 25 ml of fuel.
When cut to this size, it would be too big to lay inside the cook pot as I have done with the one I am using now, and if rolled up it would then be too big to fit inside the pot with the cone. Some other nice features about this pot is that it does have handles which are capable of supporting the weight of a full pot, and it has graduated markings stamped into the side that does well to serve as a point-of-reference. The new lid is less durable than the stock lid, and while I think that the new lid fits quite nicely (due to my fine scissor-cutting skills) the stock lid does have a more secure fit. I purchased the stuff sack for it a while back, but since the pots are the same size, it will work with either.
I see how this works, however, I would rather just use the right amount of fuel to begin with and let all the fuel burn out. Each of these amounts will not only bring the water to boil, but will also continue to boil for a couple of extra minutes when using cold tap water, or just to a boil with ice water.
As a bonus (for me), there is no lining inside the cook pot to scrape off over time or to add extra weight… it’s just plain old titanium baby! To be fair though, I feel that this is because the stock lid does not flex like the ti foil lid.
Of course, depending on what sort of fuel is being used, a pair of stakes may have to be inserted through the cone, but this is simple as well.
It fits inside the rolled up cone and hasn’t leaked yet, although I put it inside a freezer bag just in case.
I don’t mind using these around the house, but rarely take them out with me when backpacking. And oh yeah… being that it is made from titanium, it can withstand the heat from even a wood fire (which aluminum cannot). Also, being made from titanium, it will keep its shape, rather than fold up and crease like aluminum.
And as a bonus, this entire cone will simply roll up and fit inside my cook pot, and still allow me to have room for everything else I have listed, and more if need be… Need I say more?
While this foil can suffer from bends, it will take a considerately larger amount of effort to do so.

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