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This is by far my most ambitious Paestry post yet — tonight, I made boeuf bourguignon!
As long as you follow these fundamental steps, you’ll have yourself a very decent beef bourguignon. Good wine is important but another factor that helps with braised dishes is using a heavy pot. In the leftover grease from the bacon, get your beef (make sure they are dried with paper towels for a good sear) and brown it on all sides. Tuck the meat back in the cooked mirepoix, and pour the entire bottle of red wine into the pot.
A note about the wine: I saw that a spoonful of the wine sauce appeared more on the brick-red side and had clarity.
Lastly, add sauteed mushrooms into the pot and let it simmer for an additional 15 minutes before serving. Thanks for this- I’m going to give it a try once the weather shows the slightest hint of fall. I hope you enjoy this post and I hope it will inspire you to make it, for braised meat dishes are delicious and most of all, quite easy to make.

I dashed to Trader Joe’s to see what they have and spent a good amount of time choosing the right one. The iron-clad pot gets very hot — perfect for searing the meat and later, even more perfect for slow-cooking over low heat.
You could eat the roast as is with some crusty bread or you could it put it on top of pasta or a nice heap of mashed potatoes.
Ask my parents about them during the next fam gathering — we have a whole suite of them! Traditional BB won’t call for celery but I like it very much in my stews so I tossed them in.
Those of you who like to enjoy a glass of red with a perfectly cooked rare steak will understand. Once the meat is very tender and the sauce reduced, mix a tablespoon of softened butter with some flour for an uncooked roux.
And when you cook beef juices and wine together under low heat for a long period of time, the sparks fly. After reading through the basics, I decided to whip up my own version based on my experience with preparing pot roasts in the past.

I busted out my iPhone app that lists good wine years at various regions but I still could not be sure. After exchanging a few niceties about having spent time in Paris, and a few more Pinot recommendations, I picked up two more bottles, the ones you see pictured above, and left to embark on my beef. This lady, by the by, was very helpful and seemed very knowledgeable about wine in general. I did not take picutres of this step but I wish I did because miraculously, the beef juices thickened and became viscous like a proper sauce. She was older, with gray hair and had an accent that I could not distinguish — perhaps British.

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