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35 Incredibly Easy Dutch Oven Recipes For Camping - 50 Campfires Pin It 50 Campfires Magazine : Free SubscriptionClaim your free subscription to the 50 Campfires Magazine! One of the favorite desserts that my family (and scout troop) love is my Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler.
I use a couple of cans of sliced peaches (or even better - home bottled peaches) that I have drained into a separate bowl on the bottom of the dutch oven.. I put about 8-10 briquettes on the bottom and 18-20 briquettes on the top that creates an oven environment to cook in.
I see you have an image of your food being cooked in a Dutch Oven inside of a Volcano Grill. If anything could get a reluctant camper into the woods, it would be the promise of these oversize sticky rolls.
This tragedy is leading me straight into the arms of today’s feel-better post about cozy, wintery foods you can make with a Dutch oven. A Dutch oven is thick-walled (usually cast iron but also ceramic and clay) cooking pot with a tight-fitting lid. Thank you Wiki.
I have only ever owned the Lodge Dutch oven (I have the 6-quart red version in red which is pictured here) and I highly recommend it as a low-risk, affordable, high-quality first go-round at the whole Dutch oven situation. After using my little red $50 Lodge Dutch oven for the last year and realizing that, yes, indeed, the Dutch oven is worthy of its place in my kitchen, I am confident that I will have no future need for buying the more expensive versions. I’m not even sorry to say that literally bought my Dutch oven FOR THE BREAD (scroll for details), and served the bread to my friends at dinner club, and had one friend who went home and ordered one for herself (for the bread) and one friend who put it on her Christmas list (for the bread). The bread is definitely a winning trick of the Dutch oven, but there are other tricks as well, and here they come. Why the Dutch oven works: You start this recipe by browning the bacon, but then you finish it off in the oven. Why the Dutch oven works: It gives you the functionality of a saute pan to start the vegetables and brown the meat AND the functionality of a slow cooker because you can just continue to let it simmer away all the live long day.
Why the Dutch oven works: This amazing hack gives you homemade applesauce with an almost completely hands-off approach. Why the Dutch Oven works: Risotto is good for a Dutch oven because it doesn’t require all the stirring and attention it does when made on the stovetop – it makes risotto almost hands-free! Note from recipe tester Kristin: I used this recipe as written but then added in chicken at the end for my meat eating family. Why the Dutch oven works: It perfectly fits a chicken, and because it gets so hot on the sides , it helps roast it evenly on all sides of the chicken for awesomely crispy skin.
Note from recipe tester Kristin: I used this post for additional instruction with the timing and temperature for roasting.
Why the Dutch Oven works: You can roast the chicken in there and then keep all the juices from the chicken in the pot as a base for the stock – no need to clean the pot after roasting the chicken!
When we went Up North last week, I only brought one pan with me and you better believe it was the classy red Dutch oven.

For the love of all things delicious and especially that NO KNEAD BREAD, you must at least investigate your options for this super versatile piece of cookware. We send it out on the first of each month, full of tips & tricks, recipes, gear and more! Carolyn Beth Weil, author of Williams-Sonoma's Pie & Tart and a professional baker from Berkeley, California, shared the recipe, which dates back to her days as a Girl Scouts leader. Do we spend hundreds for the cream of the crop or go for the garage sale version to start, as I did in with my food processor? Or if you’re a brick-and-mortar type shopper, like I sometimes am, you can also grab this baby at Target in the cookware section. Home bread bakers have two problems: home ovens don’t create or retain heat like commercial bread ovens, and home ovens don’t have the humidifier systems that professionals use to create the “crackling crusts” that artisan bread bakers treasure.
It’s super heavy duty and it just begs for recipes that require long cook or simmer times. Plus the top gets a little bit browned in the process which adds some really rocking flavor to this sauce. It holds a large amount of apples, cooks them down evenly, and gives you the most beautiful homemade applesauce.
If the skin browns too quickly on top, you can place the cover on to help avoid direct hot heat. My mom offered to get me a bigger Dutch Oven for Christmas but the Le Cruesets are a mortgage payment or two and I didn’t want to use my whole budget on that. Shape the dough into logs at home and freeze, then thaw them in your cooler and bake in camp. And in this last year, I have most definitely learned about the delicious wonders of the Dutch oven. The Dutch oven also stands up well to long periods of heat on the stove, which is part of the deal when you’re making stock.
I wrote an ebook that can help you learn your camera and I also teach food photography workshops in our Minneapolis studio. It is my most used (and cutest) piece of cookware, hands down, and it only cost me $50 at Target. This guy needs to bake for quite a while, especially if you end up using dry beans, so being able to just leave a nice heavy duty pan in the oven for that long is really awesome. I use…Go to post The Best Soft Chocolate Chip CookiesAll the good cookie eaters of the world! Using a dough hook, gradually mix in 5 cups flour, then mix on medium-low speed until dough is smooth and elastic, about 10 minutes; if dough is still sticky, add another tbsp. We were made for…Go to post Girls’ Trip to Aspen and The Little Nell + $300 GiveawayOh hayyyy web frands! When the popping slows down, I like to add way too much melted Kerrygold butter, salt, paprika, and sometimes a little garlic powder.

Put dough in an oiled mixing bowl, turning so it's oiled on all sides, and cover with a damp towel or plastic wrap. It’s really fun to serve this as a casual and friendly appetizer when friends come over!
I'm just popping in for, like, two seconds today to let you know about a flash giveaway for a Nespresso VertuoLine! We first got our Nespresso last summer and I was immediately hooked - I made iced coffee drinks with it ALL THE TIME. I don’t have a popcorn maker and wanted to make popcorn and watch the new Cinderella movie with the fam, but that bagged stuff in pretty much cancer in a bag. Ok, it’s off to Amazon for me, gotta order my Halloween costume anyhow (Snow white this year.) Thanks!!! But today I’m thinking of creamy corn bread, spicy enchilada sauce, seasoned chicken, and melted cheese baked into a pie dish. After my embarrassing gas station encounter, there was the life-altering iPhone incident, and now there’s this. Remove logs from bag, ideally while still somewhat firm, and cut each crosswise into 6 slices.7. In my mind, this post was going to be a really nice reflection on my years as a teacher and a really boom-pow exciting segue into the next chapter of blogging.
Bake rolls until they're browned and a skewer inserted into bread comes out clean, 30 to 45 minutes.10.
But as I'm sitting here, all I can really think is that I feel a little shaky and I have a nice big nervous knot in my stomach and what the heck am I doing. I mean, I'm sure I could come up with a few things if you made me, but I fully acknowledge that this recipe is kind of obscure. If using charcoal: Light 50 briquets in a chimney and burn till they're spotted gray, 15 minutes. Ever since I did the whole cauliflower-in-alfredo-sauce thing, I've been trying to incorporate as much as that creamy vegetable into my life as possible. If using a campfire: Scrape the fire to the side, level out a space the size of the dutch oven, and mound the hot embers nearby (2 to 3 qts. And I say creamy because almost always, it's pureed in a blender, salted and garlic-ed, super smooth, and just plain creamy-wonderful. To increase heat, or to cook longer than 45 minutes, add 5 or 6 new coals to both the top and the bottom of the dutch oven (touching lit ones so they'll ignite) about every 30 minutes.

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