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Another great feature about this Crockpot is that the interior part can be used on the stovetop. Welcome to Modern Day MomsModern Day Moms is a publication with articles centered around the latest trends, crafts, recipes, must-haves & more. By allison at 5:54 pm on January 7, 2015 4 Comments Posts on Mashup Mom may contain affiliate links. Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes, until the crust begins to brown &  the filling begins to bubble. By Zack at 8:53 am on May 5, 2014 Leave a Comment Posts on Mashup Mom may contain affiliate links. By rachel at 3:51 pm on November 18, 2011 10 Comments Posts on Mashup Mom may contain affiliate links.
Couponing also forces you to improvise and find new recipes when you cook around what you have in your stockpile and what you find on sale, rather than what you feel like buying for dinner this week around your same old tried and true recipes. Sour cream banana muffins, had to be made because of the Jewel sour cream extravaganza and end-of-life bananas. By rachel at 11:06 pm on February 9, 2010 Leave a Comment Posts on Mashup Mom may contain affiliate links.
By rachel at 11:22 pm on January 24, 2010 8 Comments Posts on Mashup Mom may contain affiliate links. The same enchiladas recipe I tried a couple of weeks ago, except this time I added more chicken, used a bit more than half the brick of cream cheese, used the whole jar of salsa, and added a drained can of corn — which made more filling and necessitated a second small baking dish + 5 more minutes of cooking time for the two.
I’m a former librarian, now mashing up a new career as a freelance writer, editor, workshop leader, blogger — and mom to two boys! Canned tomatoes, for example, the superstar ingredient in a variety of soups, stews, casseroles and pasta dishes, may offer even more nutritional perks than its fresh counterpart.
Similarly, the antioxidants most well-known to protect your precious eyes against disease, such as lutein found in corn and spinach, also respond to heat during cooking. What’s more, the perks of slow cooking extend beyond increasing the bioavailability of nutrients in plant foods.
This hearty soup is the perfect accompaniment for a sandwich or salad any time of the year. Reduce heat to a simmer and cook for about 1 hour, until wild rice and vegetables are tender.
Sharon Palmer, RD, is a Southern California-based registered dietitian, writer, editor of Environmental Nutrition, and author of The Plant-Powered Diet. About This BlogStone Soup is a guest blog written by members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Food & Nutrition Magazine provides this forum to exchange ideas, opinions and contributions within a positive community.

A single dish is all you need for our collection of one-pot meals that are far from one-note. Sometimes it’s just as simple as tossing in a few ingredients and letting them stew all day. Now whenever I make pot roast, the roast will actually fit well in the Crockpot with all of the other ingredients around it. You can reduce the amount of dishes used if you have something that needs to be precooked before going in.
And what’s even more amazing is when your timer finishes, the Crockpot will automatically switch itself to the warm setting! She is a multi-purpose mom (aren’t we all, really?) who loves home decor, couponing, sewing, photography, Pinterest, frugal living… ok, pretty much all the same things that most women love! I never thought of myself as a good cook, but over the past couple of years I’ve become a much better cook. Pre-couponing, I was very, very careful about sticking to recipes, because I was very, very worried about messing up.
Roast chile lime chicken, for instance, entered our repertoire courtesy of The Google, because I had chiles from the garden, a cheap little clearance chicken, and $.10 limes from an Ultra sale. Never would have thought to look for the recipe, if we hadn’t had all that sour cream to use up!
But now I like to cook, because couponing has given me leeway to experiment and have more fun with the process — I just wish I had more time to actually do it.
The kids had it for dinner and have enough left for another meal — and, in all honesty, dh made most of this one. Just got the big $4.99 rotisserie chicken from Costco and shredded it up to use half for the soup, half for the enchiladas, cooked up the cheap roast from Jewel yesterday (really should have picked another one up today), and used half the BOGO turkey from Jewel for the meatballs. Mashup Mom launched in January 2009 to provide couponing, frugality, and work-at-home strategies and advice. As soon as humans could cook, they were preparing their meals of plants, herbs and game over the open fire.
Slow-cooked meals, in particular, often feature processed products that seem to offer a boost of nutritional benefits. When tomatoes are heated, the powerful antioxidant lycopene, linked to heart protection, cancer prevention and even improved mood, becomes more available to your body.
Boiling peanuts has been show to increase their antioxidant concentration up to four times that of raw and roasted.
If you cook meat in a liquid at low heat, you can help reduce the number of cell-damaging compounds known as AGEs (advanced glycation end products) that are produced in the meat by 50 percent, compared with broiling or grilling. What I needed was something bigger and more functional, especially when I am cooking for extra family members around the holidays.

The last time I used my smaller one I had to reduce the amount of potatoes and carrots because I just didn’t have the room for them. This made cooking both boring and kind of nerve-wracking, and I would never even look at a lot of recipes because someone in my family would reject one or more ingredients. This, I made from the bones from my $3.70 turkey (which, pre-couponing, I would have tossed! Golf Road, where Meijer Healthy Living Advisor Maribel Alchin will be presenting a series of cooking demonstrations on Sundays, February 7, 14 and 28, 2010.
Here, with my slight modifications: Chop one cup onion and sautee in olive oil with some minced garlic til soft.
I have been trying to plan more meals out of the freezer lately (making room for that next deal), but with the cheap meat this week, what the heck.
Really enjoy having the meals ready to go during the week when I do manage to do it, though. Since I’m based in the Chicago area, you’ll find a lot of Illinois grocery store matchups here — but those of you outside of Illinois will also find so many ways to save, everywhere from national drugstore chains to Amazon.
The slow-cooking method has only seemed to gain momentum, thanks in large part to the introduction of the Crock Pot in 1971.
This is because cooking breaks down the cell walls of the tomato, releasing more of the lycopene. My grandmother can entertain dozens at the drop of a hat and amaze them with her abundant spread of a delicious feast. Bloggers are required to pledge they will not write for Stone Soup on topics, companies or trade organization they currently represent or have represented at any time. I am making chicken corn chowder and I had to slightly cook the chicken before putting it in the Crockpot and I had to sautee the celery and onion. We reserve the right, without warning or notification, to remove comments and block users we determine violate this policy or our Terms & Conditions.
It turned out really well, even though I made up the recipe after looking at a few recipes online and thinking about what we had in the house. You must include your name or be logged into a personal account on Disqus, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to comment. Next, Cook chicken breasts & cut into bite size pieces In a medium sauce pan, melt the butter & add the flour.

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