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Come and support the Downtown Soup Kitchen and join us for a fun filled evening of Dessert and Laughter for a good cause.
Join us for a special evening at our First Annual 'Bowls of Love' Dinner, benefitting the Downtown Soup Kitchen. CROP Hunger Walks are community fundraising events sponsored by Church World Service, an international relief, development, and refugee resettlement agency. On Thursday, October 24th, the Downtown Soup Kitchen hosted their first community-wide event.
The Master of Ceremonies, Chef Rob Kineen of Crush Bistro and Fresh49, kicked off the throwdown with team introductions. The teams had one hour to prepare a mouth-watering seafood dish highlighting the secret ingredient : SHRIMP (spot prawns to be exact), caught in the waters of Sitka, Alaska.
The Downtown Soup Kitchen not only provided the kitchen and space for this event, but also provided the appetizers. Mingling among the over 65 people at the event, I noticed most of them admitted to never having been in the Soup Kitchen, and were impressed with the facility and it’s mission. At the end of the evening, more than 660 dollars were raised and a large bin of gloves and socks for the Downtown Soup Kitchen! This type of campaign is called "crowdsourcing" and it has gotten a lot of press recently by raising millions of dollars to get a cult movie produced (Veronica Mars). A bustling kitchen, filled with volunteers and culinary art students who were once on the street.
Fundly is a secure way to give, but if you want to give and don’t feel comfortable giving online, you can always send money directly to the Soup Kitchen. The Downtown Soup Kitchen has teamed up with the Alaska Marine Conservation Council (AMCC) for the good of the community. Head on over to Derby Shack for a meal of Crab and Corn Bisque ($6 for a cup, $8 for a bowl), Kodiak Crab Roll ($10), Crab and Pasta Salad(small $6, large $8), or a combo meal ($15). I personally tried the combo meal which included a crab roll (a mixture of tanner crab with fresh herbs and mayo on a croissant), and Crab and Pasta Salad (crab and pasta with fresh herbs and garden peas). For safety reasons, the Downtown Soup Kitchen no longer allows clients inside that are visibly inebriated.
Word has gotten out, and the number of clients showing up drunk has decreased significantly. While looking through some old papers at the soup kitchen, I came across this poem, written by a DSK client 10 years ago. Sazon Mexican Kitchen has opened where Las Margaritas was previously located in downtown Bellevue. The land that the restaurant occupies was sold for $31 million, which was reported in June.
Sazon’s menu offers Mexican food favorites, such as nachos, tacos, enchiladas, carne asada and more. Downtown Bellevue's most up-to-date lifestyle news featuring: Entertainment, Real Estate, Restaurants, Shopping, Arts, Business and more! Chef Kerry Simon announced some details Thursday on his new restaurant Carson Kitchen, set to open Downtown in early June. The menu reflects the style of gourmet comfort food that Simon pioneered after leaving the fine dining world. Simon, the beloved ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Chef’ who’s been in the news lately for his battle with a Parkinson’s-like disease, says he’s wanted to open a neighborhood restaurant for a long time, and “as Downtown Las Vegas is now the social center for locals, it is the perfect spot for this concept.” He and partner Cory Harwell say they’re working alongside Tony Hsieh and the Downtown Project to embrace the developing Downtown culture. The Kitchen Cafe, which is run as part of an upper-division course through the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion, serves the Downtown campus four days a week.
The Downtown campus now has a nonprofit cafe staffed by nutrition students that is open four days a week. Management of Food Service Systems, or The Kitchen Cafe to customers, is an upper-division course in the nutrition program that is required before students can apply for their capstone internships. During the spring semester the cafe was open in the Nursing and Health Innovation I building. Exercise and wellness junior Neil Hultgren said he likes the food and has tried the cafe’s lunch a few times, but what he enjoys most is the fruit they give with breakfast and lunch.

