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In Cialdini's book, he describes Stanley Milgrim's experiment on obedience to authority figures.
Is your job title at work important as a way to persuade others to take up your cause? What about the diploma hanging on your wall, or the books on the shelf in your office?
Establishing yourself an authority figure can have a significant impact on your ability to influence others. I previously described why the western intellectual tradition is not effective for leaders to drive change. A more compelling way to get someone to change is offered by Stephen Denning in his book, The Secret Language of Leadership, and in an article by the same name. I previously mentioned that a rational approach to persuasion can lead to an entrenched response in opposition of change.
Confirmation bias causes us to pay attention to information that confirms our beliefs, and to ignore information that challenges our preconceived notions.
Have you experienced confirmation bias when trying to convince someone to change their mind?
Nothing is wrong with a purely rational approach if you are an engineer doing what engineers do best: solving problems. On the other hand, this approach can be a real problem for you if you are trying to persuade someone to change their mind. You are asking someone to change their mind without first asking them to change what is in their heart. Portrait of Phineas Gage with his famous tamping rod.From the collection of Jack and Beverly Wilgus. Damasio tells a story about a patient named Elliot who lost a section of his prefrontal cortex during surgery for a brain tumor. I found an interview with Antonio Damasio on YouTube where he describes what he has seen with patients that have lost their ability to experience emotion. Mike Boudreaux is a leader in the process automation industry with experience in business development, marketing, and sales. Milgrim set out to answer the question, "When it is their job, how much suffering will ordinary people be willing to inflict on an entirely innocent other person?" In his experiment, a majority of people responded to instructions from an authority figure to deliver nearly fatal levels of shock to an innocent person, merely because the person giving the orders established himself as an scientist with a lab coat and a clipboard.

The problem with this approach is that it relies on reason to convince someone of your new idea. He says that successful leaders will first get their attention, second stimulate desire, and only then do they reinforce with reasons.
Excite the lizard brain into action by talking about the pain that your idea will alleviate.
It isn't enough to simply inform others about your idea and to let them reach their own conclusions through reason. Denning says that reasons should come after an emotional connection has been made with the new idea. When watching a presidential debate, only the undecided voters will be swayed by the rhetoric of the candidates. The result will be an entrenched response and a rational argument about why your new approach is wrong, based on facts that support their beliefs. He explains that folowing this approach can create problems for leaders who are trying to persuade others to change.
Going back to the Triune Brain Theory, the rational approach is not inspiring because it only appeals to your human brain. This approach can even lead to an entrenched response in opposition of change, due to a psychological phenomenon called confirmation bias. Descartes argued that reason alone determined knowledge, and that this could be done independently of the senses.
Through his research, Damasio demonstrates that emotions are essential to rational thinking. When I hear something that is counter intuitive, I typically don't believe it until I have some evidence that proves the concept is real. He was a railroad construction foreman who survived an incident in 1848 where an iron rod was driven completely through his head.
Not only do they lose the capability to make decisions quickly, but they also make very poor decisions. The test subjects administering the shock found it difficult to disobey the the lab-coated researcher.

You will often see people positioning themselves in the pecking order of a group in order to establish their authority. Your listener is now actively searching for reasons to support a decision that they have in principle already taken. What is also very important is at which point you introduce the reasoning into the conversation. Once a voter's mind is made up for who they plan to vote for, they will use the new information to reinforce their decision. The injury destroyed portions of his brain's frontal lobe, an important part of brain that processes emotion and decision making. His IQ and memory were unchanged, but he became incapable of making the most basic of decisions. In sales and marketing, presentations at trade shows, published whitepapers, trade journal article contributions, and blogs can all serve to establish the perception of you as a credible authority figure. Whatever their candidate says is considered valid and whatever the other candidate says is considered either incorrect or misleading.
Damasio found that Elliott lost the ability to experience emotion as a result of the surgery. Many people will go through the painstaking process of writing a book simply to establish their place as a thought leader in a particular domain of expertise. After the accident, he still had the same cognitive abilities as before, but he was irresponsible, used profanity extensively, and demonstrated no respect for social customs. Elliot's story is described by Jonah Leher in his article, Feeling our Way to Decision.

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