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Resto is the economical restaurant line from Demeyere, which includes an assortment of specialized cooking and preparation pieces, such as the Resto Egg Poacher shown left that is on sale right now for only $49.95 with free shipping. The Demeyere stainless steel cleaner cleans and polishes stainless steel cookware without scratching.
Other available accessories include stainless steel bowls, racks, and lids (stainless steel and Pyrex).
This elegant Belgian stainless-steel cookware enlists the latest culinary innovations, including Demeyere’s patented seven-ply InductoSeal and TriplInduc technologies, to guarantee flawless heat distribution and control.
For impeccable heating and temperature control, the stainless-steel pan is welded into Demeyere’s high-tech InductoSeal base, which has a 2mm copper center encapsulated in a layer of silver on either side for superb heat distribution.
The base is finished with an external TriplInduc layer, which combines three special metal alloys to ensure a perfectly smooth, even heating surface that won’t deform with use and boosts induction-cooking efficiency by up to 30%. Arguably the best cookware on the market, Mauviel cookware features durable construction that many other makers simply cannot match, setting a standard that other manufacturers strive to compete with,  and not only in terms of craftsmanship and quality.
A leader in the industry, Mauviel copper cookware is made from copper because it is an ideal material for helping to create the most amazing meals.
Of course, the aesthetic appeal of copper cookware is definitely a draw for many, particularly for home chefs. Ruffoni casserole pot and other copper kitchenware are, as mentioned, so loved in part because of how beneficial copper can be in the kitchen. Copper conducts heat better than other types of metals; this means that delicate food and dainty dishes are able to be cooked evenly and perfectly, even by those who may not be professional chefs. As all Demeyere cookware, Resto is induction ready, too, and is ideal as someone’s first purchase of commercial-quality cookware. Even the most accomplished cooks will find the ideal piece to achieve the best cooking results. It is designed for demanding pros, who require the utmost in performance from their cookware.
Handsome enough for table service, this pot is perfect for making everything from sauces to soups and stews.
This cookware company began in 1830 in Villedieu-les-Poeles, a small village located in France’s Normandy region. The style and finish of these pots, pans, and other kitchen equipment is hard for others to compete with, thanks to highly polished exteriors, attractive and sturdy copper rivets, and other touches which make these pieces incredibly attractive.

The company has over 500 products to choose from in their catalog, with several different options to serve every cook’s taste that can be selected to pair with whatever is on the menu.
Copper offers many advantages, and this is why many professional chefs and passionate home cooks consider copper to be an amazing value, at almost any price.
The thicker the copper, the more even heat distribution will be on the stove top, and Mauviel offers several thicknesses of copper to help chefs select the proper density for whatever is being prepared. As long as these pots, pans, and other cooking utensils are cared for properly, they will continue to look lustrous and almost new for generations.
Copper pots and pans, especially when hanging prominently in a kitchen, are as functional as they are fashionable. If you want to have the best, most attractive copper, selecting Mauviel cookware seems to be the only option. Copper cookware is loved by many, even those who don’t understand the benefits of copper cookware, because of how lovely it looks. This Italian copper maker takes craftsmanship very seriously, and each of these tin-lined pieces is made with the utmost care and skill. Beyond looking new for longer, there are many other features that your Ruffoni Opera Hammered Copper pieces and other copper cookware have that make it superior. While copper distributes heat evenly, it also loses heat evenly and cools down quickly; it becomes a bit of a chore to burn something in a pan once the heat source has been turned off.
Tin is great to have because it is there to prevent reaction; this means that when you cook in your Ruffoni Opera pan, your food won’t change flavor due to the metal. New ideas and techniques have been used, tailored  for each cookware item to meet exact cooking requirements.
Each cooking method has its own unique qualities, and this is incorporated into the design of each piece of Demeyere Atlantis cookware. Since the Mauviel family began creating copper cookware in France all those years ago, the highest quality craftsmanship and the greatest caliber of raw materials continue to go into everything they make.
Not only does this help even sensitive and delicate food to cook more evenly, it also saves on energy and effort thanks to efficient heat conduction, on gae or electric cooking surfaces.
With Copperbrill paste and a little work, even scratches and other indications of age and wear can disappear, even on older pieces.
Mauviel Copper cookware can definitely help a chef deliver quality culinary creations, but it can also look luxurious and lovely in and out of use.

Shiny copper pots and pans hanging in a kitchen give the room an air of class and style, and these same pieces of cookware when placed on the stovetop help to make any level of cook look like a pro. Because of this and how easy it is to restore copper kitchenware to a like new condition with copper paste and some attentive cleaning, a Ruffoni Opera pan or pot will be something you want to keep around for a long time. Straight-sided pots and pans require the transfer of heat from the bottom of the cooking vessel into the food, using the sides and lids to retain temperature inside. Handmade techniques are still used in production, and these are coupled with state of the art technology to create superior kitchen equipment. It should be noted that copper not only heats up quickly, it cools down rapidly as well, which can prevent foods from becoming overcooked.
This means that on a day to day basis, maintaining Mauviel copper cookware to keep it looking lovely is a somewhat easier chore than it is when working with other types of cookware. Conical sauteuese, slow cookers, skillets, and wide variety of woks are constructed in 7-PlyMaterial up to the rim. Demeyere Atlantis cookware features the seven-ply InductoSeal® base that combines layers of stainless steel, silver, and a 2mm solid copper center in a hermetically sealed bottom that is laser welded to the sides of the pan body.
The unique base design offers 33% larger cooking surface than a traditional base with unsurpassed heat conductivity properties. The matte polished stainless steel exterior is treated with the Demeyere Silvinox process that improves the resistance of stainless steel to resist discoloration, tarnishing and dulling due to handling, and contact with aggressive detergents and specific foods. Other pans require the transmission of heat from base through to rim, such as fry pans and conical sauteuse pans. Combined with the ideal thickness for each kind of pan, the unique design offers the chef optimum management over each cooking process. Each design also includes the Demeyere Triplinduc® feature that utilizes three layers of stainless steel alloys for induction cooktops. The matte polished stainless steel outside of the Demeyere Atlantis Cookware is treated with the patented Silvinox® process that improves the resistance of stainless steel to prevent staining, tarnishing and dulling due to use, and contact with aggressive detergents and certain foods.

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