Social work and family and human development senior Tabitha Williams said she paid $6 for a salad special with minced chicken and bacon. The course, NTR 445, allows students to get experience working in a professional kitchen, applying nutrition principles in food service and operating a restaurant, Levinson said.
Originally, the course was taught on the Polytechnic campus, but it wasn’t a practical location for a kitchen or a lab, Levinson said. Most of all, she said she enjoyed being the manager in the cafe because she got to boss others around. While it is a program course, the cafe is independent of ASU’s university-wide contract with Aramark’s food services. The Kitchen Cafe buys food mainly from Sysco and Grayhawk Produce Inc., he said, but anytime something can be made from scratch, it is.
According to the Facilities Development and Management’s plan layout, the cafe eventually will have its own garden.
The garden will grow fruits, vegetables and herbs, and it may have its own compost on the corner in front of the Nursing and Health Innovation I building, Moody said.
An earlier version of this article incorrectly referred to Simin Levinson as Kathleen Dixon, a former lecturer of NTR 445.
The Spring condos, an attractive 42-story green-colored building just south of Whole Foods, is under construction and selling quickly. About Jude GalliganJude Galligan, REALTOR and Publisher of Austin Towers is a long time downtown Austin resident-owner.
Come join us for a fun filled evening of comedy, featuring Jimmie Sue Woelke & Lorraine O'Neal, Brett Rawalt, and Anji Stubbs. Enjoy a wonderful dinner, hear encouraging testimonies and learn how you can partner with DSK to serve those in need in our community. Up to 25% of the money raised in the local CROP Hunger Walk is distributed to local hunger-alleviating agencies in the Anchorage area. Dave Sorensen, the executive chef at Turnagain House and regular DSK volunteer, spearheaded the effort. They knew they weren’t just here for a fun event, but at a place where people in need were getting food, clothing and a hot shower.
All the contestants shared the 8 –burner stovetop and oven without incident or complaint. When bacon is partially cooked and some bacon fat has rendered, add 1 tablespoon of butter and add shallots. This is where Angelique Miller, the development director at DSK stepped in and started thinking “outside the box". BECOME A SUPPORTER -- Press on the "support" button, and you will be led through a process where you can share the campaign with your friends and family through Facebook and email.
BECOME A FUNDRAISER -- Press on the "fundraiser" button and you will be led through a process where you can sign up to set your own fundraising goal for the campaign.
Maybe a youth group would choose to do this as a group, and then have bake sales or car washers.
If a movie can raise millions of dollars, wouldn't it be great to be able to raise a much lower amount for this very necessary item that will make a real difference in people's lives? If you were lucky enough to purchase some crab, let us know what your thoughts in the comments below. The AMCC provides the crab (which was sustainably caught by local Kodiak fishermen), and DSK has provided the volunteers to shell it and transform into scrumptious gourmet meals.
Vicki serves as our "bouncer", kindly telling them they can't come in and provides them with a lunch bag filled a sandwich and other food to take with them. Maybe they know better than to try to come in, or maybe they're staying sober until after they eat lunch. The reasons are plentiful, and despite the many treatment options available, some still embrace the bottle. With this restaurant opening it is unlikely the owners of the land will start developing in the short-term. Located on the corner of 6th Street and Carson Avenue, in the space that once housed the John E.

Menu items will include “Devil’s Eggs” made with crispy pancetta and caviar, tempura green beans with pepper jelly and cream cheese, and a cocoa-espresso NY strip steak served with red wine demi. It will feature seating for 90, a chef’s table bordering the kitchen, and a rooftop patio that will host live music. They offer nutritious, healthful food that is delicious and at an incredibly reasonable price,” nutrition graduate student Lindsay Gnant said. She has taken on the roles of back house management and line cook in the production kitchen, cashier and other roles. The students hand-prepare, cook and serve the meals under the supervision of Kenneth Moody, or Chef Kent for short. The speculative budget with a purse of more than $15,000 and its continuous maintenance is still in the works. The students do the preparing and cooking of food platters or fruit displays, but never service the event. The article incorrectly said Dixon, rather than Levinson, had taught the course for the past four semesters.
According to the marketing center, construction began on July 24th and completion is expected Spring of 2009. Downtown Soup Kitchen was selected this year as one of the beneficiaries of the local funds.Walker packets are available at DSK.
With seafood provided by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Dave produced 4 amazing hors d'oeuvres.
This is a great opportunity for people to see the soup kitchen and to raise awareness of the wonderful work being done here to serve the poor and downtrodden in our community. The judges mingled with the contestants, anticipating the wonderful meals they were about to consume. You have no automatic dishwasher, and wash all your dishes by hand--a few plates, cups, and serving dishes. You almost feel guilty when you bring more dishes to the already teetering heap because there’s no automatic or commercial dishwasher here either. Angelique heard about a fundraising site called Fundly, and decided to try it as a way of raising money for a new dishwasher. When people become "supporters" they help the fundraising campaign become viral so that more people know about it. Less time is spent scrubbing, and more time is being spent building relationships and building menus for catered events.
All proceeds will go to help DSK provide food and services for Anchorage homeless, and help AMCC in their efforts to support fishermen and conservation.
If we can do this with volunteers, then we can do it with students," says Dean Williams, Executive Director of the Soup Kitchen.
There will also be sandwiches and flatbreads, and the chef is promising to put an emphasis on sustainable ingredients and locally-sourced produce.
With the help of Jenny Loudon, a long time soup kitchen volunteer, they got it up and running. You set your own mini-campaign within the larger campaign and then encourage your co-workers, friends, church, etc. The opportunities are limitless, and they all come together to help the DSK get a commercial dishwasher and move forward with new plans for helping our community's least advantaged. Some Kodiak Fishermen have already caught it for you, volunteers have spent hours shelling it, and a chef has prepared some tasty dishes for your enjoyment! The goal is to train people on the fringe of society to cook and work in a kitchen, training them to create higher end products that can be sold to the public, ultimately benefiting both the students and the Downtown Soup Kitchen's continuing efforts to alleviate poverty.
Breakfast and lunch hours, however, are short, lasting less than two hours, said Simin Levinson, a nutrition lecturer for the course. How many times have we seen someone stumbling down the road or passed out on the street and looked on--horrified, judgemental, thinking "I wish they'd just go away", or "they just need to sober up and get a job." We don't know their story.

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