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It's extremely easy to make: you just prepare the ingredients, layer them in the oven, and cook. Now that I've shared one of my favorite cast iron Dutch oven recipes, please check out the rest of my campfire cooking ideas.Before you head out on your next camping trip, you might want to have a look at The Camping Family home page. You don't need measurements - just make enough for your group.Dutch oven cooking outdoors is fun. It will take a while for the fire to burn down to coals.We tried using charcoal briquettes for the first time when we made this recipe. Put the lid on the Dutch oven and place it right in the coals.We left 8 coals on the bottom and put the oven on top of them.

I used long-handled tongs to remove the coals, one by one, and then used a stick to lift the handle.
I know that everything tastes good when you cook and eat outdoors - but really, this was sublime!
This luscious casserole feeds a crowd which is a good thing because everyone will be running back for seconds. Silly me, I forgot the oven would be occupied for three and a half hours with the turkey thus preventing me from baking fresh rolls. If you haven't yet used a Dutch oven for outdoor cooking, check out these camp Dutch oven cooking tips before you begin.

I wished that I'd had a Dutch oven lid lifter!  Be sure to wear oven mitts or campfire gloves when moving the oven or the lid.

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