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Chef Emeril is quite famous in America, and in recent years decided to design his own range of cookware.
Now you might be wondering what the difference is between the normal All Clad nonstick set, and the Emiril All Clad set.
We know that this set is not exactly the same as the hard anodized All Clad set, so how does it actually perform? Sticking with the eggs, we decided to try some scrambled eggs as those have a bit more chance of sticking in the pan and creating a mess. In the course of the last month we have given this cookware set a good run for its money, and the results have all been positive. Yeraldin Gonzalez • Page 4 • TTL • YFM • TBF Models is great place for your holiday and this image design is free to use with high definitions resolution. Anolon has been making cookware for over 20 years, and they have a reputation for making fine quality sets that stand the test of time. The glass lids have stainless steel bases, and the handles are also made out of stainless steel.
The rest of the cookware has been tested with a large range of different meals and mixtures over the past month, with all the results being quite similar to these first few test we have done. Summary:  It looks good, and it cooks food very well, but it is a bit too expensive to recommend, especially when it is missing some features found on similar gourmet sets. The partnership between Emeril and All Clad to create his own set of cookware has seen some positive results over the years, and this 12 piece set is what we are going to put to the test today. All Clad is one of the top rated cookware sets you can buy today, so a partnership between these two seems quite fitting. To test this out we started by testing out the 8″ pan with a couple of popular dishes.
The nonstick coating seems to be holding up great, and has shown no sign of any deterioration. Initially we were a bit worried since All Clad had deviated from their traditional design in making this set, but it seems like they knew exactly what they were doing.
The  Anolon 12 piece cookware set is labelled as a gourmet cooking set, so is aimed at cooking enthusiasts. As the name implies, this set is designed for frequent users and professionals, so it does come with quite a hefty pricetag.
The handles are made out of stainless steel, which is cool to the touch when the cookware is in use. There is a bit of weight to the Anolon cookware pieces, and they certainly don’t feel cheap at all.
First up we took the frying pan for a spin to see how the Anolon cookware coped with a few items. There is no mention of the cookware being metal utensil safe, and we have been using nylon materials thus far. At the time of writing it costs over $700 for the 12 piece set on Amazon, which is quite steep considering you could get a far superior set such as the Scanpan CTX for only a little more. All Clad make a range of premium cookware, and this particular set is designed to provide great results with maximum bang for buck.

This means that the All Clad set consists of three layers in total with a layer of pure aluminum in the middle.
The handles are made out of stainless steel, and are riveted on so there is no sign of movement between the handle and the pans. Using a plastic spatula, we smothered the egg around to see if any of it would stick on the pan.
It may be lacking some features that the top of the range cookware sets have, but for a good quality set it certainly does what it claims to do.  The Emeril All Clad 12 piece set comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so this is fantastic value for money since the entire set retails for under $250. Here you can find some alternative about Yeraldin Gonzalez • Page 4 • TTL • YFM • TBF Models for your vacation with family or group. The set comes with a variety of pieces that will allow you to make any kind of meal with ease.
This doesn’t mean they are difficult to work with, and the weight feels very balanced and sturdy. The set can stand temperatures up to 500F, although we are not sure if this includes the glass lids or not. After seasoning the pan with a little olive oil, we threw in a big juicy steak to see how well it browned.
Although this is not a meal of any kind, it is certainly a great test of the nonstick coating! There are a few features that it is lacking such as support for metal utensils, and it doesn’t have ergonomic handles which is a bit of a letdown. The handles are ergonomically designed, so they feel very comfortable and easy to work with. We used a tiny bit of olive oil to season the pan first, and the egg itself slid about as you would expect. You can book or make reservation here and also the picture above is a nice image for your desktop wallpaper. There is no mention of ergonomics on the handles, and they do feel a little on the thin side. Overall it is a very decent looking set, so we can’t really complain about the design at all. We imagine the glass lids are likely safe up to 350F at least, since there are no plastic parts on them. The steak was looking great in a few minutes, and it slid about the pan without any issues. After mixing together our very unhealthy mix of ingredients, the toffee was ready to set in about 15 minutes. However if you are willing to ignore some of the shortcomings, then it might not be such a bad investment.
This is why the Emeril set is so much cheaper, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
The Emeril logo has been lasered between the rivets on the handle of the pans, and on the top of the handle of the pots. We get a 2 and 3 quart saucepans with lids, a 4 and a 8 quart stockpots with lids, a 4 quart steamer insert, a 5 quart saute with lid, and then a 10″ pan.

This could be an issue with prolonged cooking sessions, but it wasn’t a major problem for us. Another feature is that the cookware pieces are dishwasher friendly, although they don’t advise it.
We poured it out into the tray, and tried to clean out the remainder of the mess left in the pot.
It certainly gives off a very stylish appearance, and gives the whole set a nice personal touch.
This particular coating is PFOA free and Cadmium free, so it is definitely safe compared to some of the dirt cheap nonstick cookware sets you can buy. The egg itself only took a minute or two to cook, but it came out great and there was no sign of any stickiness on the coating.
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A kitchen towel unfortunately could quite get it all out, but the good news is that a little soapy water and a sponge made short work of the rest of the mess leftover.
The glass lids have a stainless steel base, and the handles on top are also stainless steel. This coating is not quite as durable as some of the titanium ceramic nonstick coatings on the market, therefore it must be treated like any other nonstick coating.
The pasta sauce was certainly a bit more messy than the eggs, but a bit of soapy water was all that was needed to get the bulk of the remaining sauce out of the pot. The coating used with this set is the Dupont Autograph, which is labelled a a triple layer coating. Most nonstick cookware is not dishwasher friendly, and they suggest you avoid dishwashers as they can damage the coating.
The contrast between the shiny metal and the matt black looks really great, so points go to Emeril and All Clad for designing such a nice looking cookware set. This means you should not use metal utensils with it, and it should not be used in the dishwasher either.
Although there isn’t too much technical information available about this nonstick coating, it is widely accepted as being a tough and durable coating. To advertise the set as dishwasher safe, then advise you not to use the dishwasher is quite odd to say the least. The pan seemed to hold an even temperature with no signs of hot spots, and the nonstick did what it claimed to do with relative ease. The glass lids can tolerate heats up to 350F, while the rest of the cookware can be used up to 450F temperatures. This cookware set is not induction compatible, and will only work on ceramic, gas and electric stoves.

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