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The Demeyere cookware is carefully crafted in the finest stainless steel, also used in surgery.
Stainless steel, however, is a bad thermal conductor, which makes it an ideal isolating and energy saving material for the bodies of cooking pots and pans used for recipes with a lot of water, but due to which it is not recommended for the base.
Demeyere uses cupper for its Inductoseal base and pure aluminium for the Inductobase and the 7-PlyMaterial. The Industry pancake pan is the only pan without non stick coating in which you can make pancakes effortlessly. Demeyere of Belgium, founded in 1908, has specialized in the production of high quality stainless steel cookware for the professional chef and domestic cook.
Demeyere offers a range of high-performance stainless steel frying pans rated from 5-star to 3-star that are designed for the professional and serious hobby cook.
Due to the lack of optimal heat conducting, a regular stainless steel base shows many temperature differences, which makes good cooking and baking - without burning - difficult to achieve.
Both materials are good thermal conductors (cupper somewhat better than aluminium) and make sure that the cooking utensile heats fast and evenly. Worldwide, Demeyere is known for its innovative development of cookware to suit all methods of cooking. Demeyere Atlantis Cookware is the finest and most advanced stainless steel cookware in the world. The Demeyere Apollo Cookware line was developed together with culinary experts, who demand quality without compromise. Each style utilizes sealed multiple layers from base to rim to ensure optimal heat conductivity and total pan control while frying.

Stainless steel does not only show high resistance to corrosion, it is also a very strong material which resists deformation and which is health safe. Porsche --- Haiku Itamae --- Zensation messen --- Haiku messen --- JapanchefDe Buyer kookgerei --- De Buyer Acier Steel --- De Buyer Affinity --- De Buyer Appety --- De Buyer Choc Extreme --- De Buyer French Collection --- De Buyer Inocuivre --- De Buyer Mandoline --- De Buyer Messen --- De Buyer Milady --- De Buyer Mineral B Element --- De Buyer Prima Matera --- De Buyer Patisserie --- De Buyer SpecialiteitenDemeyere --- Demeyere Superpromoties SOLDEN!!!
The Demeyere Professional cookware bought today, will meet the future needs of the gourmet kitchen.The Demeyere cookware was developed together with culinary experts who demand quality without compromises. It is designed for demanding professionals, who require the utmost in performance from their cookware. It is love, a passion, that can lead to the most wonderful combinations of flavour, smell and colour. The Excalibur non-stick coating lets you easily fry very soft, fresh fish or fish coated with breadcrumbs. Demeyere produced the first pots and pans using ControlInduc, a safety system that limits the maximum temperature to 250°C on compatible induction cookers.
The heat conducting material makes sure that the warmth is spread evenly, before it gets in touch with the stainless steel of the pan itself and thus, with the food. Each cooking process has its own unique characteristics, and this is incorporated into the design of each piece of Demeyere Atlantis Cookware.
The Demeyere Silvinox finish is easy to clean and prevents discoloration, tarnishing, and dulling from handling, aggressive detergents, and certain types of food. Its rim-to-rim stainless steel encapsulated 5-ply construction ensures even cooking and is suitable for all cooktops, including induction. It avoids burning and makes sure that the pan remains warm without the risk of overheating.

Just as for a painter, creative ideas can only be fully realised when using the correct materials. Mix and match our Demeyere fry pans with the Atlantis, Apollo, and Sirocco lines of professional cookware. Our president is vice-president and co-founder of Class Induction, the leading label in induction compatibility. Apollo offers a very wide range of products, all developed to create culinary masterpieces. The special Inductoseal sandwich base contains silver for the attachment of the different layers.
A wide range of specialised products such as conic sauce pans, sauté pans, special frying pans, steam cookers, simmering pots and a large number of woks, offers the ideal material even for the most demanding of cooks. Practical designs and applied technologies are incorporated into each article to allow for typical preparations geared to that product.
Combined with the ideal thickness for each type of pan, the unique design offers the chef optimum control over each cooking process.

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