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A cast iron pan doesn't require the level of scrubbing and scouring that a normal, non-cast iron pan might. This cookware is perfect for steaming vegetables, making crepes, hamburgers or braising meats. The design of the rims and lids form a fit to help reduce evaporation and seal in nutrients. We found many customers that do put their Cuisinart cookware in the dishwasher with out a problem.

But a few that did use the dishwasher experienced a discolor or change in the finish of the cookware. Many customers compared the Multiclad cookware with All-Clad and found it to be the better cookware.
At the time of writing this review Amazon had it discounted below the average retail price. Just a as a cat uses its tongue to clean away the horrors of day to day life, so too must a cast iron pan be left to take care of itself after every meal.

That's not to say you can't sweep the veggies into the garbage or pour the hot bacon fat into the face of your enemies.

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