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After serving NYC for 40 years -- Owner, Norman Kornbleuth, will be retiring and Broadway Panhandler will be closing. Home chefs who know their way around the kitchen and will find every piece of cookware they need in this set. Pioneering a diverse collection of award-winning and dependable culinary tools, Cuisinart has been setting the design standard for cookware, appliances and kitchen gadgets since 1973. The name evokes memories of perfect repasts in elegant little bistros, but the saute's talents extend far beyond the elegant. Cuisinart has included everything you need in this spectacular 12-piece set to perfectly perform all the basic cooking tasks, large or small.

The care instructions stated that you shouldn't let water or food above the rivet line.
And, tightly lidded, the saute tenderly finishes the cooking process with delicious results. From reheating a single portion of soup to preparing appetizers, entrees and side dishes for the entire family, you'll find every tool you need in this deluxe set.
3-ply construction consisting of a stainless steel interior, brushed stainless steel exterior and pure aluminum core with Heat Surround Technology. This feature distributes the heat evenly on the bottom and side walls of the pan eliminating hot spots.

Other features include stay cool stainless steel riveted handles and drip-free pouring rims.

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